Tormented Countrydide

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Tormented Countryside

Submitted: July 30, 2016

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Submitted: July 30, 2016



Torment Countryside


The beautiful peaceful loving serene place at the countryside, where nature can live freely without humans destroying there natural habitat green grass everywhere, plenty of space which is eco-friendly with no pollution in site of any kind; toxins, violence, and nuclear threats are absent. 

Of course, time of year makes a big difference too. Summer crops, autumn leaves, and bleak winter weather all colour the landscape in their own ways. Depending on the light and what's growing, the fields can glow lavish green or gold, or look bleak and cold and dark. Common crops round here are grass (for hay), wheat, rapeseed (seed of a rape plant right yellow flowers in summer) and vegetables.

The first rain after the long, hot summer brings the landscape to life with an astonishing variety of wild flowers. From mid-November until mid-May or so, you'll find the Island green and lush. Fields are full of vegetables and waysides are carpeted with fennel, clover, wild iris, myrtle and much more. By late spring, a thousand or more species of plants will be in flower. Away from the resorts and urban areas of central the, there is a surprising amount of countryside, some left almost untouched by modernity. Farmers often use traditional labour-intensive methods of the past. Village life still centres on the agricultural and fishing seasons. Today, as in past times, you will still see old men and women, sometimes with their extended families, working the fields. In the north of the island, where the ground is barren, and in many parts, you'll come across small flocks of shaggy-coated goats and sheep being herded along the wayside.

In December1960, a young woman is found raped and murdered in a ditch near a field. Soon after, another woman is found raped and murdered in a field. Local detective, not having dealt with such a serious case before, is overwhelmed; key evidence is improperly collected, the police's investigative methods are suspect, and their forensic technology is near non-existent. Detective is sent from England to assist them; their methods clash and he is unable to convince them they are dealing with a serial killer until his predictions of another murder come true. He realizes that the killer waits until a rainy night, and only kills women.

A married couple living in a farm house had some crazy wild weather these past few days, receiving a mixture of heavy rain turned with powerful winds that the unwinterzed trees couldn’t support, causing many to break and fall over. While having dinner together the farmer’s wife Mariah said to her husband, if we had children we can relay on them by helping us in our work, to-day we are not so young the hard work in our fields and taking care of the cows, sheep and the entire bunch, speaking for me said Mariah is making me tired. Her husband Jack never wanted to have children, he only knows the reason. Jack looked at his wife, listen when you feel you are tired go and have a rest. You never complained about the work, why now? Jack you already drunk a bottle of wine and we can discuss this matter in the morning said Mariah. Now go to bed and have a nice good sleep. It is not late enough to go to sleep I am going to have some time with the other nearby farmers at the Ale house, maybe I can fined somebody will come and help us in our work. Avery good reason and a good excuse to have a couple of beer, said Mariah. The other farmers have enough work to do at their farms, Jack I am not that stupid to believe what you said. So if you want to go at the Ale house just go and until than I clean the kitchen and after I go and relax reading few pages from my favourite book and than I go to sleep. Jack please don’t make to much noise on your return, don’t disturb my sleep and good night. Mariah was angry for her husband, it is not right that each evening he will go out drinking beer and I am like a tool when not needed put it at aside and used when needed.

Jack entered in the Ale house, removed his hat and sat on a wooden stool near his friends and exclaimed where my beer is? Here is your Blue Ale said the Ale house keeper, Mariah didn’t kiss you before you came here, and every body laughed. Ha ha ha I think all of you are in a good mood today, well I need your help. What kind of help you need Jack? says one the farmers who was drinking beer with a nice lady resting her arms on his shoulders. I need somebody to help me at the farm and in the field says Jack. The nice lady replied, I will come helping you if you like and all the farmers drinking beer burst in laughing and passing sexy comments to the lady. Lady what is your name? said Jack. My name is Sarah. Nice name, and how old are you? asked again Jack. I am twenty two. Good, well when you finish from your friend we can talk. 

It was almost midnight, Mariah was in bed reading one of her favourite books, and she looked at the clock, it was thirty minutes after midnight. This is not right and when he returns back I will settle this situation. She went out of bed and looked from the window, she saw Jack coming he couldn’t even move his feet, he was nearly drunk. Mariah went to open the door, and she didn’t waited Jack make one step to enter in. Jack you are drunk, do you know you have a wife? Do you know that in the morning we had work to do? You must be ashamed of your self, treating me like this, after all the work I do. Jack said please lower your voice and we talk in the morning. No said Mariah we talk know, if you are not going to change your life one day you will come and you don’t fined me here, Am I make my self clear Jack She was really angry and by the way don’t even try to sleep in our room. Jack was going to say something but Mariah pointed her finger in his face and said shut your gate; I don’t want to hear one single word from you.

The wind strengthened during the morning that was mainly cloudy with a little light shower or two. At six o’clock in the morning Mariah was having some tea sitting in the kitchen thinking about the way her husband is treating her and thinking for better future. The best thing is to divorce him; this is not fair for me living like this. A woman should be treated with respect, love and understanding.

Jack came in the kitchen, good morning Mariah, you still angry? Where is my tea he said? Yes, angry and if you think I am going to be your slave till death, you are wrong. Today I am going to see my lawyer said Mariah. See a lawyer for what said Jack. I inherited this farmhouse and fields from my father before we were married and you get out of my property and forget you have a wife; I am going to divorce you. You treated me like an object, now is to much, go and fined a home of your own. Do you call this a family? You never wanted to have children for your own reasons.

Silently Jack said please when you calm down we will talk. I was going to bring some help. Who is he who is going to give us help in the fields and in the farm? Said Mariah. Not he but she answered Jack. She, and who is she? I met her in the ale house and she is ready to give us a help.

Mariah when she heard that entire Jack had to say, expression of anger can be seem in her facial expressions. Do you think that I am that stupid, I know her, all women at this country side knows what she is doing every evening in that Alehouse. She is a prostitute that what she is and you go to hell, go and fined someone else, get out of this place, I had enough from you, Get out and live the way you like.

After six months of this fight between Jack and Mariah the couple was divorced and separated. Jack went to live with Sarah in a small barn in the past was a property of her parents. Her father died from a heart attack that was found to have resulted from a condition known as pericardial effusion [fluid around the heart] her mother died few months later after her husband death, she was so depressed enough, lead her to suicide.

Now Mariah found herself alone and she decided to sell the fields and keep only the farmhouse with limited small number of cows, goats and chicks. The country side for her was like a garden with fields, flower beds and the town seemed as a painted scene to Mariah. Although she started lonely life with nearly no friends she felt peaceful and serene. On the other hand sometimes moments will come in her mind about her ex husband but that was in the past, a good family is where reigns love and respect, Jack always thought of himself.

Now Jack started a new life with Sarah. For the first few months Jack was happy with Sarah, she was an attractive nice woman. Jack wanted Sarah not to go at the Alehouse anymore. Every evening she goes to entertain men at the beer bar to earn for living, she wasn’t a prostitute, employed with the Ale house owner just to keep company with his clients. When Jack said to Sarah that he is not happy seeing her going every evening to the Ale house, promptly Sarah said to Jack, are you jealous? If so just open the door and leave. What do you think am I a prostitute, no I am not, I just go their to keep company with does thirsty farmers for a woman and make good profits for my boss that he can afford paying me. Jack you are the only person that I let you make love to me, so if you don’t like this way you already heard what I said. Jack was very surprised with Sarah statement; he thought that he has full control of her but he was mistaken. She must do what I say Jack says to himself, or else I finish her off.  

Another murder, a woman was raped and stabbed with a pointed instrument that a radio station reported in the morning news. Police detectives believe that this is a serial killer. The inhabitants now are feeling that this country side is no longer peaceful and serene place.  

