Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - The Hawk

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Submitted: August 09, 2016



Alex ignited his blade and clashed with the red blade. The lights flicked on and Alex was blasted against the wall by force lightning. The sith used the force and blasted Lily, Cody and Shawn out of the room. Alex rose and ignited his blade. Arven did the same and T7 left the astromech port and his mini blaster rose from the dome. Another sith came down and slashed a scar on Arven's jacket. He gasped in pain and chased after the sith down another hallway with T7 following. All the doors closed trapping Alex, Brianna and the other sith in the room. The sith took off the hood to reveal Kylo Ren. He ignited his red crossguard blade and clashed with Alex. They swung their sabers time after time each time the sabers slam into eachother with extreme force. Alex eventually kicked Kylo Ren back and he zapped Alex with force lightning. Brianna threw her saber and blocked the shot with the hilt. The saber sparked and flew against the wall. She picked it up and the saber fell apart in her hands. 

Outside the room Shawn, Lily and Cody were recovering from the attack. Lily pulled out her lightsaber (which is new. She lost whatever saber she was using before and now has a green saber with a black hilt.) and looked around. "Cmon! We gotta get outta here!" said Lily. Shawn and Cody followed and ran down the hall to the window. Outside was the Ebon Hawk. "We gotta find some way to wake up Revan so he can get the Hawk out of there!" said Cody. "I got an idea, buts it's highly dangerous. One thing can always wake him up. An explosion." said Shawn. He looked at the explosive barrels in the corner. "No Shawn! You can't!" said Lily. He pushed them around the corner of the hall and closed the blast door. He then pointed his rifle at the barrels and pulled the trigger. Lily and Cody were blown away from the door as the explosion leaked through the crack. They saw smoke coming through the crack of the blast door and no sounds were heard. "Shawn..." said Cody. A green blade came out through the door and the door was cut down. Shawn walked out with a ripped jacket and covered in ash. Water was leaking in from the cracked wall and the Ebon Hawk was rising from the sea floor. "It worked!" said Lily.

Alex smashed his saber into the sith and kicked him against the wall. He opened it, slipped through and closed it once more. The room was empty besides Alex and Brianna. Alex and Brianna ran over to the wall to try and cut it open. Alex suddenly stopped midway through the cut and looked behind him at the window. "What are you... oh" said Brianna. The window was cracked and water was flooding into the room. Alex used the force and Brianna's saber flew to his hand. He ignited the blade and chucked it at the ceiling. It broke a small hole open and the saber flew through the water. Alex pulled out a small blaster and grappled to the hole. He swam up, grabbed Brianna's saber and put his hand out. The building shook and he lost his balance. He dropped his datapad and it fell into the room. The room shook again and he saw the room was at the edge of the ravine. He knew he had to make a decision. He reached his hand out to it.


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