Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Shot down in the city

Submitted: August 22, 2016

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Submitted: August 22, 2016



The Ebon Hawk spun through the air, shooting at the fighters in front of it. Alex, Brianna and T3-M4 were the only escapers of Kylo Ren's ambush which ended in the capture of their friends and the injury of Brianna. Now they were trying to escape in their trusty ship the Ebon Hawk while Kylo Ren and a few other fighters pursued them. A shot came from behind and hit the weak spot of the ship, disabling the shields. The ship shook as Alex laid down Brianna on the medical bed. "Brianna, stay down while i fly us outta here." said Alex. "But..... what about the others?" asked Brianna weakly. "We have to escape and warn the people on Tython. Then we can get some more jedi and return." said Alex. He left the room and ran into the cockpit. Rex had stayed inside the ship to rest after being tortured in the superweapon and was now piloting the ship. 3 shots hit the turret and it exploded. Smoke trailed from the burning turret as the Ebon Hawk was shot to death. "T3! Activate the lower turret and shoot them down! I'm gonna try and lose them!" said Rex. The bottom turrets spun around and shot down 3 fighters. One of them was hit and spun out of control to the Hawk. It crashed into the side in a blast of smoke and flames. The Ebon Hawk flew down towards 2 buildings close to eachother. He spun to the side and flew through the crack between. The ship came out relatively unscathed. Just then Kylo Ren flew by in his fighter and hit the cockpit was a blast. Alex was knocked out the cockpit and the security doors closed. "Bleep bop beep boop bing bloop!(Translation: The security doors have malfunctioned!)" said T3.

Alex ignited his lightsaber and cut through part of the ship and climbed out of the top of the ship. He came out on the top and carefully walked to the burning turret. Kylo Ren fired 3 more shots and Alex deflected all 3. Kylo Ren set the ship to explode and jumped out. He landed on the Hawk and clashed with Alex. The sabers slammed into eachother several times before Alex blasted Kylo Ren off the ship. He landed on the top of the prisoner transport and Kylo Ren's shuttle crashed into the ship. The top exploded and the Ebon Hawk spun towards the ground. The ship hit the metal ground and slid into the side of an old building. Alex fell off the top and T3 rolled out of the boarding pad. Just then Kylo Ren jumped down in front of them and stunned Alex. 3 troopers ran out of the transport and stunned T3 as well. Brianna then ran out of the ship and cut down 3 troopers. She clashed with Kylo Ren who quickly slashed from under and knocked her down. She was too injured from getting blasted in the back earlier and was unable to get up. "Take all the prisoners to cells 34 and 28." said Kylo Ren. They were dragged away into the building and 4 transports used mini tractors beams to move the Ebon Hawk to an old nearby spaceport. Little did they know Rex was still inside. "Get ready shinies, get ready to die!" said Rex as he reloaded his pistols.

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