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This is my attempt at giving an important message that I believe we have forgotten in the rat race we are trying to win.

Submitted: July 28, 2016

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Submitted: July 28, 2016



“What?!! How is that possible?”

Aman couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He looked at Radha to be sure. The smile on her face affirmed the fact that what he heard was correct. Doubt if left any, got cleared by the voice of Harshit Verma, the Vice President of the company.

“And there she is, our new chief designer for South Africa office”

Aman turned towards the voice for a second just to see his Vice President constantly watching Radha with his perverted eyes.

 Aman could see that Radha feeling uneasy. She got up from the straight-backed chair of the conference hall. She smoothed out her tan skirt and adjusted the sleeves of her collared shirt before walking towards Harshit.

“Congrats Radha. You deserve it,” said Harshit raising both his hand to embrace her.

“Thank-you Harshit” She replied shaking his right hand with both of her hands. It was clear in the face of Harshit that he was not happy about that but Radha didn’t care. She looks towards the others present in the room for her “mandatory” speech.

During the whole speech, Radha’s eyes were looking for Aman but he was nowhere to be found.




“South Africa Office? How can Radha get this job? She just joined 9 months back. I trained her for the whole thing.” Aman blabbered while coming out of the conference hall.

This project was the only hope towards the Aman’s planning to leave India as soon as possible. His plan of running away from the constant nagging of his parents. His plan of getting rid of the constant reminder of his elder brother that how he hasn’t achieved anything in his life. He had already made arrangement for the money and papers needed for the travel.

He couldn’t concentrate on his work. His three months hard work was for nothing. He was still battling over these thoughts when Kunal brought him back to the real world.

 “So, coming to the office party tonight?” Kunal asked putting his hand around the shoulder of Aman.

“No yaar, I don’t feel good. You enjoy.” Aman replied.

“Why man? Why are you feeling dull? It’s her who snatched your project. You should come and tell that to her face. You worked so hard for this. You should not let her get away from this”

“You’re right.” Kunal words acted as a catalyst on the fire that was already burning inside Aman. “I should definitely come. Meet you there, man.” He added in an energetic voice.




Aman reached the party at nine, fully ready to confront Radha. He didn’t have to wait much for that, as he found her talking to Vipul at the entrance only.

Redness in her cheek with that noticeable dimple almost made him forget his mission for today’s visit. He pulled himself together and stood few feet away from her waiting for her to complete her conversation with Vipul.

Radha noticed him coming towards her. She flashed a smile, brushing a few strands of hair away from her eyes. She bid her farewell to Vipul and walked towards Aman.

“Congratulations,” Aman said forwarding his hand for the hand shake.

“Thank You Aman” she replied. “Where were you? I wanted to thank you for all your support and help. I could have never done it without your help.” She added in her childish tone shaking hands with him.

The words of Radha was pricking him hard but only words that he could articulate in reply was “No, it’s your hard work that paid off.”

“By the Way, congratulations for being the new Chief Designer of South Africa office.” Radha’s remarks left Aman befuddled.

“Congratulations!!! Me? It’s you who has been selected for the new office.” Aman replied in confusion.

“No yaar, I can’t go. I said Harshit no. It will be announced tomorrow in the office. They are sending you instead. Anyway, the position was yours from the start.”

For Aman, it was too much to process. He took his time to react to this unexpected news.

“But why?” His questions were not ending today. “I know how much you hate working here. You always talked about changing your office. Going away from the torture of Harshit. And finally, when you got your chance, you said no.” He added.

“I wanted to change my office but I don’t want to change my city or in any case my country. You know, I have my mother and sister to take care of. I can’t leave them here, alone.”

“But’s it’s the job for Chief Designer and that all in South Africa. Think about the money, think what this could do to your career. You are not going to get any other opportunities like this in the near future. Isn’t this anyone’s dream” He emphasized.

“I would have loved to live that dream. But there are some more important things in my life.” She replied.

“What can be more important than that?” Aman little happy as well as little surprised from inside insisted her to tell him the reasons.

She took out her phone and showed him the pictures of her family.

“I live with my mother and my little sister. They have no one to take care of them except me. It’s hard enough for me now only, that in spite of living in the same house, sometimes, I don’t have time for them.” She replied.  “You know Aman, sometimes we forget the fact that whatever we are today, it’s because of them only. So, I would prefer to become the best daughter and best sister in the world rather than becoming the Chief Engineer in some foreign land.” She continued.

Hearing this, Aman remained aghast.

“My dream is to be able to do things for them that I only planned every day. To make them feel what I couldn’t tell because of this façade of being educated that I have created. Every smile that I brought on their face is an achievement that has no comparison. And the best thing about this dream is that no matter how many times you have achieved it, it’s a new feeling all around.” The spark in her eyes was something that he hasn’t seen in her yet.

What’s the use of achieving personal career success when you won’t be available for your family to support them when they need you? “She questioned.

 Aman was left speechless. Her refusal was indeed a big sacrifice for her career but not for her family who seemed to be the utmost priority and the reason was present in the form of happiness in these pictures.

“So enjoy the party, the floor is all yours.” She left leaving Aman befuddled.


Something in his head asked this question, what makes him so distant from his family with whom he has lived his whole life? What makes his family different from hers? And there came an answer in his mind, how can he expect someone to understand those things that he hasn't told them properly?  How can he expect the reply of the question that he has asked in a closed door? Has the rat race for his career cost him everything?


But he knew that was not true. As lonely as he feels sometimes, he still had more to lose.


He could lose his family

Or Himself.

© Copyright 2018 Ashish. All rights reserved.

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