The Monk

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The story of the last monk of Iceland and his journey home against incredible odds

Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016





An old monk stooped on an old hill over looking a fjord in the south of Iceland. He was the last surviving missionary in that land. The land was inhabited by the Norse peoples After wandering down the hill to the docks he found a boat. He asked a large man with a crew of 15 to take him to his native land of Italy. The man rebuked him and said. “Who dares ask me for voyage to a far land, I am Thor, the son of Odin, bow down to me at once you mortal.” The monk said to him,”I will not. I only bow down to one God and he is not you.” Thor was becoming red in the face and he asked “Who is this God you worship?” The monk replied “My God is the Lord Jesus.” Thor than yelled to the crowd that had gathered. “This man does will not bow down to me, so as punishment I will kill him!” Thor than swng his mighty hammer and it narrowly missed the monk and crashed into the side of a wood beam and turned it to splinters. The monk back away and drew the sword of a a fallen crusader and with that both man did battle for three long hours. When both men where nearly dead from exhaustion and Thor arrogantly went to catch his breath, the monk swung is blade wide and cut Thor's head clean off. He threw his hammer and his body into the sea than wen to Thor's band of Vikings. “Your god has been vanquished. Now follow the true God who gave me the strength to conquer Thor.” and with that The monk threw each man into the icy water and baptized him.


The monk ordered his newly baptized crew to take him to the isle of Britannia. They than set sail to the south. In the evening a mighty storm came in and the men in the boat became scared. Soon they were in 100 foot swells. And enough rain to swamp their boat. When all hope seemed lost, a rocky island came into view and with almost delirious haste they rowed toward it. They landed their boat in a shallow cove and walked along the shore till they found a vast cave to give them shelter. They began searching around the cave and found a proper place to sleep. When all the men were lying down and recovering from their terrifying boat journey, a man came up to the monk and asked “Who are you and where are you from?” The monk answered, “My name is Paul, and I am from Italy, I have lived as a monk since my childhood until 5 years ago when I came as a missionary to Iceland. I want to go to Britannia to see an old friend named Bede who is the head of a monastery there. After that I would want to sail back to Sicily where my monastery is.” The men asked several more questions than went to sleep for the night. In the night one man had to go pee and found a part of the cave far enough away from the other men and that is when he notice a strange yellow glow. He returned back to the men dragging a large chest full of gold. The men became excited over this and began to fight over the treasure. The noise woke Paul and he yelled at the men and said. “you will get your fair share when we get to Britannia. But nobody should so much as touch the gold. Lock the chest up.” When the storm finally passed they set sail. They had saild for two days on the calm waters after the storm and landed in the northern part of Ireland. They landed their boat and began walking . They soon came across a swamp with a very old looking hut built in a small dry patch of the swamp. They went to the ht and knocked on the door. A very withered old lady with thin Grey hair and an evil look on her face. The instant Paul came forward she recoiled and began spouting curses. Paul ordered the men to bind and gag her. Paul walked forth into the hut and saw horrible evil things beyond words and returned to his men and said. “ This woman is a witch under the possession of evil spirits. We have only one option left to deal with her. Forge a brand shaped in a cross.” He turned to one man and said “Burn down her house. Evil lurks their.” By evening the ht was nothing but ashes, and the brand was completed and being heated up. Paul then took the brand and branded the witch's hands, feet, and side with the cross and then tied her to a tree with a thick rope. He told his men to leave a knife within reach of her so she can free herself, and with that they set off eastward.


After traveling for a week they reached St. George's Channel and after buying food and a boat sailed to Britannia. After 3 hours they landed on the isle and divided up the Gold . With that 2 men set off on their own and left Paul with 13 men. A fortnight of travle later they encountered a group of Scottish soldiers. They notice the gold each carried and ambushed them in the night. The former vikings and Paul fought off the 200 soldiers with only one of their group being killed. In the morning they buried their fallen comrade and then set off the field of blood in silence. After swift travel for 2 days they finally reached the monastery of Bede.

The End



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