Jack decided to fine a job in town; at the barn where he is living there was not so much work to do. So in the morning he went to town searching for a job. While Jack was passing in one of the narrow streets he meet with George in the past they were friends. George says are you Jack? Jack looked in his eyes and said, hi George and with a long and firm handshake they were very pleased that after long years they met each other. What brings you up here said George to Jack. I am trying to fined a job. A job exclaimed George; if I am not wrong you have enough work to do in the fields and a farm with a good number of cows and the rest. With a broken voice he replied, yes you are right but things changed, my wife divorced me and now, I lost everything. Listen Jack I don’t want to here why and how all this happened to you, I feel these things are personal, one thing I am going to tell you, make the best things out of your life and start a new life. Jack lets go to the slaughterhouse and “meat”-processing factory, I know the boss said George.

On their way to the factory George explained the nature of the work, although slaughterhouses and “meat”-processing facilities are highly mechanized; manual labour is required at several stages of production. Workers are usually trained for one specific part of the process. For example, some workers kill and bleed the animals while others make a series of cuts to separate fat, muscle and bone. Employees are very aware of the dangerous nature of their work. When you combine sharp tools and automated machinery in a high-paced, crowded environment, injuries are inevitable. Jack giving close and thoughtful attention what George was saying, he said to himself, with some training I can do this job. 

Here we are said George to Jack and they entered in the factory reception. At the reception there was a middle aged chuppy lady with her cheeks red as a poppy, Good morning may I help you gentlemen? Yes said George we would like to talk to the boss please. Do you have an appointment please? No said George but if you give him a call tell him that I am George Brightwell. Silently the lady whispered a friend; she picked the phone and called. After a moment the lady turned on George and said you can go I think you now where you can fined his office, Mr.Salvatore is your friend. Good day lady said George with a rough manner.

George knew the place very well, it wasn’t the first time he visited Salvatore, and so he knocked on the door of Mr.Salvatore, come in, George opened the door, and a nice polite man was behind the desk, hi George what brings you here. Let go straight to the point said George. My friend Jack is seeking for a job and if you can help him I will appreciate. Who is this Jack? George went to the office door; Jack you may come in Mr.Salvatore would like to see you. The boss and Jack shacked hands, please sit down have a seat. Mr.Salvatore picked up the phone and he spoke with personal manager if there are any vacant vacancies at the floor shop. The answer was yes; at this time we are interviewing some people for the post of kill and bleed the animals. Alright I am going to send you Mr. Jack in your office and please give him the job. Well gentlemen that’s it. Jack I will tell you one thing be very aware of the dangerous nature of work, take care. George thanked his friend Salvatore and moved to the personal manger office that Jack can settle all the things. Now Jack has a job and went out of the slaughterhouse, Jack was happy that he found a job and George was happy for Jack that after these years he done something good for his old friend.

Jack said to George lets go and have a couple of beers and it will be my treat for the help you gave me. Friends will be friends forever said George. They entered in a pup, beer was ordered. The barman put a full pitcher of beer and two beer mugs on the table, well gentlemen enjoy the beer says the barman. Well George what are you doing for living? Jack Asked. Well, today I am working as a prison cleaner on £14 a week of fourthy eight hours. It isn’t` a very hard job but if you don’t` adjust your self for that environment it will be hard. Some of the prisoners are very hard to deal with them, they treat others like trash, bulling others and it isn’t the first time while having their lunch hell broke loose at the canteen. For the Officers it isn’t a piece of cake to deal with that situation. On the whole I am doing well, I married Lisa 20 years ago and she gave to nice children that I am very proud of them. Robert is still studying at the university to become a lawyer and Clair is a nurse at the general hospital. My wife Lisa work as a maid on part time basis in an elder home. I can tell that we are doing well.

Jack realized what a big mistake he done treated his wife Mariah like that. But now Jack is like a ship without any direction. He tried to give impression to his friend that he is doing well with Sarah. Who is Sarah asked George? She is my partner and we are doing well. Good says George and thank you for the beer and I am very pleased that we met each other, a firm shake hands took place. Jack I had to go it is time for lunch and I don’t want let Lisa waiting said George. How I am going to pay you back said Jack to his friend, thank you I will come to give you a visit in near future. They went to their destination, George was very happy that on that particular day he done something good for others. On the other hand Although Jack was happy that he found a job he was feeling sorry that he lost the beautiful scene at the country side and his wife Mariah, if it was possible he will go back in the past.

But Jack what keeping him not to have children and build up a family. Every man dreams to have a strong family, because this gives safety, joy and fulfilment to you on this earth. Mariah wanted to build a family and all the time when she was married to Jack never wanted to listen her, the only answer was that he hates hearing babies crying. Jack has trouble sleeping. His dreams start to last longer and longer every night. But that was not the right reason, the reason was that when he was at the age of twenty he murdered a pregnant woman he fatally shot and buried her in the haunted valley. It was a scary place especially in the night. On every Friday habitants can hear loud screaming and crying. This matter was investigated by the police but the detectives who dealt with the investigation it seems that resulted negatively. From the other hand many people who pass from that valley in the mornings heard someone crying for justice. One of the farmers wife said that last night I put my five month old baby to bed and I was not sleeping in my room just laying there in my room reading in silence. All of a sudden I hear crying and screaming coming from the valley. This valley is haunted, ghost of a woman that only runs at night of every Friday, an old farmer once told me so. When I was the age of ten years I used to go and play with other children in the valley and we never heard or saw anything paranormal in nature, why we are experiencing all this now asked the woman. Another woman said, don’t forget that three women was murdered and there corps was found in these areas, it could be restless Spirits.  People who have been murdered also tend to stick around for many reasons if their murderer is still at large, they may want justice, and try to find someone who can hear them in order to make sure, that their families know what happened to them and who did it and than can rest in peace.

This brutal murder never left Jack peaceful especially in the nights, dreaming the same dream. The only reason he goes to the Alehouse every evening was trying to forget what he done by finish up each evening drunk. That not was all, when he used to be alone working in the field or farmhouse somebody inside him tells him that no one really ever gets away with murder, as even you evaded the law, you can not evade the spirit of the woman and child you killed. 

Jack arrived, he opened the barn door and called Sarah, no reply, he called her again while walking to the bedroom door, he opened the door and he couldn’t believe his eyes. Sarah was lying naked on bed with a middle age man making love. Jack pointed his finger to the man, get dressed and leave this barn. Jack was very angry, he went out of the room and he sits on a wooden stool in the kitchen. After a while the man left the barn frightened running away half naked. Jack called Sarah; come here, I am in the kitchen we must talk. Sarah entered in the  kitchen and with not feeling guilty for what she done, she told Jack to leave, pick up your personal belongings and leave and don’t try to do funny things, you have done enough wrong things in your life. For these words Jack asked Sarah what are the things that have done wrong? Tell me. Leave this barn right away, you are not a human being, you are a monster, she pointed a gun to his face and said, if you think that you are going to kill me you are wrong. go and rest that soul in peace, I know you killed the woman and her child, a farmer saw everything you have done, he told me so at the Alehouse, the affirmation of all this he took an oath on the bible what he told me is true. You raped her and than you killed her with her baby with two gun shots, after you buried her in the valley. Get out of this place she shouted, you called me a prostitute, yes I am but I never heart anyone by killing, you are a murderer, go and give yourself to the police, that soul can rest in peace for ever.

