Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Battle on the fields of Tython

Submitted: August 06, 2016

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Submitted: August 06, 2016



Alex rose from his bed and looked around. King was the only one there and Brianna was gone. So was her lightsabers. He heard an explosion and jumped up. He pulled on his green vest over his black shirt and put on his black jeans. He used the force and Alex's crossguard lightsaber flew from the table to his hand. He strapped it to his belt then stopped. He ran back in. "King! Cmon something blew up!" said Alex. King beeped and his eye lit up. King followed Alex down the hall. They ran into the council room and it was empty. He ran out and saw it. Several warships were visible in the sky. Alex saw Starkiller fighting off Vader and Luke and Raymond were battling with Maul and Grevious. He then saw Revan defending the Ebon Hawk from 3 armored walkers. He then saw the Defender being defended by Arven and T7-01. Kira Carsen was nearby fighting a group of sith troopers. Arven was now wearing a brown jacket with light brown ripped pants to reveal a cybernetic leg. His hands were both cybernetic as well. He cut down 3 troopers with his yellow-blue saber and he now wielded a yellow saber with a handle on the hilt. T7 was next to him blasting troopers with his rifle. "Alex! Get your team and lets go!" yelled Arven. Alex ran off with King to find the others. He then saw it. Kylo Ren was fighting Brianna on the edge of a huge ravine. He clashed at her with his crossguard lightsaber and knocked her back. She tumbled down the ravine and landed in the water at the bottom. "Bri!" yelled Alex. He jumped down the ravine and pulled out a blaster. He shot it at the other side of the Ravine and jumped off the wall of his side. He swung down to the bottom and cartwheeled into the water. Alex ignited his saber again and ran at Ren. He swung violently at the unconsious Brianna which was blocked by Alex. 

Alex kicked Ren back and force pushed him into the nearby waterfall. He screamed in annoyance and noticed his lightsaber had fallen behind Alex. He used the force and the lightsaber ignited and flew at Alex's back. It slashed a scar on his back and he fell to the ground. Ren caught the saber and zapped Alex with force lightning. He tiredly blocked it and clashed with Kylo Ren. The sabers swung around, clashed against eachother till Alex got tired. "ALEX!" yelled a familiar voice. Behind them was Lily, Cody, Shawn and a gold and black HK droid. He remembered waking up in the middle of the night to hear Alex telling him he needed HK-51 for something and to take his other HK unit. He had thought it was a dream. His tiredness from the slash, the lack of sleep and the lightning was enough for Ren to deal him a blow. Ren shoved his saber through Alex's stomach and he gasped in pain. He threw Alex back into the water just as Lily and Cody ran through to fight. Shawn and the HK unit dragged Alex and Brianna away to the Defender. They dragged them into their room and King stayed there. Shawn ran into the main room and laid on the couch and pulled out his holo-phone. The HK droid sat down on the other couch and saw Lily and Cody run in. Cody ran into the cockpit with Lily and took off. Arven and T7 ran into the Defender leaving Kira to deal with the others. "Kira! You better not die!" said Arven as the boarding pad closed. The Ebon Hawk took off with them and into the sky.

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