Tennis and Friends

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A short story about friendship between two girls and using tennis to help them. This is part one and part 2 will be coming soon please enjoy comment and have a great day!!!

Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016



Wack! Wack! Wack!. The sound from the tennis ball hitting the racket echoed around the court. The correct timing to hit this ball had to be very precise and accurate. The ability to follow through and place the ball any where on the court required vision and immense skill. These abilities can only be obtained from someone who has practice and perfected these skills. The foot work and body movement displayed was almost robotic as if someone downloaded the information into her. This girl was good, very good. After swinging her racket for what seemed like forever she decided to take a break and sit down. As she sat on the bench drinking some water out of her bottle to re hydrate herself she heard foot steps approaching. Stephanie was the name this person shouted. You are so amazing Stephanie. Stephanie placed the bottle down and looked at her friend. Thank you Alice. Stephanie and Alice had been friends since kindergarten, always together. Now they had grown up and were in the same middle school. Alice looked at the tennis racket on the ground. It looked so used and worn out, as if the tennis racket was tired itself and needed a break. Alice told Stephanie she wishes she was good at sports like her. As she said this she began to pick up the racket and imitate her friend. She did a few practice swings but clearly she had no experience and did not look as graceful as her friend. Stephanie laughed and told Alice she could teach her someday if she wanted. The two friends laughed and began to walk away and go home together as the sun began to set down on the sky. On their way home they talked about their day at school, how much homework they have to do, and boys of course. They reached their homes and went their separate ways. The next day went as usual for Stephanie. She woke up and had a nice breakfast with her parents, watched some TV, and played a little with her younger brother. Then around 1:00 in the afternoon Stephanie went to do something else that was very routine for her, Tennis practice. As Stephanie approached the tennis court, she heard grunts and noises. Usually she was the only one her at this time but apparently somebody beat her to it. She then noticed it was her friend Alice, she was trying to play tennis, and was clearly having trouble. Stephanie approached Alice and volunteered to help. The two girls began practicing with Stephanie leading the way and giving Alice pointers. The girls were in the own little world when the shout of you suck brought them out of it. Immediately the girls looked and saw some boys laughing at the girls and pointed directly at Alice. The girls decided to ignore them and continue playing, but each time Alice would strike the ball or make a movement the boys would snicker or make a comment. What a loser one boy said, your so slow came from another. Eventually it became too much for Alice and she dropped her racket and ran away. Stephanie gave the boys a mean glare and ran off for her friend. Alice was on a bench crying and really upset. Stephanie told her to ignore those boys and continue playing. Alice did not want to continue she felt horrible and did not want them to continue to make fun of her. Don't you worry about those boys their just saying mean things to make themselves feel better and look cool. They are bullies and don't have a lot of friends. Don't let bullies win they make fun of you because they want to be like you. If you walk away your letting them win and then they will never stop. As long as your happy they can never take that away from you, so never cower in fear, just smile and continue on your way and someday they will learn. Alice took in everything Stephanie said and started to feel better. As they walked backed to the court Alice wondered but what if they laugh at me again? Don't worry i am right here with you and will always be because were friends, said Stephanie. The two girls began to play again and some of the boys began making comments. The girls ignored them and continued to play. The bullies were taunting and saying mean things but it had no effect on the girls who openly laughed and enjoyed their time. Eventually the boys notice their comments weren't working and actually stopped and left. The girls were so caught up in their game they did not even notice the boys had left. Finally exhausted from their game the girls sat down on the bench and began drink water and take a break. Alice looked at her friend and said Thank You. Stephanie looked back at her and said remember they only say those things because they wish they were like you, never forget that. Alice smiled and said i know, and the two friends began to walk away. They agreed to do this again same time tomorrow, and not not run away.

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