Jack couldn’t believe himself what he heard. Yes I killed the woman and child, after all these years she want justice. Sarah go and tell the whole story to the police, I will wait here until they pick me up, said breathless Jack. Sarah replied; if you are planning to escape until I come, don’t think about it. No said Jack, it is the time to pay for all the things I have done. But in his mind he was already planned how he is going to kill her. Ok said Sarah I am going to the police and as I already said don’t try to escape from this realty. Sarah turned her back and quickly she went out of the barn to get the police and arrest Jack. As soon as she closed the barn’s door, Jack took out a gun from his jacket and run to the door, opened and he shot Sarah at her back several times, she felt down in a pool of blood. Jack picked up Sarah and returned to the barn with the dead body.He was out of his mind acting like an animal no heart feelings for what he done. He waited until dark and buried Sarah few meters away from the barn. Than Jack covered the area with tree logs, Sarah was buried.  He did this to hide visibility of Sarah grave. Now he had to remove blood stains from the barn, on himself and on the ground where Sarah was killed. He removed all the blood stains from barn, burnt his cloths and the blood which was on the ground where he killed the innocent lady, he placed hey and pieces of wood and set a fire. It was almost three o’clock in the morning when finish from this dirty job. He went in the barn and sat on a wooden stool, he leaned his head down. He did a terrible thing, but he was mentally sick. He heard someone calling him, Jack you done it again, you are a monster, who are you said Jack. I am the angel of death, why you killed those innocent women and a child, do you think you are going to live peaceful and serene. Go to the police and give your self up, you must pay for all this. I am dreaming said Jack, no never give up my self I want to live free and he said. Things that show he was mentally sick. He felt on the floor moving and start crawling like animals that do not walk on their legs like snails, snakes. Than he finished lying on the floor holding his head with his hands, totally suffering from a mental disorder.

That evening at the Alehouse same bunch of farmers drinking ale and pulling each other legs, loud laughing can be heard from outside, at once laughing was switched off and one of the farmers said, hi what happened to Jack, normally he will be joining us at this time? May be he is lost in love with Sarah, and starting laughing again. It is not fair judging a person while you don’t know why Jack is not here said the Alehouse owner. We have no doubt he is having good sex with his beautiful Sarah, he will come when he finish, said another farmer. The Alehouse owner wasn’t sure of all these statements; Sarah was always in time for work, serving beer and keeps the clients happy. If she doesn’t come I will go to her barn to see what happened, somebody is telling me that something happened. He was in a person who escapes into a world of fantasy dreams. Hi mister owner of this alehouse bring us some more beer and leave your dreams for tonight, if something happened to Jack or Sarah one of them will come here and ask for help. Yes you are right said the Alehouse owner. But one of the farmers that was having sex with Sarah in the morning, he was one of that bunch of farmers, he was not comfortable that evening with his friends although he was laughing and pretending that nothing happened to him. Inside he was scared to death, if Jack comes as usual to have a couple of beers; sure I am going to finish in big trouble. Time up shouted the Alehouse owner, time to go to sleep, tomorrow is another day of work for you my friends. Every body paid their share and left the alehouse half drunk to their destination.

The Alehouse landlord was still thinking why Sarah didn’t appeared as usual at the pub. First thing in the morning I go to give her a visit. Sure she had a good reason for her absence. The atmosphere at the pub with her presence is totally different, every body likes her, and by the way she is a nice sexy lady. Without her at the pub I will lose good percentage of my business. I am thinking too much negatively, said the Alehouse owner.


Next morning the weather was quite nice with moderate wind and partly cloudy. The farmers and the rest of the family started another day of work raise animals like cows, chickens. Other farmers raise plants like fruits, vegetables and grains. There are even farmers who grow plants for people to enjoy in their gardens. These farmers make a living by selling their plants, animals and animal products. Being a farmer is hard work! Farmers care for their animals by giving them food and water, plant and harvest crops. They make sure their plants and animals stay healthy. They also take care of the machines that help them farm, like tractors and plows. The Alehouse landlord enjoys the hobby of farm watching identifying and observing farms and farm activity in his community and gain a deeper appreciation for agriculture. For him it was relaxing time and understands more his clients farmers after a hard day of work working in the farms and fields relax at his Alehouse drinking good beer and nibble roasted nuts and some traditional finger food. While he was watching the nice view he remembered of Sarah and decides to visit her at the barn. After twenty minutes walk he arrived at the barn. Outside the barn no one was there, he saw the bunch of logs which Jack covered the area where Sarah was buried. He knocks on the barn’s door, and nobody answered, he knocked again but this time he knocks on the door more strongly. Jack hears a knock on his door and answered, who are you? I am the Alehouse owner, please open the door. Go away and leave me in peace replied Jack.  What’s going on?  If something happened to you or Sarah just tell me I can help said the pubs owner. With a loud desperate voice Jack replied go away or else I will come out and finish you off, understand. For these words the Alehouse owner what just heard terrified him and his legs starts shacking. He moved away from the barn few meters away and hundred of thoughts passed from his mind. Something terrible happened, Jack never talked to me like that, suddenly he noticed blood stains on the ground, Jesus Christ he exclaimed and he went away to reach the first farmhouse.


On his way he met with one of the farmers that he knew him well at the Alehouse, stop he shouted, the farmer stopped his truckter and looked at the pub owner and if eyes could speak he noticed that something bad happened. What’s wrong with you? You look really terrible, said the farmer. The pub’s owner took a deep breath; let’s go to the police because something bad happened to Jack and Sarah. He told the farmer the entire story when he went to visit Sarah and Jack. Listen said the farmer, according what you had told me I don’t see we had to go to the police; maybe they had a family argument it happen in each family sometimes. And what about the blood stains on the ground said the pub’s owner. And what about the way Jack talked to me; he sounds an insane person who is mentally deranged understand, mentally deranged patients are often filled with hate and animosity and will often demonstrate a series of disturbed behaviours said the pub owner. Alright I will drive you to your place and call the police to come and investigate this matter, but please I don’t want to be involved in this whole story of yours said the farmer. Alright said the pub’s owner I do as you said, but don’t forget horrible things happened in our country side every body is frightened that the story of raping and killing innocent people repeat it self. Oh my God I hope that nothing happened to Sarah and Jack, let’s go and drive you at the Alehouse said the farmer.


Few minutes later the Alehouse owner arrived at his pub, quickly he run to the door, opened and without losing time he phoned the police. Good morning Sir I would like to make a report said the pub’s owner, and I wish to talk with detective John Brown please. Can you tell me what kind of report you wish to make said the officer? Please don’t waste time; I am suspecting a murder case, get me with Mr.Brown. Promptly the officer passed the caller to the detective. Hello said the detective, with whom I am speaking please? I am Mr.Johnson the Alehouse owner at the countryside and I would like to report a suspected murder case. Ok please give me your particulars and after tell me exactly the whole story about this suspected murder. The pub owner told the detective the whole story and he finished that he was threatened by death if he don’t leave the place. Right said the detective I will be there with my team to investigate this matter and a police officer will pick you up that later in the day you will sign a statement in my office.

From the moment the first police officer arrives at the crime scene, he follows a strict set of procedural guidelines designed to protect him and everyone else who's present; guard evidence against damage, contamination, or loss; and document everything that occurs at the scene. Following these procedures and maintaining control of the scene until the crime-scene investigators arrive offer the best chance of getting the evidence needed to identify and convict the perpetrator. Failure to follow these directives can result in the crime remaining unsolved or a known perpetrator walking free.

Jack although he was in bad state of health he knew that police came for him. An armed policemen and with protected fireproof jackets looked from the window of the barn and saw Jack sitting on the floor looking at a photo. Slowly the police entered in the barn and heard Jack saying I am here what do you want from me? Go away. But the police quickly surrounded and handcuffed him. The detective entered in the barn and saw Jack in that health state he ordered one of the police officers to call for an ambulance to take Jack hospital for treatment and make sure he will be twenty four hours highly secured with four policemen duty with him around the clock.

