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Week-end list of duties almost completed

Submitted: July 29, 2016

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Submitted: July 29, 2016



It’s Thursday and this is my Friday. I only work four days a week so I can have Fridays for doctor or dentist appointments or any other appointments that happen along.

I shoot to be asleep by 10:00pm so I am  rested enough to take on my chores for my long week-end.  I start listing the chores in my head while watching television and before falling asleep on Thursday night.

Friday morning comes quickly. I jump out of bed with my twenty something mentality, only to be greeted with aches and pains that reminds me that I am 67 not 27.  Regardless I am up at 6:30am and ready to get started. But that’s right after breakfast and a little news to make sure nothing good or bad has happened while I was sleeping.  I like to list my daily activities on paper just to be sure I leave nothing off. But before I start my list, I go back to bed and lay down just for a few minutes while I conjure up my mental list one more time.

After awakening again from my non expected nap time I head back out to the kitchen table to start my list. My number one item on my list has been changed to taking a nap, so I can cross that off.

Here is a copy of my typical list.

  1. Nap

  2. Wash dog (can’t do that today the dog is too heavy to lift and my back hurts)

  3. Vacuum (wait need to dust first)

  4. Plant flowers (Need to wait for it to get cooler outside)

  5. Water plants (No hot cement will burn my feet)

  6. Grocery shopping (Can’t drive still too hot outside, ice cream will melt)

  7. Un-load dishwasher (still dirty)

  8. Run dishwasher (out of soap, on my store list to buy)

  9. Call and make Doctor appointment (Cell phone dead)

  10. Charge cell phone

  11. Laundry (out of laundry soap too)

  12. Add laundry soap to grocery list

  13. Nap (tired from reviewing list)

  14. Cook dinner (really, okay order pizza for delivery)

  15. Shower

  16. Watch television

  17. Bed time

Oh darn I forgot to dust.  But as you can clearly see it wasn’t on my list so it’s not my fault. But I did manage to get a few things done.  I’ll hit this list hard tomorrow. 



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