Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Battle of Ahto City

Submitted: August 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 11, 2016



Cody and Lily ran into battle, cutting down all the jedi in their paths. Lily clicked the other button on her green saber and another blade popped out. She swung it around, cutting down troopers and slicing things in half. Cody had his black crossguard saber and gold saber. He cut down 3 troopers and dodged a shot. He looked up and saw a sniper on a building. He threw the darksaber and it spun through the air and cut through the sniper. The body fell off the building and onto another trooper. Out of nowhere a shot pierced his armor. He gasped in pain and collapsed. 3 sith troopers armed with the ancient vibroblades ran at Lily. She blocked the shots and stabbed the saber through the stomach of the trooper. She decapitated the other 2 and force pushed another group off the side of the platform. They arrived at the entrance to the base and saw Arven and T7 fighting off 4 sith at once. "Arven! I'm coming!" said Lily. "NO! Stay back!" said Arven. He force pushed her out of the base and clicked a button on the wall. The base exploded and Lily and Cody were blown against the wall of the alley. She looked through the smoke and saw nothing but 4 sith bodies. 

Alex swung his saber around, blocking shots and cutting down troopers. He saw 3 sith guarding the Defender platform. Alex and Brianna ran to them and into battle. Brianna ignited her single blue blade and fought against one of them. Alex fought the other 2. His saber slammed into the red blade and he kicked the other sith back. He ducked a slash and stabbed one of the sith. He kicked the body back and clashed with the other one. Alex force pushed him back and jumped. He kicked the sith in the head and spun. The sith stumbled back and force pushed the sith off the platform. He saw Brianna cut down the other sith and they ran to the Defender platform. "BRIANNA GET DOWN!" yelled Alex. He tackled her down on their side of the bridge as a sith fighter shot down one of the support beams and the platform started to crumble. "No no no! The Defender!" said Brianna. King ran down the boarding pad beeping and screaming like crazy over the bridge as the platform bridge broke apart and the platform started to fall into the water. The platform fell into the sea with the Defender on it. "Wait my datapad!" said Alex. He concentrated with the force and a wet datapad flew out of the water.

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