Mr.Brown the detective police officer starts his investigations. He looked for evidence that can lead to the arrest or other accomplices to the crime. This can include everything from blood samples and measurements taken from the crime scene found in the victim’s barn. Relevant evidence is anything that will help bring the facts to light, and it can be harder to identify and make sense of than many people realize.The homicide detective has to know what to look for, but also understand how to collect and store evidence so that it can be admissible in court. Forensic police, take blood stains from the ground and photos of the whole area. Mr.Brown from his experience he is going to concentrate outside the barn, he went out and looked at the place, he noticed a small area was burnt and he can tell that only hours ago this area was burnt. This led him for more search of evidence. He looked at a pile of tree logs placed on the ground; he went near by these logs, lit his torch light and bends down to look carefully between the tree logs. He called the forensic police officers and he ordered to take photos to the pile of logs. They looked with big attention on this area for more evidence. Another thing that was suspicions to the detective was that there was grass around the logs but underneath the logs no grass at all. He ordered his man to remove slowly the tree logs. It takes little time to remove the logs and when the area was cleared the detective said carefully dig up this area because if I am not wrong I can feel that a human body is buried here. With a good care and attention the police start shovel the soil and after nearly an hour they found the corpse, slowly they removed the buried body from the hole, the detective while having notes said Oh my God, the Alehouse owner was right that he suspected a murder case. Another woman he said. Sarah’s body the skin start getting purple and waxy, the lips, finger- and toe nails fade to a pale colour, the hands and feet turn blue {because of lack of oxygenation to the tissues} and the eyes start to sink into the skull, and when the detective approached the body and watched; he can smell of rotten meat, poor lady he said, while he noticed that she was murdered by a shot gun. Her clothing was seen to be covered in blood. Then, a coroner's office arrived, a vehicle similar to a hearse in which they transported the body, inside a body bag, placed on a stretcher, and taken to the coroner's office for autopsy. The detective gave instructions orders to the police that homicide crime scene must be protected from entry by unnecessary or unauthorized persons so that physical evidence will not be altered, moved, destroyed, lost, or contaminated, other police officers including supervisory personnel, who do not have a specific or valid reason for being at the crime scene, should be regarded as unauthorized persons.

Death investigation is a complicated process, which involves a number of different members of the police department as well as various other forensic disciplines working together towards the goal of solving the case. There are many numbers of things that can and will go wrong due to the nature of sudden and violent death. Once the crime scene has been thoroughly documented and the locations of the evidence noted, then the collection process can begin. It is not an easy task for the police the some of following are the types of evidence encountered, finger prints, bite marks,  blood and blood fluids, firearms, shoeprints and tire prints, hair, fibres,  paint, glass and other evidence.

The news of this tragedy arrived in the countryside and it can be noticed that all the local farmers gathered at the scene a few hours later. Poor Sarah said one of the farmers while tears came running on his face. I can’t believe myself that we used to meet with the suspected murderer every evening at the Alehouse. We were sitting on the same table with a murderer, the Alehouse owner was right last night that something happened to Sarah. He was right and no one of us took notice of what he was saying, we were laughing and enjoying drinking ale and poor Sarah was dealing with a horrible situation. Mariah was on the scene too with other woman of the countryside, she looked very sad, who can tell that  I lived with Jack for all those years and today I am experiencing this tragedy in our countryside. She went to ask a policeman who was the murderer because she still can’t believe that Jack done such a thing. Please Madame said the policeman all we know is the woman who was shot and killed was found buried, and please move away from the yellow crime scene tape. Another policeman came and removed Mariah from the scene, please move away it is the most important aspect of evidence collection and preservation to protect the crime scene said the policeman.

Mariah moved back near the other women, did you discover anything about this horrible story said one of the women? No I am feeling healthless and tired I am going back home. Mariah arrived at her farm house very sad, dejected, disappointed, bummed, devastated, depressed, gloomy, melancholy, like she have a storm cloud hanging over her head, speechless, wide-eyed, looks around in disbelief. The weather condition changed in dark clouds, thunder, lightening, wind, and pelting rain. The door knocked and Mariah slowly went to the door, opened and a police officer politely said, good morning Madame. Detective Brown began to investigating the case of the country side murder and he would like to question you. Yes come in please said Mariah. Mr. Brown sat near Mariah on a couch and the police officer stand near the sitting room door. “We (officers) are like used car salesman.  But instead of selling a junky car to someone, we have to sell the idea that confessing is the best thing to do.” said the detective. He asked her many questions about Jack, she told him from day one she met Jack, the way they lived until she divorced him. Well, thank you for your collaboration and if there be a need I talk to you again. Good day and the detective and the police officer left the farmhouse. Since then the investigator have interviewed more than fourthy people but the prime witness is the Alehouse owner, he made a signed statement.

Cases like these involve plenty of work for the police department. Murder is a great tragedy for the survivors of the victim and society in general, and it is taken very seriously by law enforcement. Murder investigations are launched in any suspicious death, and a series of precise steps are followed during murder investigations while evidence is collected and suspects are interviewed so that the case can successfully be brought to court and prosecuted. Law enforcement officials who participate in murder investigations are specially trained so that they know how to handle and process evidence, protect a crime scene, and ultimately testify in court, if necessary.

All murder investigations start with the murder itself, which is usually reported by someone who comes across the victim. The person who finds the victim is asked to remain on site, and a law enforcement team arrives at the scene, along with a medical team. The first thing that occurs on any murder site is verification that the victim is actually dead. Usually paramedics arrive first, followed by the coroner, who pronounces death and turns the scene over to law enforcement. Next, an officer is put in charge of the murder investigation, and he or she sets about securing the scene to minimize contamination of evidence. An officer in charge has usually had prior experience with murder investigations.

The detective and his assistance visited Jack at the hospital. A doctor responsible of the ward was asked by the investigators how Jack’s condition is. He is calm and stable, but he needs psychiatric attention and treatment. You mean he is insane said detective Brown. That was my opinion you better consult with a professional psychiatric doctor that specializes in mental health care and can prescribe medications. Family doctors often prescribe medications for mental health concerns, but do not have specialized training or background in treatment mental disorders. I hope you understand my point said the ward doctor. Can we talk to him said the detective? Please for this moment you better not, he is tired and considered as poor health of the mind. Tomorrow we are going to transfer him to a Psychiatric hospital where he can be treated under a Psychologist.  Last night he stated that all the murders in the country side were his responsibility and in the same time he starts laughing. Mr. Brown, he is a sick man, before you go to conclusion you better speak to the Psychologist when Jack is at the Psychiatric hospital.  Thank you doctor for your help good day said the detective.

On his way back the detective with his assistance said, if the Psychologist fined out that Jack is an insane person the law says a confession by a mentally disordered offender may be excluded and mentally incompetent to stand trial. Well from our side the police department must finish all the work and have all the evidence that Jack committed this crime than court of justice will decide if the convicted person can or cannot stand for trial. Than we had to continue investigate on the other crimes of those women who was murdered in the fields, what Jack says in hospital that he is responsible for all the murders we must take account of this statement. 

That evening at the Alehouse the atmosphere was melancholy. Usually after such a tragic experience, you will have a time of shock. It's normal to feel emotionless, from the shock. It's like being hurt physically. The pub owner said to the farmers, today I am going to close earlier because I don’t feel well after all this terrible story. We were very close and I was very fond of her. And I know that she was very fond of me too.

After six months of murdering Sarah, Jack was in good health that police can get him to court to have the right to a fair trail. The Psychologist certified Jack that he is in good health, presenting a written statements and certificate to the court that he is competent to stand trial. Now if the jury finds him guilty of the crime he will be sentenced to the jail time that the judge decides.

An autopsy report on Sarah, who was shot and killed, determined that she was shot in the back, and a medical examiner ruled her death a homicide. The police have the evidence to prove murder, such as a shot gun with his fingerprints and traces of blood of the victim on his body, and Jack Confessed with the police that he committed all the crimes in a written statement. His lawyer has investigated this with him and the Police investigated to see if the murders facts match his stories.  So there was enough evidence to take Jack to trial. Now is the court decision when Jack is going to stand trial for the killings of those innocent people.

Criminal trials follow a uniform set of procedures. So for Jack fair trail is going to involve many legal processes and procedures in the trial.

