My Makeup Artist

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Christian Writers
This is a simple poem that has an unknown meaning I have attached with this true person I am enchanted within. May you enjoy this story. :)

Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016



One mysterious stranger all in the same person I wonder how be its ultimate incarnation,

Feels my Earthly happiness churn the free soul of this unforgetable enlightment,

Very long list experience the magic in one candle light,

Connecting three worlds I forget in the ladder of time this greatest teacher,

Where human paradise connects temples of faith on top of our every testaments,

I locate my mind in this ancient tomb fanned by trinity from garden of Adam and Eve,

Like a carpenters good craft when life balance its surprises for this happy life,

If perfection value most popular dreams of my beloved shepherd,

I am always offering all your ritual in complete devotion of this makeup artist,

When I worship all times unwavering all those gods who understand my true nature,

Like a handful of water without any single form in your human body,

I understand this makeup artist exist with or without Nature,

If fruits of their good guidance recognize my fellow behaviour,

I hope all sacrifices given for recite in right action come like little baby steps,

My smallest conduct how I encircle my life's work before this makeup artist,

May my divine mystery unfold the whole drama setting according to its play,

Today my makeup artist exist in those unmoved and unchanged by the activities of the being inside my self,

From tinest atoms I think of an infinite space around everything holding this universe,

Across one faultless heart I come before compassion worthy of the restless energy around them,

Little did I remember I never shower any blessing for this makeup artist,

My mind picks up bright side of life to live with,

My body return thoughts those track my emotions feel the way I act,

My soul is in perfect harmony I live in friendship conveying this message,

If another generation of keys powerless for one vital step knowing everything God given is at peace,

I serve this artist being the conscience of one superior foundation,

If my happy life resemble God works through this makeup artist,

I may live better never confused in the whips that veil its chariot of religion,

If I try to understand this person responsible for the rights of my rewards,

I may become responsible away from the villains of ignorant men,

If I dont expect anything that gets upset and angry,

I may obtain luxury that will bring no sorrow,

If I deserve desire is fighting this war,

I am warrior with enemies I may think the mighty armies are my security for life,

Today this makeup artist offer gratitude your work will bring you joy following the example of your responsibility,

I realize the battlefield my makeup prepare me walk across every single feedbacks I learn everyday,

This chore has a music,

What will be its effect have on those people who will follow you?

My answer may attach the eternal circle of give and take to be something life-giving than just physical means,

Someone calls this path of my makeup artist like my own mind,

Its greatest pleasure commit through knowledge towards delight of fruits attached in my duty,

May one cause effect undone even in dying activities form this original form,

I may be the worth of loving this distance time may unforgive its trumph and disasters,

Let enmeshed in this complete experience may never leave destructable anger countless from the flow of human desires in the water that made them,

If I avoid no defect will be its sunny attitude,

Let the equation of my life's makeup artist achieve the brightest star from the heaven above... :)

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