Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - The Superweapon

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



"So Arven. Whats the mission were going on?" asked Lily. Arven, Cody, Shawn and her were sitting in the cockpit talking. "Well several jedi have dissapeared near the planet Dantooine. They decided to send you guys and have me as backup in case you all get captured." said Arven. T7 beeped and spun around. He rolled out of the cockpit and Arven followed. They ran into the main room and Arven turned on the console. The Ebon Hawk was in hyperspace next to them. A hologram of Revan appeared next to T3-m4, his droid. "Revan. Everything okay over there?" asked Arven. "Well T3 says theres something on the scanners but-" said Revan. Suddenly they came out of hyperspace. "Lily we arent there yet why'd you take us out of hyperspace?" asked Shawn. "I didn't." said Lily. They looked out the cockpit and saw it. A huge battlecrusier, bigger then a super star destroyer covered by a forcefield. and on the side was an kyber powered ion laser cannon. "WOAH! Thats a mini version of the Death Stars laser!" said Revan over the hologram. "T3! Take the turrets!" said Revan.

The Defender and Hawk flew in different directions as the cannon fired a superlaser at them. "What now!?" asked Cody. They tried firing at the battlecruiser but the forcefield blocked it all. The turrets on it pointed themselves at the Defender and started firing. Shots flew through space and made direct contact. The ship shook and Alex rolled off the bed. King started beeping and spun around. "King! Whats going on!?" asked Alex. He grabbed his lightsaber and tried getting up but his injury had not fully healed. He fell back down and looked at his stomach. King had been giving him Kolto to heal him and the injury was mostly gone. The Battlecruiser aimed the cannon and fired an ion blast at the Defender. Lily swerved and spun through space. "Where's the Ebon Hawk?" asked Cody. Lily looked through the glass and saw the Hawk dodging all the lasers under the ship. They noticed the ion blast coming towards them. "LILY! FLY AWAY FROM IT!" yelled Shawn. They tried flying up away from the ion blast as it slowly consumed them. It flew through the engines and the ship stopped. They all felt a spark of electricity as the whole ship shut down. King was deactivated and the lights were off. "Lily! Get the ship on now!" yelled Arven. 3 missles were fired from the battlecruiser and flew at the Defender. The ship was still deactivated. "BRACE FOR IMPACT!" yelled Lily as the missles were less then 10 seconds away from impact. The ship shook but they weren't dead. Outside the ship the Ebon Hawk had flown by and taken the hit. "REVAN!" yelled Arven. The Defender turned back on and watched as the Hawk spun towards the planet below. 

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