Jury selection began Monday in the case of the stabbing death of three women and a child and murder by a shot gun his partner Sarah. He was arrested after Sarah was found buried and dead near her barn, Jack is charged with first-degree murders. The trial is expected to begin Friday. March, 1962. The state agreed not to seek the death penalty in the case Jack is found guilty.

Time passes by and the jury convicted Jack of murdering these human beings. On April 1962, after 10 hours of deliberation, the 4-woman, 3-man jury reached its decision. They found Jack had committed 1st Degree murders. So the Supreme Court abolished the death penalty in the state and the defendant is going to serving life sentence in prison. With three dozen people in the public gallery in Superior Court, Justice Paul asked the foreperson to read out the jury’s verdict. “Guilty of first-degree murders as charged Jack cried out and burst into tears.

There shouldn't even have to be a trial for these murders. I wished the jury could just stand up and say "GUILTY AS HELL"!!!!! What a waste of time and money to have trials for such obvious murders! Ridiculous, I know, I know ... everyone deserves a fair trial....... everyone's innocent until proven guilty said one of the people in the public gallery.  

The farmer who witness what he saw at the valley that Jack murdered a woman and her child is in big trouble with his wife and the rest of his family because Jack has witness in court that he caught Sarah in bed having sex with the farmer. As already know this farmer confessed with Sarah that he saw this terrible murder at the valley. Discovering that her husband has had an affair is one of the most difficult news any wife has to face. The farmer having an affair with another woman, his wife knew’ about it from the witness in court. Oh, Christ, she said I don't know if there are words enough in the English language to describe what all I am feeling, I am hurt, shocked, heartbroken, furious, traumatized, terrified, I am betrayed, and humiliated by someone I loved, helped him in his work, I have done every thing for him to see him happy.  She cried out and burst into tears. What would I do if I leave him, what about my children? And many more questions went in her mind, why he done this to me? He must give me a good reason why he humiliated me. It is important to choose a time and a place where there will be no distractions. Then it's essential to establish real contact with my husband. "I need an honest answer to the question I'm about to ask I need to know the truth.


That evening the farmer returned home like a dog carries its tail between its legs, this means that he was very upset and scared. His wife nearly looked at him, ready from your work she asked. Yes I am ready replied the farmer. Where are the children? He said to his wife. Why you are asking for your children, you humiliated us with everyone, you must be shy of your self, and you cheated me, why, give me an answer, after all these years, when was the last time you did something special to make your family happy? Tell me and she cried out and burst into tears. Listen said the farmer after dinner I am going to confess with you, I feel guilty for all the things I have done.

What dinner she says, do you think I was capable to cook your dinner, I am traumatized, I can’t keep on my feet, and I am feeling sick. If you want to eat something there is fresh cheese, butter and tomatoes and country bread. After you have your meal we must talk, I want to know the whole truth than I decide the future for me and my children. She had some coffee to calm her nerves. She sat down on an old couch; and prayed to God to help her out of this situation. Her husband now he has to face the music.


Cheating you was the biggest mistake of my life':  it was only once having sex with Sarah admits the farmer as he said I still love you and I want to repair and save our marriage. Guilt sucks the life off anyone said the farmer. Please forgive me for what I have done. I was shocked and my heartbeat increased. I could not believe my ears and it was a miracle that I returned home safely said his wife. However, regardless of what happened, I still love you; I still want to trust you and continue to respect you said his wife with tears running on her checks. She added forgiveness is something I believe in with all my heart. I forgive others and have been forgiven many times. God wants us all to be forgiving just as he has forgiven us. She hugged her husband and said God will help us rebuild our marital relationship.  

Jack faces potential whole-life jail term for 'horrific' killings, Murderer given whole-life' prison term without parole, meaning he will never leave jail. As Jack was dragged to a waiting prison van outside the Court to begin his life term, there were shouts of 'b******'' aimed at him from a waiting crowd. Jack the first day arriving at the Reception Centre was provided an orientation packet. He was fingerprinted and photographed. Then he was assigned to a unit. The Unit Sergeant provides him a verbal overview of the unit's rules and regulations. Once you get to prison, you have to join a gang. You have no choice. Jack knows this from people who spend long time in prison.

His friend George was duty on the day Jack arrived at the state prison, oh my God he said to himself he is Jack. While George was cleaning one of the corridors Jack walked with two prison guards to take him in his cell. George had a quick look at Jack; his feelings of surprise had shocked him. I can’t believe my eyes and my self that Jack done these horrible things in his life. He continued with his work but he looks like a person who escapes into a world of fantasy. Hi George said a prison guard, what are you thinking? You look worried today. If something is worrying you or you feeling sick tell me maybe I can help you. No said George I am ok, just a headache that’s all. Ok than if you want some aspirins for your headache come in our office and we can provide you some said the guard. Thanks replied George. George continued with his work and after an hour cleaning the corridor cells he saw Jack in his cell resting his face on his hands. George moved slowly near the prison cell and with a low voice called Jack. What the hell you’ve done, I never thought that I am going to see you here with tears running on his face, I am really sorry for you I know you as a respectful and gentlemen to women, but I was wrong. You are the one who murdered those innocent people, I never thought that today I am going to meet with Jack that I know, I am sorry but from now on I don’t know you, shame on you, now you must pay for all your wrong doings till death in this prison. George went on with his work with a broken heart feeling sorry for he has discovered that Jack committed all these crimes that it never crossed his mind that he his going to meet with this miserable murderous person that he knew. After George moved away from the prison cell Jack tried to say something but his tongue hung in his mouth like a dried fruit on a tree.

At the funeral murder victim Sarah held in parish church, mourners gathered in the country side parish church to celebrate the life of murder victim. "How could someone with so much hearty for life be gone?" asked the Alehouse owner a close friend of Sarah, during tearful remarks early in the service. "I just want everybody to know that she is still here," he said. He read a poem with the opening lines: "Some things in life make no sense at all / Devils walk and angels fall." Chaplin James Owen told those assembled that despite the pain and sorrow of the occasion, "We are also here today to celebrate and honour Sarah life." As he spoke, reading a passage from Psalms, candles flickered and mourners cried softly. The altar was flanked by two small evergreen trees and a large picture of a smiling Sarah in sunglasses. At the end of the service the Chaplin bless the coffin and said some reassuring words from the Bible. 'I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies,' says the Lord. Than the Chaplin said the last prayer and offered the corpse to God's love and mercy. Sarah’s remains were buried at St John’s Cemetery nearby the country side. The mourners on their way back to their home passed there comments about the funeral, such a sad and terrible day said Mariah, I really feel sorry for Sarah.

First day in prison cell Jack is in a home in hell, a 7-by-9-foot concrete cell, no windows, heavy metal door with 8-by-16-inch flap for access. The prison has approximately 200 cells of problem inmates -- sick and shouting 24 hours a day.  He is charged in the first-degree murders, Jack is not just in prison, but confined to a “special management unit.” He is kept away from other inmates because of his high profile. He started off in the medical unit, where doctors evaluated his mental health. For one hour a day, Jack gets to breathe fresh air and maybe get some sunshine surrounded with a fence made of strong wire net. He does sit-ups, knee bends, and push-ups on the concrete floor, according to prison authorities. When night falls Jack took few deep breaths to calm his nerves, he closed his eyes. That’s when it began. A low moan echoed through the cell. He opened his eyes slowly. Jack searched for the strange sound barely audible [speaking between the teeth]. He heard it again; he is experiencing weird things, he saw an angelic looking woman sitting in a chair next to his bed. She was looking over him with a beautiful smile on her face with a White flowing dress on. He stared at her for a long time after saying, "Sarah, is that you?" Again a low moan echoed through the cell, Yes she told him, I am Sarah, you have been caught, you had a fair trail in court and sentenced for life in prison, it allows my spirit to be released and ascend into the spirit world. He was shocked and frightened; know he realized what bad and wrong doings he done. He cried and felt sorry for all those innocent human beings that he brutally killed. By spending whole life in prison I am not going to rest my body and soul. Heaven is not my home, now I had to spend my life in hell to pay my debts with these innocent people. Again Jack starts hearing weeping, giggling and whispering coming from inside the prison cell walls. He is being tormented by ghosts and why are they doing this? He tried to ignore all this but a voice of a gentle woman whispered, God will forgive everybody, God said that although your life seems permanently stained with horrible sins, he can clean you as white wool. This is the power of Jesus precious blood that cleans our sins away.  I am the good" ghosts" (spirits) sent to you by God. Pray to God and He will release you from guilt. Once you repent the guilt lifts and you feel relieved and joyful that your sins have been forgiven.

