Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Cornered

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



The 2 jedi plus the droid walked into the control room and looked around. They stepped over the bloody trooper bodies and over to the console. "Alright T3. Disable the tractor beam." said Alex. The droid plugged into the port and the console lit up. Suddenly the room shook. "T3 whats going on!?" asked Brianna. "Bleep bop beep boop bing!(I have disabled it!)" said T3. Suddenly an alarm went off and the room started to flash red. "All troopers to the control room and hangar bay 2187!" said the alarm. Alex then clicked a button on the wall and the room exploded. Alex, Brianna and T3 were blown out of the room and through the wall. They landed in the hangar bay and next to Cody and Shawn. "Oh hey guys! So hows it going?" asked Cody. "We set off the alarm and all troopers are coming here to kill us so how do you think its going!?" yelled Brianna. Suddenly 78 troopers poured in through one of the hallways. Cody and Brianna ran over to deflect the shots while Shawn took cover behind some crates and shot the troopers down. Alex then saw 5 more heavy troopers with machine blasters run in from another door. Alex and T3 took cover behind another group of crates. "T3! Contact Lily and see when shes gonna get here!" said Alex. T3 beeped and started a call.

Lily saw it. 25 troopers and one sith. They were blocking the way to the detention block. She knew what she had to do. "Hey losers! Come and get me!" said Lily. 20 of the troopers charged at her and started firing. She put her hand out and all the shots flew away from her. Lily ignited her saber and 2 blades came out. She threw the saber at their heads and one by one the bodies fell. 20 bodies laid on the floor, splattered in blood. Lily clashed with the last 5 vibroblade equipped troopers and cut down all down. "Ya can't beat a sage like me!" said Lily. She blasted the sith against the wall with the force and sliced through him with a single swing. He fell to the ground panting. "Open the door or you lose your head." said Lily. He got up and clicked a few buttons on the door. The control panel exploded and smoke filled the room. She sensed the red blade through the smoke and blocked it. She stabbed the sith in the abdomen and he collapsed. "Ugh if you can't trust deadly assassin sith who can you trust!?" said Lily. Just then a shot came from behind and blasted her saber. It sparked and fell to the ground. She saw a deadly war droid behind her. She reached for her blaster holster and pulled out her DL-44 blaster pistol she recieved from Raymond Skywalker during her first adventure. She dodged the shots from the war droids and shot the support bolts to hold in the legs. The droid fell apart and she shot the energy core once more. She opened the door to the detention block and walked in. Her holocomm immediantly started to ring. "Lily! Set off the detonators! Were all pinned down in the hangar by heavy troopers! Quickly!" said Alex before the holocall ended with an explosion. Lily knew she had to help.

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