The Horrible Truth

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Th Horrible Truth

As you all know from my previous article i am not a big fan of love because i didn't want to get hurt or even close to hurt. If you were really feeling what i felt then you would have realized i never said i won't try to give love a chance, so i gave it a chance. I stepped in for about 10 minutes, and then I met Mark, his name will be changed for purposes. Mark made me feel so special, doesn't all first loves make you feel that way? Well it made me feel that way, but just because he made me FEEL special it didn't mean that I WAS special. He soon gave me his number and I actually felt worthy for someone. I wanted that someone to be Mark and I. After several messages he asked me out but i wasn't ready so i said no and left. There was not any weirdness between mark and i but after several months of being best friends he became rude and less himself, or at least the person he showed me or played out to be. soon we stopped talking and then one day i randomly asked whats your favorite color? He then read the message and didn't reply which was odd because he always replied fast. I then led on and asked whats wrong, you haven't replied to any of my messages. he replied back saying " Maybe I'm just tired and tired of all the questions." I said okay and after he got even more angrier and I said whatever happened I hope it won't cause you much pain because i myself have been a victim of it. he then replied " You know no pain." which offended me because i had already told him about my parents and more personal stuff that i hadn't even told my closets friends about. Which i guess was my own fault for being so trust worthy. Anyway while I was trying to reply back to the comment he replied again and this time replied a comment that really stabbed me.. He replied saying "You know nothing girl." and at that point I was hurt and wasn't gonna take crap from a guy who new things but didn't know the real me. I replied back saying I am very sorry for whatever happened to you to make you so bitter and thankfully he did not reply back and i left it at that. I remember crying that night and wishing i never him. I went on with my life and decided I was not going to let some guys comment bring me rock bottom because at the time I was doing great before him and after. I discovered the horrible truth of love. And i know that i will experience it again unfortunately. So today i am promising myself that i will not let one first love make me choose wrong guys again. I really hope that in the future the truth will not be horrible at all. But on my overall experience i found the horrible truth.

-Anonymous speaks

Submitted: July 28, 2016

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Submitted: July 28, 2016



Whoever reads this and relates just a words of advice don't give up.

I did and I regret it. 


-Anonymous Speaks 

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