Jack said I will repent from all my sins and tomorrow I will ask if I can meet with the prison Chaplin for spiritual teaching, counselling and guidance.

In many ways, state prison Chaplin’s duties are similar to those of a priest or minister in a church or other ministerial setting. A chaplain provides spiritual growth and education programs for inmates, counsels inmates preparing for release, coordinates special programs, such as seminars and family programs and trains volunteers. A chaplain spends considerable time circulating through the prison, making him self available when needed to listen or counsel inmates or staff. A chaplain arranges emergency phone calls for inmates, notifies inmates of deaths of family members, attends funerals and provides grief counselling to inmates who have experienced loss.

At the Alehouse the farmers kept their tradition that each evening meet and have couple of ale and relax after a hard day of work in their fields and farms. Although the atmosphere at the pub wasn’t like it used to be, as we know everybody was shocked experiencing the case of trauma and violent death of Sarah. This trauma affected our life style system in different ways, and life must go on as before said the pub’s owner. You are right said one of the farmers, we can’t do anything.

Few days later after George knew that Jack committed those crimes and saw him in prison he went to Mr. Salvatore slaughterhouse and “meat”-processing factory for a short visit. Good morning George said Mr. Salvatore, it’s nice to see again, and would you like some coffee or tea? No thanks replied George. What about your friend Jack, I heard about the terrible story crimes that he committed from the news and from some friends of mine. Listen Mr.Salvatore, if I knew that he was a criminal man, for sure I wouldn’t bring him here and ask you to give him a job. He was my friend but now he is not, those days I knew him, he was a gentleman and he is coming from a good respected family. Only he can tell why he committed all those terrible crimes, please Mr.Salvatore doesn’t blame me that I brought this irresponsible person in your property. Hi George I am not blaming you, I know what kind of person you are, please I just asked about your ex friend because I knew you work in prison. I saw him alright and I made a hard statement to him, I was very clear that I don’t know him. You mean you talked to him said Salvatore. Yes said George, it was a small conversation, I knew that he felt very shy in front of me the way I talked to him, he didn’t said a single word. Now he must pay for what he done, in prison is not an easy way of living. You are right George, he must pay for his wrong doings but those innocent women and a child are six feet under the ground. God bless their souls said Salvatore. Well George I hope you will come visit me from time to time and before you leave here are some money for you to buy anything you like for your family. These are not some money, two hundred pounds are some money, no please I am not going to take all of these money for nothing, said George. Nothing said Salvatore; I think you have a short memory. You saved my son when he was sick in hospital, he was saved with the blood you donated him, how can I pay you, do you think that I was going to buy my son life with money? Thank you George and I am not going to forget what you have done with my son, you saved his life, please take the money. Thank you said George; I will come to give you a visit during Christmas season and I bring with me a good bottle of Scotch whiskey.

Now at the country side farmers came with the idea that Sarah’s barn will be converted as a small chapel for prayer and worship God. As they where discussing this issue at the Alehouse as we know, normally most of the farmers meet there every evening relaxing and have couples of beer, the alehouse owner said, please don’t go to any conclusions or make these ideas as a fact because there is lot of work to do. I may ask who of you is going to take this job in his hands. As you know the barn isn’t ours, it belongs to Sarah, we have to see if there is or there is not a will or testament. When a person dies, his/her property passes to his/her personal representative. The personal representative then has the duty to distribute the deceased's money and property in accordance with the law, the will - if there is one - or the laws of intestacy if there is no will. Well said one of the farmers we better forget this story because none of us is going to go in this hassle, we have enough work to do, the best thing to do is that each year we remember Sarah with a Mass offered on the anniversary of her death and honour the memory and offer prayers in suffrage for her. Well now we agreed on this issue and we can change this subject said the pub owner.

A well built young man entered in the pub and all the farmers looked at each other, whispering in the ears, who is he, he is not from here. It was Friday night when a stranger took a sit in the alehouse”.  The man approached the bartender to pour in a glass of beer. He had long brown hair and it was obvious that he hadn’t shaved in three days. He had blue eyes and was estimated at 1.88 metres. He was dressed in a black shirt with long sleeves which covered his arms. His jacket was dark brown and he wore blue jeans.  The young man sat on a stool at the corner of the pub than he removed his hat, from his trousers pocket he took out some coins. Here is your beer said the pub owner. Thank you, he paid and went back sitting without saying a word. One of the farmers ordered more beer for his friends and offered a beer to the stranger. Hi mister come and sits down here with us, you are not from this area, and it is the first time we saw you in this pub asked the farmer. You are right I am not from here, I came from the nearby village and I am seeking a job. Why you choose this place for seeking a job? In the country side all you can fined agriculture, and farming cultivation of animals, plants, and other life forms for food. But we make a happy, healthy living here. We have always had a handful of people work for us through the summer but in winter even though there is snow on the ground and not many machines out in the field that doesn’t mean farmers aren’t working hard, I am sorry to say in winter we don’t employ people to work for us. Another farmer said to this stranger, but by the way what is your name? My name is Max. Let me ask you something, why you choose this place to seek a job? There are plenty of industrial factories out side the countryside; you can make a better future. I tell you this, farmers love to watch and nurture the growth of plants. They love to live in the presence of animals. They love to work outdoors. They love the weather, maybe even when it is making them miserable. It is hard work, takes a lot of responsibility, and is certainly not an easy money-making venture either.

Max puts his hat on his head, he stands up from were he was sitting and said, thank you gentlemen it was nice that I met you, at least I found out were my sister used to work and than he looked at Sarah photo in a old wooden frame that was hanged on the wall by  the Alehouse owner. With a big surprise on their face all the farmers and the pub owner couldn’t believe what they heard. Yes Sarah is my sister; my mother had a sexual relationship with a married man while he was married. From this relation Sarah was born. I lived a life in a single parent household, as you know a single parent is the parent who takes care of her children without the physical assistance of the other biological parent in the home. This helped the woman by giving her each week money and food secretly that she can live and raise her children. For all these years my mother kept this secret, my father died; he died at the age of 32 years. After five years of my father death my mother was very sick and she confessed this secret with me few days before she passed away. She told me the whole story. My mother told me Sarah is your sisters from the same father please take care of her, the angle of death is calling me, I feel very weak and it is time to leave this world. She died few days after she made this statement. I and Sarah cried we lost someone who really loved.

After my mother death things changed, Sarah started to seek for a job in the country side and I found a job in town, I lived with a family they respected me as I was one of them. Now today I discovered that she used to work here. When I heard that Sarah was murdered I decided to come here and live in the barn where my sister use to live. Now I finished alone, my mother and Sarah passed away. So I am living in the barn and I hope live quietly and happy. So gentlemen good night to every body maybe we can meet again that we will know more each other. 

The pub owner and the farmers was very surprised with these news, not in a hundred years they didn’t thought that they are going to hear this story. Well gentlemen I think we had enough time for this evening and we better go back to our families said the pub owner. Yes we better go it is nearly midnight. One of the farmers who were nearly drunk said yes up we go, sex helps me for a good night sleep. The other farmers laughed and passed comments, beer talks says one, we better help him to fined the way back home said the Alehouse owner.  

