A Life Created

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A Life Created - No greater feeling then becoming a mother

Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016



A Life Created


Babies are gifts sent from above 

Into our tummies were we grow them with love 

Noting is greater and gives us more pride 

Then the life of a baby kicking inside 


That moment you feel your first contraction begin 

You know baby is ready to come out from within

The pushing, the panting, the uncontrollable pain 

Soon it's all over and a beautiful baby you gain 


When they come out and you first hear them cry 

There is noting in this world that could give you more joy 

A life so precious put straight on your chest 

Within a few moments they can feed from your breast 


A mother and her baby a journey together 

A love like no other their souls bonded forever  

Tiny fingers and tiny toes 

Isn't it amazing how inside us they grow 


So if you ever feel you can't get through it alone 

Remember that baby is your flesh, blood and bone 

They are worthy of a life just like your mother gave to you 

They will love you to eternity for all that you do 

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