The Sound of a Woman

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What happens when the creaking doesn't stop?

Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016



His mind was swirling and the mere thought of walking made his stomach crawl. The room was dim and you could here the soft tap of something moving around. It annoyed him and ate at his brain. It caused his head to ache in ways he never knew it could. It was almost similar to creaking floor boards, the kind in an older house and even the slightest movement would make the loudest noise. An almost nostalgic noise that forced his childhood to echo in his aching ears. He remembered his mother and how she drank herself into a nightly coma. The smell of alcohol was engrained into his nostrils and the simple thought of the woman made him puke out whatever he may have eaten the night before.

Yet, he lingered on the thought of his mother because she was the cause of his shitty life. A women so cruel did not deserve to breath air. He thought about her chestnut colored hair and the way it always resembled straw. He hated the sight of her ugly features, but she herself was a natural beauty. She could swoon any man who came across her and they would all do her bidding. She would weave her intricate web of fabricated stories, to make those intolerable men her slaves. Then when their hearts give out she snaps their necks, metaphorically speaking of course. Thats what makes her an ugly, dispicable woman. The kind of woman that makes you frustrated when she walks into the room because you know those dark eyes are judging everything you do.

Then a knock came from his door. He knew exactly who it was and his felt sick to his stomach again. He ignored the feeling rising up in his throat and opened the door, only enough for her to see a bit of his body. Her chestnut hair was like straw and her heart shattering smile crept on her flawless face. Her eyes bore into his with such ferocity if he were an idiot he would have invited her in. Yet, he knew this womans game. So, he smiled a devilish grin and promised her tomorrow. She pouted and her plump glossy bottom lip jutted out. He just explained he was busy with the days work and couldn't be bothered and with that he closed the door.

The light shown in his empty room and all he heard was the creaking noise that brought him back to his horrible mother. Back and forth the noise swayed with his thoughts. He reached out to touch the womans chestnut colored hair. It was soft to the touch this time not like straw. All he could do was smile because this was the perfect solution to rid the world of women like his mother. He walked around the woman a few more times before cutting her down. He removed the rope from around her fragile neck and couldn't help but stare. Her dark eyes widened with death and terror stared back at him. He knew he had made her beautiful and she could never belittle the people around her again.

With the coming and going of the seasons the creaking would stop. Eventhough the sound irritated his mind he knew it was something that would happen soon again. And with that someone was knocking at the door, but he knew exactly who it was. All he could do was smile.

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