It was a fine day and Max put his cloths on and left the barn hoping that he will get a job and know more about his sister murder and what was the exactly motive why she was killed. While he was passing bye a women ran into him causing her almost to fall on her back. Max had a great reflection and was able to catch her. She was beautiful, long brown hair, brown eyes, about 1, 70 metres and she had a body most women would kill for. When she opened her eyes, her face was turning red.  Four whole seconds she was in his arms, strong arms, and looked straight into his eyes. They infiltrated her brain. It was obvious she would never forget his face. “Thank you”, she said. Then he got her on her feet and she was very close to him. “Are you okay?” was the entire words he asked at first. “Yeh, I guess so. May I ask what is your name said Max? Blanca she replied and yours? My name is Max. “We meet again”, Max said. Blanca didn’t say a word. Well said Max have a good day and watch your step and with a polite and complementary word he whispered in her ears I don’t want you to get hurt. Her angle eyes looked at him and said I will take care, good bye.

Max start thinking why Blanca ran on him causing her almost to fall on her back, may be to bring attention on her he asked to him self. Well better not to think about this story he said and he went on his way to get a job in farming.

 Mr.Johnson the Alehouse owner was passing bye make the routine walk in the countryside. The countryside is mostly rather beautiful; some sights can just take his breath away! Few meters away from him he saw Max coming the opposite way. Good morning Sir said Max to the pub owner. Sir you said, Sir is my foot said Mr. Johnson to Max. My name is Johnson the alehouse owner. Well Max, yesterday after I closed my pub I was thinking, always if you like, to work with me at the alehouse, I think it is good time that we can talk that by incident we met here. What kind of work you are offering said Max. I can offer you that in the morning you will clean and tidy up the pub and receive the deliveries which will be needed to run the pub and in the evenings you will come and help me serving beer to my customers, in this case my customers are farmers during working days and on Sundays some farmers come with there families enjoy the evening together. What do you thing said Johnson to Max. Well I never thought that I am going to get a job so quickly, thank you for your offer, if you are ready to pay me reasonable wage I will accept the job. Leave it in my hand you want be sorry, in respect of your sister Sarah I am going to treat you well. May I ask you a question about my sister Sarah said Max, yes of course replied Johnson, tell me. What was exactly the motive why my sister was murdered? I know that she cheated her friend, she had affair with a farmer but I think that was not all that the murderer committed this murder because she cheated him. Listen Max, Jack who murdered your sister is serving life in prison and the only motive was that Sarah knew that Jack murdered a child and a woman and when your sister knew all this she was very angry with Jack and told him to give up and go to the police. Jack murdered your sister because he knew that Sarah will not keep the secret of killing those innocent human beings. This was the witness of Jack in court. Please Max let Sarah soul live in peace, life must go on and think only about your future said Johnson. One day I will go and visit Jack in prison said Max. What for? Tell me what you have in mind. I am ready to forgive him, from that day I heard that my sister was murdered I couldn’t rest my heart in peace, so people like Jack need to be helped. He is going to spend his life in prison for what he had done; I know he is in hell. You are more than a gentleman said Johnson and from where you know that Jack is living in hell? I know that prison is not a five star hotel but these people must pay for their mistakes. I know how he is doing in prison from a person I know, George is his name, he works in prison as a cleaner and in the past George and Jack was close friends. George was my neighbour and when I heard that my sister was murdered I told George that the victim was my sister. I cried on that day and I told George Sarah is my blood and he knew the whole story. He told me that in prison Jack has many restrictions on his life in prison, not only the walls of his cell. He spoke about how the people who run the prison make all the decisions for him. “Basically, they run your whole life so you have no say about nothing; he has no rights. Basically when you come in here you have no rights. They’re liable to do anything they want.”No one sentenced to life without parole has ever been released on parole; Prisoners sentenced to life without parole actually remain in prison for the rest of their lives and die in prison. Spending life in prison, growing sick and old, and dying there, is a horrible experience. I asked George if he had any contact with Jack when he is on duty, he replied with anger, no way he is a monster killing innocent people. Well Max said Johnson I think we talked enough for today; do you think you can start your work at the alehouse from today? Yes said Max and thank you for your help and in future I want to know more about my sister Sarah. We will have time and we can speak about your sister, she was a good hearted lady and let her soul live in peace. They had a hard handshake; it was more than just a greeting. It was also a message.

At the country side the very green grass on the gently sloppy hills and between them are valleys through which streams with silver clear water are flowing with almost musical sound. Then I remember the little rivers where I learned to swim along with my friends, and bathing under the shower of small waterfalls. And when it is raining with thunder shower during the day, we were eagerly waiting for it to stop so that the setting sun in the west over the hills made twin rainbows across the sky and the children betting who has gone to fetch a pot of gold at the feet of the rainbows. When it is evening, I remember the birds flying all over the sky trying to find their resting place for the night inside the trees and bamboos bush nearby, and all the time chirping. Then I remember the various stories told by my mother and elder sisters about beautiful fairies, and extinct animals, and sometimes ghastly haunted places nearby which still frightened me today. And in the night an owl hooted mournfully in the distance then I recollect the mowing of cowherds, and the bells tinkling from herd feet. I also recollect running over the hills and wild flowers and tall grass without caring what is happening around us. Blanca, her dream partner reminds her of her childhood, describe Max as the best and most precious Angel in her life. Someone that would stand by me, cuddle me close, we do everything together, The Best Friends that loved each other dearly, and I want us to be the couple to be remember. The couple that lived a real happy ending and fought for each other. Words aren’t enough to describe the dream man she knows he makes me speechless. Every word he says is like a heaven of a cloud that floats within me and sets my fears and pain free and far away.

Blanca you don’t seem like yourself and I’m wondering are you ok? Her mother said. Yes I am ok replied Blanca, just remember those beautiful days when I was a child running in the valley, those where the days she whispered. Listen Blanca, is there anything that is worrying you, if so please let’s talk and feel free, I am your mother, what’s been happening? Blanca took a deep breath and looked at her mother, I met with a young man, his eyes infiltrated my brain, and he is nice and gentle. Blanca , please don’t run to fast , in a short time like this you can not tell what kind of person is he, don’t forget what happened at our country side, innocent people was murdered said her mother . Are you going to meet with him? Her mother asked. No we didn’t make any date. Oh Blanca my child don’t count the chicks before they are hatched. If he is interested in you he will do all he can to meet you again. Please come with me and help me to prepare dinner that when your father and brother be back home they will fined something to eat.  

The first day at a new job is critical for making the right impression. But Max is a hard working man and for him working in a beer pub at the country side was a piece of cake. Max is a down to earth person and he has enough knowledge how to threat his customers; most of these customers are farmers. That evening the farmers met at the beer pub as normally do. They were very pleased with Jack and one of the farmers turned on Max and said, now you know how is our life in the countryside, after a hard day of work we come here to enjoy few hours together, so make sure you will enjoy it to. As you know Mr. Johnson always treated you more than customers and I am going to treat you more than friends. Beer for every body said one of the farmers and don’t forget to bring roasted nuts on the tables it goes well with a good chilled mug of beer. That evening the beer pub was full with the countryside farmers. Max was doing well, serving his customers, washing the empty beer mugs and do what is needed in the pub. It was nearly mid-night and most of the farmers had their last mug of beer and start moving back to their home.

