strength of courage

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Submitted: July 28, 2016

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Submitted: July 28, 2016



A blonde short haired man lays down quietly with a smirk throwing his tattooed covered arms behind his head as he sits there in the otherwise empty cell. He moves his left hand up into the air and begins to swirl it around as black smoke slowly flows from his fingertips following the sway of his hand. The top of the cell begins to fill with the black smoke as the door to the front part of the police building opens and the smoke vanishes in mere seconds.

“Andrew Cooks, you made bail.” The officer says opening the gate while a woman with long black hair stands behind him.

“Aww sis, you came.” He says going to hug the woman before she grabs the collar of his shirt and bringing him down to her eye level.

“You owe me five hundred dollars, oh and you’re going to pay me for living expenses.” She says before letting him go causing him to fall to the floor.

“What do you mean living expenses, what happened to my apartment?” Andrew asks as they begin to leave the police station.

“Your ‘girlfriend’ got smart to your scheme and kicked you out, she dumped all your stuff off at my house.” She replies as they get into a dark gray minivan.

“Damn, how’s the kids doing, Janette should be seventeen right? And Johnny has to be at least four.” Andrew asks trying to change his sister’s mood.

“Janette is eight-teen and Johnny is seven, seriously, for the two people who you said are irreplaceable you sure seem to have a lousy memory.” She replies with an angrier look on her face.

“Those two are everything to me Chloe, it’s not like I can go back to normal,” Andrew says looking down at his arms.

“You can still try to be normal, settle down, find a woman who can handle you, you don’t have to go down the path out mother did,” Chloe says as they stop at the traffic light.

“No I can’t, I get urges, every time I do something nice it hurts, my ex brought me to church once, every step I took felt like nails all over my body, I touched the water and it burned my hand,” Andrew says lifting up his hand to reveal a severe burn mark.

“You ever try an exorcism?” She asks as Andrew buries his head into his hands and screams for a few seconds.

“Don’t say that word, somehow it carries a strong pressure with it,” Andrew says rubbing his forehead as beads of sweat roll down his face.

“You did this to yourself, what even made you think to follow in her footsteps?” Chloe asks as they stop at another red light.

“I don’t know, the mystery behind it, was it all real or was she just crazy like everyone thought,” Andrew says as black smoke begins flowing out of his outstretched hand.

“And look where that got you, can’t keep a stable job, stuck between women after women and leaning on your sister, who is tired of all this,” Chloe says with an angered tone and the black smoke begins to grow bigger.

“Chloe, calm down, I need you to calm down,” Andrew says as he notices the connection.

“Why won’t I been calm, my brother is basically a demon who will be living in my house for the foreseeable future!” Chloe says with a fake smile as the smoke begins flowing into Chloe’s nose.

After a few seconds Chloe suddenly passes out while driving. Andrew safely gets the car to the side of the road while a sharp pain shocks his body and a car honks as it speeds past them. Andrew begins shaking her before she finally gaining consciousness with a cold sweat.

“what happened?” Chloe asks looking around quickly.

“I was draining your anger and since that was everything that was going through your mind at the point you lost consciousness,” Andrew says leaving Chloe a bit confused.

“So that’s what you do, you feed off anger?” Chloe asks as they begin to drive again.

“Not just anger but also fear, sadness, stress, depression, I boost negative emotions and feed off of it, and when that emotion completely engulfs that person they slip into a coma or just die,” Andrew says with a hint of depression in his voice at the end.

“So that’s why you never kept a job.” Chloe assumes.

“Yes, I end up causing people to die wherever I go, of course, it always falls under natural causes but I know it’s because of me,” Andrew says as they pull up to Chloe’s house.

A young brown haired boy is playing in the front yard as he notices the two in the car.

“Uncle Andrew!” The kid yells running up to Andrew as he gets out of the car and hugs him.

“Hey Johnny, long time no see,” Andrew says putting on a false smile as black smoke begins to flow and Andrew’s false smile false off to a worried face.

“Richard is home right Chloe?” Andrew asks ignoring Johnny who is trying to get his attention.

“Yeah, why?” Chloe asks nervously.

“This isn’t going to be good,” Andrew says as an older girl storms through the front door.

“Janette come back here; this conversation isn’t over!” An older man says shortly before noticing Andrew and stares at him with disdain.

“This is all your fault, you tainted my daughter,” Richard says running up to Andrew and pointing his finger in his face.

“Richard calm down, please,” Chloe says as Richard stares Andrew in his face and Andrew looks back with beads of sweat falling down his face.

“Why should I first I hear I have to deal with this failure living with us now Janette wants to fight with me over everything,” Richard says gripping his hair in frustration.

Andrew looks around as black smoke begins surrounding Richard as Andrew Shoves his hand into Richards' face before Richard falls limp onto the grass.

“What was that?!” Chloe asks as Andrew pick Richard off of the ground and they walk into the house.

