Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Escape

Submitted: August 21, 2016

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Submitted: August 21, 2016



Shawn and Cody ran from the war droids chasing after them. "Alright get ready to jump!" said Shawn. They turned a corner and he tossed a 4 grenades on the floor. One by one, they exploded, creating a 4 story hole through the floors. The 2 jumped over and the troopers and war droids fell down the hole. The room shook and they knew the others were in trouble. "Self destruct in 10.... 9..." said the intercomm. "DUDE WE GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!" said Cody. They busted through the wall and ran to the entrance. Lily cut down the last sith and they watched Shawn and Cody run by. "Where's Alex, Bri and the spy?" asked Lily. "No idea. T3 contact them!" said Shawn. T3 beeped and notified them Alex's comm was off. "WHAT!?" exclaimed Shawn and Cody. Just then a sith appeared on the top of the hovertaxi. He used the force and knocked out Cody and Lily with a blast of force lightning. Shawn knew he was dead. Just then a shot came out of nowhere and blasted the sith off the edge of the building. He knew a pistol shot couldn't have done that. Someone dropped down in front of him. "Are you the jedi master Skywalker sent to rescue me?" asked the girl. A blue skinned Twi'lek with a crossbow. "You the spy?" asked Shawn. "No i'm a tusken raider, yes i'm the spy!" said the girl. "Alright then grab the other 2 and lets go!" said Shawn. They carried Lily and Cody into the hovertaxi and T3 got into the droid hole. "Wait where's your friends?" asked the girl. "4..... 3...." said the intercomm. "NO!" yelled Shawn. 

Alex rose from the blown up room. The lights flickered and everything was frozen. Brianna was lying on the floor, bleeding as she had been shot in the arm. Just then at the end of a hall, a red light appeared. A red crossguard blade. Alex picked up Brianna and ran. "2...... 1...." said the intercomm. Alex charged as fast as he could. He used the force and a grenade on the floor flew against the wall and blew a hole through. He dived and the prison exploded, blasting him out of the building and off the edge of the building the prison was on. Brianna laid on the ground next to the hovertaxi while Alex fell to his death. Luckily he had a grappling hook band. He hooked onto the wall and climbed back up. "Hey guys, lets go!" said Alex. He jumped in with Bri and the taxi took off. "Who's the twi'lek?" asked Alex. "I'm the spy you were sent to save, my names Mission Vao." said the twi'lek girl. Just then 2 fighters flew down behind them. They rapid fired and hit the back of the taxi. It burst into flames and crashed onto a flat rooftop. (imagine 2 buildings with flat rooftops next to eachother. There is a thin bridge connecting them and on one side is the heroes and the other side is the spaceport/Ebon Hawk.)

Alex, Shawn, Lily and the twi'lek jumped out of the taxi as the fighters started to bomb them. Cody, Brianna and T3 followed and they ran to the bridge. Just then the buildings started to shake and Kylo Ren appeared behind them. He blasted Shawn away with force lightning and he flew off the side of the bridge. He grabbed to the edge with one hand and used the other to hold his rifle. Just then the bridge started to crack and break apart. "Guys! JUMP!" yelled Alex. He jumped over the gap as the bridge continued to break apart and the building the taxi was on started to fall back. Alex raced to the Ebon Hawk with T3, who had managed to get across, to help the others. Kylo Ren clashed with Lily and cut her down easily. 18 troopers raced onto both buildings and stunned Cody and Mission. Brianna raced to the edge of the building as the troopers dragged the others into a transport. She jumped over the gap to the spaceport and fell. She grabbed onto the edge of a steel rod in the bridge and hung there, struggling to get up. Kylo Ren used the force and Shawn flew off the edge of the building and into the transport. The Ebon Hawk flew into the air and hovered above the buildings. Alex appeared on the boarding pad and looked down. Kylo Ren was walking towards Brianna who was dangling and clinging for her life. "Bri!" yelled Alex. He used the force and flung Brianna past Ren and in the middle of the collapsing building. He reached out with his hand and Bri jumped off a troopers head and grabbed it. Kylo Ren ripped a blaster from another troopers hand and shot Brianna. She screamed with pain as Alex pulled her in. The Ebon Hawk took off into the city as several sith fighters, Kylo Ren's fighter and the prisoner transport followed.

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