Soldier's Love

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The love of country pumps through these men's veins, the women they choose to love are special because they keep these soldiers alive.

Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016



O my tarnished soul...

Gracefully purified to diamond from coal,

As He blessed my unworthy heart

by sending me a peice of heaven, a soldier of his finest art.


Late Night chatters, morning sunrises and evening dances

Everything that mattered, he made me wiser and flourished me with his romances.

Days felt like hours and minutes turned to seconds,

for the first time in a long time I became unguarded with no need of releasing my weapons.


Ofguard and surely in love...

How did he fall for such an underserving foxglove?

Doubt plays with my thoughts,

The devil is at work...

Yet everytime a doubt dwindles, I hear gunshots...

My God saves me and I am once again ironwork!


A gift wrapped in adventure my soldier surely is.

Romantic to no fault and everything a complete bliss,

even more so with every taunting kiss...

I wonder silently... could this be real?

No dream can compare, but my God is merciful and I kneel!

Everything Is real, everything I feel!


I have been blessed with the best,

No one else could ever come close.

My soldier holds me close to his chest

& whispers softly words of love.

My body shivers at the honesty his words consists of.

I love him too,

This much I know is true.


Therefore I shall go down on my knees praying for him everyday,

So that he may return home safe and hold me tight 'till the day we both return to decay.


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