Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - StarStruck

Submitted: August 22, 2016

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Submitted: August 22, 2016



The figure walked through corusant. He had been injured badly, but now he was ready to fight. He was in the galactic market looking for an armor vendor. He walked over to one. "What armor you need?" asked the vendor. "Got anything for... jedi?" asked the man. The man bought some armor, 2 new lightsabers and 2 new crystal. He was now in trooper armor with a cream colored robe over it. He put the same color pants on and put on some new metal boots. He grabbed his Thexan saber and his Slashsaber and walked over to a modification station. "T7, here." said the man. His droid walked over and he put his Thexan saber inside. He pulled out a new, simple metal sabers and inserted a newly bought crystal. It was a yellow crystal with a blue center. He did the same with his other new saber and attached them to his hilt. "Alright T7 lets go." said the man. He and his T7 unit walked over to a speeder and he hopped on. The speeder took off through the city and stopped in front of an old abandoned building. He then stopped as he sensed something was behind him. He ignited his 2 new sabers and blocked twin blaster shots. "Wait wait! Are you a jedi?" asked the armored man in the shadows. "Yes." said the man with the T7 unit. Rex emerged from the shadows. "Sorry about almost shooting you, i had no idea it was you at first Arven." said Rex. "It's all good dude. Now where is Alex and the others?" asked Arven. "Inside. They got captured and sent into the cell blocks." said Rex. Arven used the force and the metal door flew out of the archway and down the stairs inside. 4 guards ran out and the jedi ignited his saber.

A sith followed and the 2 clashed. Rex and T7 hid behind some crates and shot the guards. They fell down one by one, each now with a literal hole in their heart. Arven finished off the sith warrior and kicked him in the gut. The 3 ran inside and went down the stairs. There was a crossroad and in the middle were 3 warriors. Arven snuck behind a crate and threw his saber. It flew through the air and sliced through one of the sith. The other 2 ran at Arven and overwhelmed him as both had 2 sabers. He was forced back and was held by the throat. Rex ran from behind, jumped into the air and headshot the 2 sith with his twin blasters. Blood exploded from their skulls and they collapsed. Arven, T7 and Rex went to the crossroads. Arven looked at the 2 and put his hand out. "Left. The heroes are being trapped in a huge room and the Knights of Ren are all there." said Arven. They took off down the left crossroad and found themselves in the doorway to a huge room. The middle of the room was filled by a huge reactor, machine type thing. Like a huge mortar infused with fire and darkness. On the right of it was the knights of ren and 2 cells were inside the wall, containing Alex, Brianna, Shawn, Cody, Lily, King and Mission. "Alright guys, you ready to fight?" said Arven as he pulled his 2 sabers off his belt. "Ready for action!" exclaimed Rex. "Bleep bop boop!(T7=Death to the Knights of Ren!)" said T7. "The meatbags will die!" said a voice. Arven almost had a heart attack as they were not alone.

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