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Highschool, its the biggest challenge,
New friends some old, new things, new love?

This story is about 6 teens who fall in love and love to skate,

? amber Danni & Kyle Switzer
Amber, a young skater girl who has a tough persona but at home she's sad and weak from her abusive parents, Kyle, a ambitious young boy who had transitioned, he loves to skate and play the guitar but when tragedy strikes will he ho back to cutting.

?Jacob Ramos & Christian Lavida

Jacob, a young boy who discovers his liking for his bestfriend Christian, but when mother goes crazy after having Jacob's newborn twins he has two figure out his feelings and take care of the family, Christian, he loves to skate and sing to panic at the disco but he also starts to feel for jacob without knowing if his parents will accept him.

? chanel vargas & felix Mendoza

Chanel, a young poet who loves to write who also suffers from depression goes to a support group and tries to learn how survive her strict parents, felix, his mother suffers from breast cancer and poor felix is watching his mother die while suffering from panic attacks he also joins a support group the same one as chanel and as they are put together as partners for a project.

" May the story take you on a journey, how to survive high school, broken home life and love itself,"

Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016



" life, it's a phase it's self"

They are just teenagers they are just teenagers please don't bring the pressure school is hard enough already but now they got more press hanging on their chest nothing for the past present is a mess future is a mystery can nothing hold them back nothing holding back there's nothing holding the rocks laying on their back two loves unknown so hard to tell to society when they're patrolling to make the world a better place when they are ruining it themselves oyoy can love be free for you and any sex can be can we not hold back the love we feel,- jacob & Christian

Mama why are you dying stop the breath from growing hard I don't want you in the 6 feet ground mama I met a girl I'm in love she's in love and we are on she has a hard life and I can't stop it or anything that you're going through but we're just teenagers living in a world pain in all but can we make it through it like the rest of y'all we will never know to the end of our day when we can relax and know the pain we sit down in that therapy groups hearing Hoops of different things.- felix& Chanel

we love to skate skating is great we are just teens in high school ready to take on the world even though it could hurt we learn to get back up with the people we love it's hard to have a family that doesn't like you at all poor Amber she has to go through a lot but I know I'm here for her even though the inevitable came into my life I will fight with Amber for the rest of my life- kyle & Amber

~" we are just teenagers, growing up in these four walls learning about our own world for the future and all" ~ skateboard

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