Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Battle through the Superweapon

Submitted: August 18, 2016

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Submitted: August 18, 2016



Alex and Brianna ran through the hallway of the ship, each step echoing as their boots hit the metal floor. "Alright the tractor beam controls are just 2 floors above us." said Brianna. They turned a corner and became face to face with 8 sith troopers. Brianna immediantly ignited her saber and cut 3 down before she was overwhelmed by 3 more with vibroblades. T3 activated his flamethrower and killed 2 of them leaving Alex to deal with the other 3. He blocked their slashes and kicked one away. He ducked 2 more high jabs and sliced one in half. He kicked the other one into T3's flamethrower but was suprised when another came from behind. He attempted to block it but the sith trooper slashed the vibroblade and cut his shoulder. He felt a burning pain on his arm and saw his whole arm was red. He moved to the side to avoid a jab and sliced the sith trooper in half in the process. T3 and Brianna ran towards him and started giving him some kolto. As soon as the blood stopped they rushed into the elevator and it went up to the right floor. It opened up and Alex and Brianna cut down a group of sith troopers guarding. They howled in pain as the bloody bodies fell to the ground. 6 more sith troopers came around the corner after hearing the scream. Brianna chucked her saber and cut down 3 more troopers. Alex slid down and sliced the feet off the other 3. T3 rolled by shooting the heads of the troopers to finish them off. Brianna picked up her blood covered saber out of the corpse of a trooper and they walked into the tractor beam conrol room.

Cody and Shawn strolled back and forth around the hangar watching for sith troopers. "Dude i'm bored! How have no troopers came in here and tried to shoot us yet?!" yelled Shawn. Cody then pulled out a mini holotable and they started to play holochess. After 30 minutes Shawn beat Cody and ran around screaming. Just then a shot blasted his lightsaber across the hangar and he watched as 30 sith troopers ran into the hangar. Cody ignited his sabers and ran at them, cutting down troopers as he ran. Shawn hid behind a crate and started shooting them with his rifle. The hangar lasers on the top started to fire at them but Cody deflected them and Shawn shot tihe turrets.


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