Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren

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Prolog (v.1) - Raid

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Star Wars Uncharted

Book 3: Rise of Ren

The galaxy is being attacked. A mysterious team has appeared and attacked several Republic bases, killing many Jedi, troopers and civilians

on Alderran, Corusant, Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa. Now 2 legendary war heroes, Jedi Master Starkiller AKA Galen Marek and Clone Captain Rex

are awaiting the attack on an old asteroid base near Yavin 4, the location of Luke's jedi academy








Starkiller rose from the ground. He had been meditating for several hours in his room on one of the moons of Yavin. He was sent to monitor the outpost on this meteor-like planet for a few days and had been meditating for awhile. He had sensed something. Something, different. "The dark side." muttered Starkiller. Suddenly the door opened and a clone trooper walked in. He wore phase 2 white and blue armor. "Starkiller sir. An unauthorized ship is coming into orbit." said the clone. "I knew i sensed something. Lets go." said Starkiller and the 2 ran from the room. They ran into the hangar bay where a Sith Shuttle was sitting. Starkiller grabbed and ignited his 2 blue sabers and they ran to the transport. The boarding pad opened and a man in black robes walked out. "Can i help you?" asked Starkiller. The man reached for something on his belt. The clone rose his blasters, knowing what would happen from seeing jedi do that when they're about to fight. The man pulled out a black lightsaber and 3 blades spurted from the top and sides. He clashed with Starkiller and used the force to throw him back. The man took off his hood to reveal a mask.  "Marek. Your coming with us!" said the man. "Who are you? Malgus? Vader?" asked Starkiller. "No. I am Kylo Ren. and you, will come with us!" said the man and he clashed with Galen Marek/Starkiller.

He blocked it and watched as 6 more came out of the ship. They pulled out blasters and swords and charged. Marek was unable to fight against Kylo and block the shots of the others and was stunned. He collapsed to the ground. "Rex! RUN!" yelled Marek before he fell. The clone ran from the room to the other hangar bay. There was a single X-Wing waiting for him. Shots flew from behind as the clone doved and tumbled to the ship. He jumped in and took off and watched Kylo Ren in the hangar bay watching him. Suddenly 3 sith cruisers came out of hyperspace and started firing at him. The X-Wing was hit several times before Rex pulled the hyperspace lever and the ship took off into hyperspace.

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