Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Smuggler

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Submitted: July 29, 2016



The man walked from the cockpit to the others. "Make yourselves at home. Where do you wanna be dropped off?" said the man. "Who are you?" asked Alex. "Oh yeah you have no idea who i am. My names Antonio Sestral." said the man. "Sestral is the last name of Arven. Maybe he's..." said Starkiller to Alex. Antonio walked back to them and clicked a button on the console. He had kinda long black hair and was wearing a smugglers outfit. "I was doing a smugglers job of smuggling some illegal Rakkata artifects from... uh nevermind. I was leaving the planet and i panicked when i saw some tie bombers flying by and then an explosion. When i was escaping the planet i saw you guys running from that dude. So i decided to help." said Antonio, "So who are you guys?"
"My names Alex Jackson. These are my droids HK-47 and King." said Alex. "My names Galen Marek." said Starkiller. "Drop us off on Tython please." said Alex. The ship went into hyperspace and Alex and Marek sat down in the back. "You mind if i fix HK? He doesn't seem to be at peak efficiency." said Marek. "Sure." said Alex. Marek got up and started fiddling with HK-47. Suddenly when Marek connected 2 wires HK turned on. "I am the HK assassin droid of Darth Malgus! YOU SHALL ALL DIE!" said HK. He shot Alex and he screamed in pain. Starkiller stood in front of King and blocked the shots with his lightsaber. "Antonio! We there yet?! I think i made HK evil!" yelled Starkiller. The ship came out of hyperspace and flew down into the Tython atmosphere. The ship landed at the Jedi Temple landing pads and Alex, Antonio, Starkiller and King ran out with HK chasing them.

"Starkiller! Get to the temple and do your debriefing. I'll take care of this droid." said Alex. Galen ran to the temple and Antonio ran to his ship. Suddenly HK-47 flew back and turned off. They looked and saw a girl in front of them with her hand out. "Thanks. Marek made it go rogue." said Alex. "No problem. I'm Kayla." said the girl. "I'm Alex." said Alex smiling. The 2 plus King dragging HK-47's body walked to the temple while talking about some stuff. They were walking slowly so it took about an hour. On the way they passed Alex's ship, the Defender. They walked into the Council room where Raymond, Satele, Starkiller and Revan were. "Alex. Your friends are here. They are waiting for you for your next mission. King will tell you. You leave tommorrow morning." said Satele. "Oh yeah Marek broke HK-47." said Alex. "He will stay here and we will fix him. Ask Arven for your replacement." said Raymond. Arven walked in. "What am i replacing?" asked Arven. "Let Alex use HK-51 for the mission." said Raymond. "Fine. T7 call HK." said Arven. A few minutes later HK-51 ran in. He was just like HK-47 but grey. "HK your going with Alex for a mission. He walked over to Alex and the 3 left leaving Kayla with the council. "Hey Alex. Wait!" said Kayla. She ran over to Alex. "Hey i'm going to a certain place on Tython tonight and i was wondering if you wanted to come." said Kayla. "Sure." said Alex and the 2 walked different ways with Alex and King going to find the others.

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