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Submitted: July 28, 2016

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Submitted: July 28, 2016



I'm 30 something and suddenly single and free. Free? What does free mean, to be single and 30 something? O boy was I in for a surprise of my life. Dating, courting all got a new meaning to me. I was so naive.  Really not surprising I never played the dating came I met my ex-husband when I was 17 and got married when I was only 20.

So did the dating rules change since I was 17 or did I just never really played the dating came? I quickly learned you get 3 types of people out there. The player and there are a lot of them. Then you get the once out there that are looking for love but run when they fine it, The  last once is the one that are looking for their life partner  fine it will treasure it as the biggest treasure ever.

All alone in the Wild wild west I started to play may darting game. Believe me I met a lot of players the once that pretended to be single but actually married and then still try to convince you they were single when they been court out. Do men really think women are so stupid?. Do we really look so despaired to be loved? Are men only looking to get some cookies out of the cookie jar? Are any of the words they utter truthful or just away to get what they want. So where does it leave me now. Do I have to sell my soul knot to feel alone? Does everything really got to this how willing you are to have sex. Don’t get me wrong I do like sex but there is more to relationship than just sex.  I do miss it and just to cuddle up with someone at night. But this is this how it will be for me for the rest of my life?

I had a rude awakening realizing a lot had to do how good you understand the rules of the game. Men and women were all playing the game.  I look around me and see how people played the game. Some played knot even realizing they were ingesting in someone else game plane Smooth talking, teasing pushing the other ones buttons trying to see how far they can go. Pushing one another battens rub one another up and see how long it will take to hit the jack pot. It all came down to how good you can play the game. Choosing the right words, smooth talking baying drinks going out for dinner. I saw women flirting, playing the game all too well till late in the night. Men so foolish falling for the game not knowing his played for all he had in his wallet. Just to be ditch late at night being told thanks for the drinks but that all you going to get. Women even utter the word after pensioned kiss it’s time to go and for you to take a cold shower.

Then there were the men playing the game to long knowing the rules women played bay  They were the clever once. Looking around, choosing their target well. Prying on the naive, vulnerable once. Knowing with the right words even maybe baying a few drinks they will get lucky. The pray unaware that’s it’s all a game will drop her guard and fall for every word. Just to wake up the next day with too many regrets. Wondering how she let herself to be use like that. Realizing it was just a game to get what he wanted. Nothing was true. There was never any intention that this will last more than just that once. Sometimes he will string her a long for just a bit longer for his own pleasure till he finds his next victim.

This was the game everybody played men and women. Maybe for women and men what they want in the end might be bit different. Women maybe played it to see how much money they might get out of a man. Making her life bit more comfortable or just for the fun. Men well I think it always came to the same end resulted what they were looking for. Nothing here was quite true or lasting. Why would it be, there were so many fish in the sea. Why would you choice on just to eat on chocolate out of a box if you got a whole box to choice from. A different flavour for everyday almost..

This life was so different from what I knew. It all got down to how good you can play the game. What did you want to be the end result? Nothing here is true or supposed to last or for most of the time. There was only a few that were looking for something lasting. A few that played the game to get someone for keeps. For the rest it is a game of lust and betray.

So I’m I ready to play this game. Will I figure out who is only on the hunt till they get there pray, just to be left in the cold? Will I let my heart go  through a blender to be shredded to paces once again.. Will I understand the rules be able to play the game without getting hurt?. Who will I become the player or the one that gets played? Will I stay true to myself the one that will be true to herself and to her word?


So soon I started to play the game without releasing what I really busy doing. Then I met someone thinking wow maybe this isn’t just a game maybe it could be real. People get hurt, people hurt one another and just maybe this is way people act the way they do because they got hurt. Brent was a good person a gentle soul and I was convinces he was my best friend ever. Its knot his fault he had trust issues just look how women have treated him. No wonder his acting the way he does. I just have to show him im knot playing the game. Every word I say is true and he can really trust me. I just need to show him in time I will win his trust it may take time but I will.

Brent was a biker boy had the real bad boy look with his biker gear on and shaven head. He had this goofy innocent smile. A Casanova out of a bad boy comic strip.  I dint really cared how the ladies tried to get his attention drawling over him even drop notes on his face book. He was mine all mine and in time I will show him I’m the only one he will need. I’m the one he can trust. He was jalousie and possessive to the point that if I did not talk to him he would think I was maybe cheating on him.  He often told me Im a good catch to any man and men are falling over me. I kept telling myself I just need to show him he can trust me even if we had distance between us he still can trust me.

I was so wrong about all off this. This was all part off his game plan. He was the fisherman putting the bate on the hock I was the fish. I took the bait and he started to play his game. Controlling me in the let the line go a bit. After a while he got bored with me and set me free. Leaving me with a bleeding mouth where the hocked was. I was played I was the fool.  I got caught up in the game of lust and betrayal. I were the nave one letting may guard down believing trusting that this was real. I saw how people played the game but was sure I won’t be caught up in the game. I will be able to see who the players was. I was so so wrong.

As I walked away I swear to myself I will never be played again. It will be my rules men will play knot theirs. The thing of a wounded animal they become dangerous till the wound heals. This time I am more careful. I will not fall for their smooth talking I won’t let my guard down never again. I even wonder if it’s worth still playing this game. Putting you out their hoping believing that Mr Right will come along. I learned a precious lessons word mean nothing actions speak louder than words.

Falling in love with someone is like giving someone a shotgun pointing it straight at your heart, you just waiting for the other person to pull the trigger. Maybe it would be better to build a big wall were you can hide behind letting no one in. This way you are safe no one can come in and break your heart. Will this be my life the way I will protected myself.

No I’m not going to let one man destroy my life of happiness. I’m going to play the game maybe just maybe I will get lucky and fine Mr Right. The game was on and we played it with my rules. I surprised myself in how good I got in this game. But it’s a game victory only last for that long. Soon I ended up feeling only emptiness and lonely. I was on a path of self-distraction destroying my own soul. Who was going to come and save me from this path of destruction.

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