Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Just keep swimming

Submitted: August 09, 2016

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Submitted: August 09, 2016



The elevator came to a stop and Arven, T7, Lily, Cody and Shawn stepped out. They all ignited his lightsabers and walked down the body filled hall. "Did Revan do all this?" asked Cody. Dead bodies with lightsabers wounds were scattered across the hall. "Well he didn't want to. When he came down here to find the star map all the selkath scientists had been infected by some kind of virus. He, Bastila and T7 were forced to kill them." explained Arven. They continued till they found the airlock. "T7 plug in and unlock it please." said Arven. He plugged in and the ship started to shake. "bleep bop beep bop boop!(Translation: If i open it the lab will fall into the ravine!)" said T7. "Open it anyways! We can swim away from it before it falls!" said Shawn. T7 started to open it but Cody stopped him. "Wait! Cut through the door and we can escape without blowing up the lab!" said Cody. He ignited his 2 sabers and cut through the door. It fell to pieces and water started to fly through. They swum through and T7 fell onto the sea floor. He was waterproof though. They then spotted it. The Ebon Hawk was resting on the sea floor. They spotted another part of the lab which had detached next to the Hawk. They swam to the airlock and T7 inserted his astromech hand into the socket. Suddenly Shawn was tackled out of the way by something. Arven ignited his sabers and looked around. Shawn was being attacked by a shark. "Oh yeah Arven had to fight off some sharks down here. When he got to the star map he had to get past some sharks being poisoned by the kolto harvesters. He destroyed the harvesters and and was able to get the star map." said Arven. T7 opened up the door and they tried to walk in. Out of nowhere a piece of the other lab broke apart from the lab and blocked up the airlock. "We can't get through! Were dead!" yelled Cody. Sharks surrounded them and they all ignited their sabers and Shawn got his rifle. Despite their numbers they were still surrounded by 27 sharks.

 Suddenly 2 blue lightsabers flew by and sliced through all the sharks. The water around the bodies turned red and a figure emerged. "Bri!" exclaimed Lily. A yellow crossguard saber then flew at the metal part blocking the airlock and sliced through it. Alex swam down and they were sucked into the airlock. "You guys saved our lives." said Arven. They ran down that hallway as T7 locked the airlock. They found the other airlock and next to it was a window. "Look! The Ebon Hawk!" said Alex. Through the window was the Ebon Hawk. T7 plugged into the astromech port and the lights went out. A single red light appeared in the darkness. The room then started to shake and everything went black.

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