Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Escape

Submitted: August 24, 2016

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Submitted: August 24, 2016



The room started to shake as the huge reactor started to glow and shoot a beam of light into the sky. Everybody but Kylo Ren struggled to stay on their feet as the room started to collapse. "RUN!" yelled Lily. Alex dashed over to Brianna who was lying on the ground unconsious. He picked her up and they dashed to the exit as the others ran to the stairs. Alex who was carrying Brianna, Arven, Lily, Shawn, Cody, HK-47, King, T7, T3 and Rex dashed up the stairs as the basement started to collapse. They ran out of the building as the whole thing exploded. They looked above and saw 8 Sith Cruisers in the sky. They were sucking all the nearby buildings into the ships. The 10 watched as the old spaceport holding the Ebon Hawk flew into the sky in pieces. In between all the rubble was the Ebon Hawk. It flew into the ship and they realized they were all trapped. "Arven? What was that machine anyways?" asked Lily. "Good question, T7?" asked Arven. T7 beeped and whistled. "He said that it was the planet prison prototype! Ah god i thought i blew that up! Plus it was edited to create a..... WHY DIDN'T THE MASTERS MAKE SURE IT WAS DESTROYED!? A force storm.." said Arven. "What?" asked the others. "A force storm is like a tornado/sandstorm of destruction, death, electricity and explosions. If you fly in your almost certainly die!" explained Arven. They saw the tornado of sparkly colors fly out of the wreck of the building.

"So what now!?" asked Cody. "Run!" yelled Shawn. The 10 dashed through the city away from the storm. It started sucking the buildings and floor behind them away into the storm. Suddenly a white version of the Defender flew down to them. Just then an imperial sith lord fighter flew down and the boarding pad opened up. A man in black robes and a mask was on the pad holding onto a pole. "Arven get in here!" yelled the sith as he put out his hand. "Scarzon!? What the hell are you doing here!?" yelled Arven. Arven jumped into the air and grabbed his hand. T7 blasted into the air with his jets and followed. "Guys!" yelled Arven. The fighter started to fly into the tornado and the ship blasted into the sky. "Well it looks like he escaped the planet prison. Now lets go!" yelled Lily. Brianna fell out of Alex's arms and looked around. "What the heck is going on!?" yelled Brianna. "We'll explain later!" said Cody. They dashed across the walkway and saw the hovertaxi at the end of the road get sucked away. "Were dead!" yelled Brianna. She reached out to the person next to her and grabbed Alex's hand. "Alex i..." 

They heard a crash and looked behind them. A XS freighter was hovering behind them and a familiar looking man was on the boarding pad. He was wearing a brown leather jacket and had slightly long black hair and 2 blaster pistols were attached to his waist. "Miss me?" asked Antonio Sestral. "Antonio!" they all shouted. They climbed into the ship and it took off through the city, with no idea how to escape the force storm or the planet. Link to the next book in the series: The Force Storm

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