Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Escape the Lab

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



Alex reached out for her hand. She put it out and they locked hands. The lights flashed and water started to go to her chest. They heard an explosion in the distance and the room started to fall into the ravine. Alex stumbled back to the edge of the room. He held on with one hand to the side and used his other to ignite his saber. He swung into the air and landed back on the top. He put his hand down to Brianna and pulled her up. They came out of the water and tried to swim to the top. "BRI!" said Alex. He swung her out of the way of an incoming object. A shark flew by and tried eating them. "There's no way to get to the top without getting eaten!" said Alex. Alex and Bri looked to the side and saw something. A bright light. They blinked and saw the figure. It was the Ebon Hawk. Alex and Brianna swam to the side of the ship and grabbed on. The Ebon Hawk flew through the water and out of the sea of Manaan. But when it came up what they saw was horrible.

Alex and Brianna gasped for breath and looked at the city. Several sith cruisers were in the sky firing into the sea and a few republic cruisers were fighting back. The docking bay holding the Defender had gotten the roof and walls blown off leaving an empty platform with nothing but the Defender. Jedi and Sith were fighting in the city and sith troopers and republic troopers were also fighting. Blaster bolts flew past the troopers and jedi and the buildings started to come down at them. "Watch out! REVAN!" yelled Brianna. One of the sith cruisers had fired at the Ebon Hawk and it had gotten a direct hit. Alex and Brianna jumped off as the ship was hit and landed in the water. Alex and Brianna resurfaced and needed a way back onto the platform 7 feet above them. Out of nowhere a rope flew by and latched onto his hand. It launched them up and they landed soaking wet next to Lily, Shawn and Cody. "Oh hey guys." said Brianna. They got up and ran through the city. "Alright we need to split up again. Lily Cody! Go find Arven. Alex Brianna! Go get the Defender. I'll go around shooting stuff." said Shawn. He pulled out his rifle and ran into the main battlefield. He started shooting troopers and held his rifle with one hand and his saber with the other. Lily and Cody ran towards the Sith Embassy where the elevator should be and Alex and Brianna ran to the Defender. They ignited their sabers and started cutting down troopers. Suddenly a sith warrior jumped down and tried cutting down Bri. She blocked the shot, kicked the warrior in the groin and cut his head off. "Wow your ruthless!" said Alex. She took the warriors saber and they took off towards the platform.

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