“He was close to being consumed, I just shut off his consciousness for a second, he’ll wake up in a few minutes,” Andrew says before beginning out of the house.

“Where are you going now?” Chloe says grabbing at Andrews shirt sleeves.

“My niece is out there angered and confused, I don’t want her to end up like me,” Andrew says as another shock makes his whole body tense up before he heads out the door.

Andrew starts walking down the road as smoke reaches out at random homes and passing cars as he searches for Janette. After looking around a large trail of smoke begins flowing in a single direction. He follows it to a small park as he finds his niece sitting on the swings by herself.

“The swings, isn’t that too cliché.” A feminine voice says bringing Andrew to a standstill.

“Not you again,” Andrew says ducking into an alley as the smoke begins to cover the ground.

“What, not happy to see me?” the voice asks as the smoke builds up creating a humanoid figure.

“I thought I saw the last of you when I signed that contract,” Andrew says as a petite woman with pitch-black hair and a matching dress appears out of the smoke.

“But that is what I have come to talk to you about, I have a deal that gets you out of that contract.” She says with a twisted smile.

“One deal with the devil is more than enough for me,” Andrew says trying to stir away the demon.

“Ha, you really still believe there exist a person who controls good or evil, right or wrong, but here’s my deal, get your niece to sign the same contract you did and I’ll let you out of yours.” She says sending a wave of mixed emotions through Andrew.

“No… I won’t doom my niece to experience this pain.” Andrew says as a stronger shock sends him to his knees.

“The more you try to do good, the more that pain will hurt, give in, let all those emotions drive you, it’s the only thing that can give you joy anymore.” She says with a wicked smile leaning over the collapsed Andrew.

“No… there is one thing that gives me joy that you could never take away,” Andrew says fighting to stand up.

“Oh really.” She replies looking behind him with a sense of confidence.

Andrew looks back to find a large stream of smoke flowing out of the alley. Andrew rushes to the park to find the smoke flurrying around Janette.

“Just let her give in, let her be just like her hero.” The demon says ask Andrew walks towards Janette.

“If my mom told you to come talk to me forget it, I’m not going back there,” Janette says as black smoke builds up.

“Chloe has nothing to do with me being here, I just want you to calm down and talk to me,” Andrew says standing right in front of Janette.

“Calm down, when Richard wants me to follow all of his ‘good religious values’. As she praises Johnny for everything he does but when I do something he shrugs it off like it’s what I should be doing every day!” Janette says as the smoke begins to rise creating a tornado around Janette.

“You can’t save her, anger, sadness, depression, it’s all just mixing together just being her is pushing her more and more over the boiling point.” The demon says with a sick laugh.

“Janette, are you ok?” A young boy says walking into the park sending the tornado of smoke back down to the ground. The young boy walks over and hugs Janette before looking at Andrew with anger.

“Who are you?” The boy asks staring Andrew in the eyes as smoke begins to flow towards this young boy.

“Her stupid ignorant uncle, you must be her boyfriend?” Andrew asks knocking away the smoke from the boy and sending more to Janette.

“What if I am?” The boy says standing up to Andrew.

“Then I would give you this one warning, I may not look like it but I can make your life and live hell if you try guiding my niece down the wrong path,” Andrew says getting face to face with the boy as he looks down.

“You’re not the religious type like her father are you?” The boy asks as they stare each other down.

“I am the farthest from him, and if you feel threatened by me you should,” Andrew says rolling up his sleeves to reveal roughly done markings and tattoos and scars covering his upper arms.

Janette laughs as the smoke fades away from her complete.

“I really don’t need you two to fight over me,” Janette says with a large smile on her face.

“But if I can’t prove I can protect you how would I look.” The boy says looking back at Janette as she walks over to the two.

“Honestly, David, from the stories my mom told me about my uncle you would need more than a hospital to heal you,” Janette says hugging Andrew making David feel bad.

“Don’t worry, if she ever needs a guy beat up she’ll come to me, but you should be there for her emotionally, there is a limit to what I can do, you have to fill in the rest,” Andrew says with a warming smile patting David’s shoulder before falling to the ground and coughing up some blood.

“Are you okay?!” Janette asks getting to her knees.

“I’m fine, go home, nothing good happens after the sun falls,” Andrew says getting back to one knee with a scrunched up smile in his face. Janette waits a few seconds before nodding and walking to her house.

Andrew stands up then almost falls over before David helps him keep his footing.

“You should be with her, I’m fine,” Andrew says pushing David away as he goes to follow Janette.

“You keep this up and you’ll die before morning.” The demon says with a mad demeanor.

“There’s enough rage in Richard to keep me alive centuries after he dies, the only thing keeping the man from having a heart attack is my sister,” Andrew says with a cocky smile.

“And about that deal, you can shove it, this contract is mine to honor, and what kind of guy goes against a signed contract.” Andrew continues before heading down the street.

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