Plastic Plastique

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A caustic look at the attempt to create perfection.

Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016



Plastic Plastique.

Miranda Hirst sat in front of her mirror and studied her reflection. It was strange to think that this was the last time that she would see this face – her face – staring back at her. The next time she sat in front of a mirror she would look very different.

There was nothing wrong with her face, not really. Eyes a bit small, a bit close together. They were a washed out blue and could definitely benefit from a bit more colour. Her nose was too wide, too long. Long was okay but with the width it looked a bit......beaky.

Miranda leaned forward slightly and pressed against her cheeks. The bones were there all right, they just didn't show up. How often had she listened to her mother bemoan her lack of cheekbones. It was almost as though she was being blamed for the shape of her face. Her lips were too thin; she wouldn't argue with that. She didn't think she had ever heard complaints about her chin so at least something was right.

Her hair, of course, was totally wrong. Mousey, thin, frizzy in any damp weather. Short or long, it was a disaster. Once she had retaliated against her mother's criticism by saying she'd just shave it all off. Her mother had just given her an exasperated look and stalked off without saying a word.

Her parents had never even tried to hide their disappointment in her. Her brother, four years older, was the golden child. He sailed through school getting excellent grades while still being on the football team. Paul was a handsome lad too, never once without an adoring girlfriend since he was fourteen.

Miranda wasn't stupid. She got good grades; not as good as her brother's had been but she was one of the top students in her year. That was not good enough for her parents; especially when she proved herself to be lacking in any sports ability.

Socially she was a failure too. Paul mixed with all the right people, went to all the important parties. His friends were the sons and daughters of the towns most influential people. He was an asset to the family while Miranda was an embarrassment.

On the occasions that she had accompanied Paul to parties she had sat on the sidelines, barely speaking to anyone. And she had only ever really had one friend, Beth, who her parents had found totally unsuitable. They had made the girl feel so uncomfortable that she had soon stopped calling and Miranda had found herself alone again.

No, there was no denying that Miranda was a disappointment. The fact that she knew it just made things worse. She had kept her problems to herself and over the years had learnt to hardly speak at all. She knew that no one was interested.

But all that was about to change. Miranda Hirst was going to be reinvented. Her mother had seen an advertisement for 'Plastique', a boutique for the body instead of for what was worn on it. Miranda was to become a client. Her mother had decided, her father had paid, and Miranda was not consulted at all.

A final glance in the mirror! Miranda knew she would not be allowed to see the transformation taking place. The next time she looked in a mirror she would be looking at a total stranger and Miranda didn't know whether she should laugh or cry.

* * * * * * * * * *

Miranda had not enjoyed the proddings and procedures, the injections and the operations. In the months that she had been resident in 'Plastique's Treatment Centre' she had neither seen or heard from her parents. Not even once. She would not care; she did not care! She immersed herself in her own interests; reading, writing and listening to the music that she chose for herself. She had always co-operated with the staff but it was the time when she was left to be herself that Miranda enjoyed.

And now it was all to end. The transformation was apparently complete and the new Miranda Hirst was to be unveiled.

She was not going to be allowed to meet her new self in private. No, Miranda was going to come face-to-face with the imposter in front of her parents scrutinising gaze.

“How are you, darling.” Her mother air kissed either side of her face. Miranda did her best to hide her shudder. “Isn't this exciting! I can't wait to see what miracles they have performed.”

Miranda wondered whether her mother was even aware of just how insulting the words she had just uttered were.

Miranda stared coldly at the blonde, blue-eyed reflection. She did not see anything she recognised in the high cheekbones and the petite nose. The lips were much fuller but the chin.......Maybe they had allowed her to keep her chin almost as it really was. Miranda felt nothing for this stranger but hate.

She became conscious of the voice enthusiastically explaining the procedures that had been carried out on making this 'creation'. Hair that would never grow, never fade or darken had been implanted in her head; a perfect blonde with golden highlights that fell to midway down her back.

Real blue contact lenses that had been fused in to place. They would never have to be removed or replaced but if her sight should ever cause her problems in later years correctional contact lenses would not be an option and she would have to wear glasses.

Her entire face had been re-contoured by surgical procedures and was then topped off with a tight fitting mask. This not only ensured perfect skin every day but was guaranteed not to wrinkle at all for at least twenty-five years. This could also not be removed. Ever!

Her lips had been plumped out by injection to give her face a softer, less harsh look. And, Miranda learnt, her neck had been stretched to become the perfect length for her body. It seemed that she had grown almost an entire inch.

“Miranda, darling! You look positively beautiful. A girl any mother would be proud to call her daughter.” Miranda watched as her mother turned to her father and said, “Doesn't she look perfect, Frank!”

Miranda thought her father looked shocked rather than impressed. In fact it seemed that he was speechless.

As they were leaving the building, her mother stopped to root through her bag.

“It's here somewhere. Ah, here it is. Listen to this, Miranda. 'Persona 1 will create the perfect personality to fit your body'. You really will be a whole new person!”

Miranda said nothing. She had already ceased to exist.


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