Old New Friends

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Old New Friends.

As you viewers out there may know that all my writings connect and this one connects most of them. Specifically Love, and The Horrible Truth. Now as you all know Mark was basically a jerk but after being at the place where mark and I met, it reminded me of all of our old memories and it made me sad because we had a great time together. After not seeing him for what felt like years I did my best to avoid him.... it didn't really work because i think he did his best to come close to me. Every time i moved he was there and i got annoyed because I wanted to enjoy my time without him. Instead i ended up bumping into him!! I know right what the heck!!! Anyway After a while we talked and it felt like meeting a new person, but I promised not to get close because I just remembered that I could repeat history and that's something i don't want. It made me realize that that the new person he was showing me was just another act. So i became his friend again and I know that might have been the wrong decision but believe me I have learned my lesson from people who pretend to be prince charming. I know People may say that i could turn back to who I was but that's another decision that I have to make and this decision is one I know 100% sure I will be smart about.

-Anonymous speaks

Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016



This piece is real it's me and I hope whoever reads this undertsands and makes the right decision like i am.

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