Lurking Faceless

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Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016



Lurking Faceless

By: MagicMike78 on

A writing of suffering.


What love have I not gave?

There is nothing but sacrifice for the unknown.

It all has gone below the surface.

Every day more and more bleeds out.

Only so much life in me.

From stone to lifeless.

There is only a dagger left.

Is it in me?

Is it in you?

A lifeless shell.

I used to feel pain.

Now I can’t feel anything.

Soon I’ll be set free.

So many many of you will be in disbelief.

Breath life into me.

From which there was once.

Burning in the blistering sun.

Locked in the darkness now.

Trapped in what will no longer be.

What can you not see?

Freezing depths below.

In the far outer ridges.

Nearly below this surface.

This heart beats weaker.

The passion bleeds.

You will be the death of me.

Your going to bring me down.

You judge for all the wrong reasons.

Enough will soon be enough,

There is only so much love in me.

You judge me for all the wrong reasons.

I rember the begining.


Soon will come my chance to escape this.

I’m not the same as I used to be.

You're killing me!

You're killing me!

It happens over and over again.

Only I can take this away from me!


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