Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Escape Manaan

Submitted: August 13, 2016

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Submitted: August 13, 2016



Just then a bleeding Shawn plus Cody and Lily ran towards them. 8 sith were chasing them. Now they were cornered on the edge of a destroyed bridge leading into the freezing ocean. "Surrender or die!" said Vader. Darth Vader walked up and ignited his red blade. Alex spotted her out of the corner of his eye and had hope. "Hey Vader. You might not wanna fight us." said Alex. "Why should i fear you?" said Vader in his deep voice. "Not us. Her." said Brianna. He turned around to see Ahsoka. She cut him down and started fighting 2 of the other sith. They heard a crash as the Ebon Hawk flew down and came down behind them. Alex, Brianna, King, Lily, Cody and Shawn jumped onto the Ebon Hawk and it flew into the sky. The turret opened and they climbed in. They looked around and found the ship empty. "Where's Revan?" asked Shawn. Brianna walked over to the couch where the holo table was and laid down and fell asleep. Shawn and Cody sat next to her and started playing on the holo table with King watching. Alex and Lily walked into the cockpit and found T3-M4 plugged into the cockpit piloting the ship. "T3 where's Revan?" asked Lily. T3 beeped and displayed a hologram. It showed Revan.

"Hey guys. I have left my ship for you guys as i have gone into battle on Manaan. T3 will be here for you and is here to help you and pilot the ship. May the force be with you." said the hologram Revan before it dissapeared. Alex clicked a button on the holocomm and called Luke. He popped up with Starkiller. "Hey Luke, Marek. Where we going now? Where are the Knights of Ren?" asked Alex. "I have sent an agent to corusant to find them. But we have fallen out of contact. The last transmission came from an old building on Corusant." said Luke. "But Corusant was destroyed!" said Lily. "Not completely. Just the jedi temple, buildings around it, buildings that escaping ships crashed into." explained Luke. "Quickly. Get to Corusant immediantly. The planet prison has been destroyed and the planet is being rebuilt." said Luke. The Ebon Hawk took off through space to Corusant. Alex pulled the hyperdrive lever and the ship took off into space.

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