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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
What happens when your past just won't let you go?
Jocelyn Rodriguez is an independent and outspoken young lady known to have a hard character, ready to rip someone apart with words - and sometimes more. Her life was seemingly normal until college, where she meets a young man by the name of Brad J. Williams, Jr.

But was it really their first meeting?
During her unexpected journey of remembrance and reemergence of her past, she deals with friends who turn out to be enemies, a rough-and-tumble trio known as the Soul Brothers, and, ultimately she meets Antoni Vega, the one person who seems to be able to show her love and admiration, in spite of her troubles.

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Submitted: July 28, 2016

Riding in the 1990s Ford van Jocelyn decided it was time to let them know what her future plans consisted of. The old leather suddenly felt sticky under her skin and her mouth was dry. Her jean shorts and white tee soaked up the sweat that moistened her skin. Sucking her teeth and licking her thin lips she started detailing the college information. The first question was what the start date was and she answered with September. That was easy, she thought. But everything went quiet when she mentioned living on campus. The only penetrating sounds were the muffler competing with the New York City traffic. The traffic won with its noisy vehicles and honks forcing themselves through. At the red light, they both turned and stared at her simultaneously. She lowered her head not knowing what to expect while her mind cluttered with thoughts. Papi is surely to cry seeing his nena leave and Mami will be joyous. The light turned green and their heads with it. Silence continued to hover until they arrived at home. – Read Chapter