Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Crisis on Manaan

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



The Defender flew down to the planet and into the atmosphere. "Arven? What planet is this?" asked Cody. "This is.... Manaan. Revan was here once on his quest for the Star Forge." said Arven. The Defender entered the water filled planet to an outpost called Ahto City. They flew down and landed inside of one of the docking bays. "So whats so special about Manaan?" asked Arven. "Oh. Manaan is one of the only places in the world that generates Kolto. Plus Revan was here once!" said Arven. "Why would Revan come to Manaan?" asked Cody as the group minus King, Alex and Brianna walked out of the ship. "His quest for the Star Forge. One of the Star maps was underwater here. Actually its probadly still here." said Arven. They walked out and 3 selkath greeted them. "Welcome to Manaan! Are you here for vacation? Business?" asked the selkath. "Oh one of our friends got shot down and their ship crashed near the city." said Shawn. "Would it happen to be the old correlian freighter ship thats red and gray?" asked the selkath. "Yes thats it." said Lily. "Well thens it almost going to be impossible to find." said another one of the selkath. "Theres no way to get down their besides the old mining station. That place is unstable and if u try to go out the airlock into the water without a pressure suit you'll die. and even if u have one you'll get eaten by a shark." said the selkath. "Well then we'll try anyways!" said Arven and they took off.


Inside the ship Alex was lying in bed being healed by kolto. "King. Where are we now?" asked Alex. King beeped. "bleep bop beep boop bop!(Translation: We are on Manaan.)" said King. Alex felt healed enough and rose from the bed. "Brianna wake up." said Alex. Brianna opened her eyes and looked around. "Where are we?!" asked Brianna. "Were on Manaan. Revan got shot down and crashed into the ocean. Everybody else left to go find him." said Alex. Brianna got up and they walked down the boarding pad into the docking bay. "King. Stay here and make sure the ship stays safe." said Alex. King rolled back into the ship and left them. "Why do you want him to stay here?" asked Brianna as they continued through the hangar bay. "Look." said Alex. One of the selkath had his hands up and a sith trooper was pointing a pistol at him. "The jedi? I don't know! They left here and went to go find their friend who crashed into the ocean!" said the selkath. "Cool thanks for the info." said the trooper. He shot the selkath who crumpled to the ground and walked down the hall. "We gotta find the others and get outta here!" said Alex.

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