Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Break in

Submitted: July 28, 2016

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Submitted: July 28, 2016



"Whats the status on the prisoner?" asked Kylo. He was sitting in his office. Ever since the sith found him on Tatooine and he and his companions defected to the dark side, he had become the leader of the Sith group the Knights of Ren and replaced the late Darth Lucian on the Sith Council. A sith officer walked in and he had asked him about the prisoner they had captured. A member of the Jedi Council. "Yes. Why are you asking there has been no activity in the past 4 weeks?" said the officer. He dissmised him and started to meditate. He sensed something. A presence.

The guards for the front gates of the base were standing there, stiff as a board. Except for one who was eating a sandwhich. Suddenly a droid walked up. An HK droid. He grabbed the guards sandwhich and he grabbed it back to play tug of war. "This is mine you stupid droid!" said the guard. HK-47 sent a zap through the sandwhich and to the guard who let go. HK-47 then threw a tiny model space Sith Interceptor into the air and it took off into the sky. He attached the sandwhich and the ship flew off with the guards chasing it. He pulled out a holo com. "Information: Master i have distracted the guards." said HK. "Nice job. Now set the charges." said the droids master. HK-47 pulled out his rifle and desintegrated the gate. He walked through and pulled out a few explosives. The droids master was climbing through an air vent inside the base. He continued to climb until he reached the end. He pushed the gate off the wall and he heard a man scream ow. He climbed out and saw he had hit an officer in the head with the vent. He walked down the hall and opened the door to the detention center. He used the force and he knocked out 2 guards. He causiosly walked down the hall and opened up a cell. Inside was a cloaked man strapped to the wall.

"Marek wake up." said the man. He opened his eyes and the man grabbed Starkillers lightsaber off the desk. He sliced the straps on the wall off and Marek fell. He helped Marek up and the 2 exited the room. "Alex. Am i glad to see you." said Starkiller. Suddenly 4 sith officers ran down the hall chasing them. Alex activated his yellow crossguard lightsaber and blocked the shots. He threw his cloak at them and charged at the wall. He smashed through it and felt part of his arm break. The 2 ran to the desintegrated gate where he was waiting. HK-47 was standing there. "SET IT OFF!" yelled Alex. HK-47 hit the trigger and the base exploded. Alex and Marek were blasted away from the explosion and got up off the ground. The planet was all black sand with some paths. Up on the hill was a concealed starfighter that Alex used. They looked through the smoke and saw something. A red crossguard blade. Kylo Ren walked out of the smoke and ignited his lightsaber. He slowly approached them. "Run! He was able to beat me so i don't think you can beat him." said Starkiller. The 3 took off to the hill when they looked up to see 3 Sith Bombers in the sky. They dropped the bombs and they watched the Starfighter explode and a screaming T7 unit roll away from it. "King! You okay?" asked Alex. King beeped and he realized. They had no StarShip. Suddenly an XS freighter flew down and the 4 ran to it. It hovered over the ground and a man appeared on the now open boarding pad. "Cmon!" yelled the man. He pulled out a blaster and started firing at Kylo Ren and the troopers. The jumped onto the boarding pad and it closed up. The man ran to the cockpit and the others followed. The ship took off into space and into hyperspace

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