Well Max you gave me a very good impression of you the way you handled the pub to-night, now we can have a couple of beer and nibble some cheese and biscuits after this busy evening said Mr.Johnson. Here Max this is for you, it was a good evening and he handled him a five pound note. No said Max, it is too much, for a five pound note people had to work nearly half a week to earn that money. Listen Max from this type of business I am doing good profit, so I feel guilty if I don’t give you what is yours, you done a good job, keep on going like this and you will have a good future in this pub. At the end of each week you will get your weekly pay. Thank you there is no other words to express my self for all you done with me.  Max as you know I have no family and what I have in mind I will let you know when the right time comes. I would like to ask you something Mr.Johnson said Max. Yes please feel free I am ready to hear. I am going to visit Jack in prison, I want him to suffer more for what he done to my sister. Listen Max you are not going to bring your sister back in this world by making Jack suffer more than he is suffering in prison. And what you have in your mind to make him more suffer, please don’t go in any trouble, Sarah is resting in peace and for sure she wish you well. Listen Max I know how you feel when you think about what happened to your sister but you must move forward, As I said in my statement, it’s understandable to feel hopeless and powerless at a time like this. It’s also understandable to look for someone to blame. Max, start a new life, build up a family, I am ready to give you my support, please don’t do any stupid things. Now as we know Jack is serving life in prison without parole sentence, simply because it puts the killer away forever. You are right said Max, let’s go home and thank you for your advice.

In prison at 5:30 each morning by the night warder, who clanged a brass bell at the head of the corridor and yelled, Wake up! Get up! Jack has always been an early riser and this hour was not a burden to him. Although the prisoners were roused at 5:30, they were not let out of there cells until 6:45, by which time they were meant to have cleaned there cells and rolled up there mats and blankets. Another day said Jack, same routine, working in the laundry cleaning other inmate’s cloths, always waiting for a good fight between the prison gangs. Although Jack was a criminal person he always avoid arguments with other inmates because he knew that if he loose his temper he want think it twice to finish someone off. At least three inmates and a correction officer were injured in a prison yard a large-scale fist fight this week. All were treated at the prison hospital. It is a clear indication of the violent culture that exists in this prison.

You can imagine sitting alone in dark cell waiting for the next day; every time having fear to get beaten up by somebody who just has the mood to fight or thinks you have made a joke of him; being screamed by a warden most of the time; realizing that your life has chanced or not jet realized; having no friends, always being alone…
I would never survive with these conditions for one week.
There came up the question whether it is necessary to treat inmates this way, but I forgot that the prisoners who are treated like this are murderer, rapist and other criminals. On the one hand you can say they deserve to be treated in such a hard way in the hope they will chance them-selves or see their guilt. A murderer for example who is proud of what he has done, don’t see his guilt and would do a crime or murder every time again. These people deserve a punishment. Moreover he wouldn’t even obey when you‘ll say him politely that it would be great if he goes back into his cell.
But on the other hand you see some prisoners who regret their deeds. Of course they have to be punished for their faults. They are for sure in prison, but because of the psyche burden methods and the physic pain, the prisons reduce the chance of a normal life after the sentence. If an inmate tries to start a new life after the time in prison, but he just can act after orders like he learned in the imprisonment, he’ll never work as an independent worker.
It is hard to imagine being an inmate in prison becoming a normal citizen after you have lived so much pain and saw so many fears.


Although Max gave his word to Mr.Johnson that he will not go to visit Jack in prison still he decided to go. She is my sister and I want him to make his life more miserable in prison. Max made all the arrangements with the prison authorities that he can visit Jack. He kept this appointment for himself secretly. Max fixed the date on Monday morning that he can go for this visit without any body will know.

The day of the visit came and Max arrived at the prison. After he was checked that he can visit Jack, he was instructed to go in the visiting room. It's just a long low table with a wall down the middle where people talk through the glass. Jack was informed that a visitor is in the visiting room and the prison officer handcuffed Jack and took him to the visiting area.

Max was sitting behind the glass wall waiting for the moment to see who his sister murderer was. He felt angry but he kept his nerves under control. It is going to be a big surprise for Jack because when he asked the officer who is the one who came here to visit him the reply was a friend of yours. The door of the visiting room was opened by a prison officer and Jack entered, he looked at the glass wall to see who came to visit him. Jack was confused; he didn’t saw anyone he knows. Officer asked Jack who is the visitor? The prison officer pointed out his finger at Max, he is the one said the officer. I don’t know him said Jack. Anyway he is the one who requested to visit you, move on; you have only thirty minutes for this visit and don’t ask any more questions said the office with a rough voice. Jack sits down facing Max and promptly asked who are you, do we met before? No replied Max, I came here to see you, to see personally my sister murderer. For this answer Jack felt sick and very nervous. Sarah never mentioned that she had a brother, you are a big lair. Lair said Max, if you have the guts speak with your friend George, he works here at this prison, where you are going to spend your life here, die and buried here without dignity. Tell me why you murdered my sister; after she gave herself to you, tears came down running down his checks, you are going to live your whole life in misery and pain and I am going to do all my effort to see you suffer till you die, you must pay for all those innocent people you murdered, by staying closed behind bars is not enough you must suffer more that that you miserable murderer. Jack with a loud voice called the officer; take me back to my prison cell I heard enough from this unknown visitor. Jack looked at Max’s eyes and said, thanks God I can not reach you because of this glass wall. What do you mean, kill me the same way you killed my sister, not even God is going to forgive for all the things you done. The prison officer picks up Jack from his arm and pushes him to the visiting room door. Let’s go were you belong and stop shouting or else I will shut you out with this baton [a stick 11 inches in length made of wood]. Max left the visiting room and picked up his belongings from the security office and went on his way back home.

Jack on his way back to the prison cell saw George cleaning one of the prison corridors, he wished to stop and say something to him but the prison officer push Jack with the baton pressed on his back. After a while they reached near the prison cell, open the door cell said the officer to the other prison officer in charge of all the prison cell keys of that section. Move in and next time when someone comes to visit you behave yourself like human being if you are human and pushed Jack very roughly into the prison cell. Jack sat down on his bed holding his head with his hands and he wished to shout and steam out his body. Inside of him he heard someone telling him, this is the beginning of your sufferings, until death you will curry all the consequences you done in your life. He laid his head on the pillow hearing noises, A very confusing feeling passes through him after hearing Max said to him, you must suffer till you die. The trauma of being locked inside a prison for life effect his system, it is very hard to imagine, but the most suffering, and Jack is the feelings inside of his body. How can I forget, I hurt many people. Come on Jack the voice of the prison officer came from the prison cell door, lets go on your work and be good or else you will fined your self isolated in another cell live in a dirty cell full of rats. Jack wasn’t feeling well and after he went out of his prison cell he felt on the floor unconscious. The officer called for help that one of the inmates felt down on the floor and need medical assistance. Immediately Jack was taken at the prison clinic. From medical tests Jack need treatment for his nervous breakdown and the psychiatric doctor ordered the prison authorities that for six weeks he will be treated in a psychiatric hospital.

Max arrived at the countryside, he took a deep breath and sat on a wooden bench looking over the surrounding countryside. He took a cigarette out of the box. He tapped the cigarette a couple of times. He tore a match out of the matchbox. He lit the match to the end of the cigarette. He inhaled. Smoke entered his mouth. He took the cigarette out of his mouth, exhaled. A big cloud of smoke filled the area, Max watched the smoke disappear. He felt relaxed. Time to go at the barn said Max and prepares something to eat. The barn wasn't very far from where he was and less than twenty minutes he found himself near his house. His barn seems almost like a house, for Max living on his own was more than enough. He organized his little house nicely and in winter it is very cosy when the weather is very cold. While he was preparing his meal he thought of Jack, if he didn’t killed my sister, may be she is preparing my lunch, but that was her destiny. After he had his lunch he the early afternoon brings a drop in energy levels, but ... by having a short nap Max can help himself thinking more clearly improve his memory, and makes him more attentive and alert for the evening at the alehouse.

Max was at the alehouse in the evening preparing all things in place that when the same bunch of farmers comes to the pup he will be ready to serve them. Max really dedicates himself for this job. All the beer mugs are shiny cleaned and the bar counter is well organized, never before was tidy as it is now. Mr. Johnson was very happy and proud, Max upgraded his pup and everybody noticed that, infect the farmers told the pup owner that he done good investment in Max.

Hello Max said Johnson, are you ok? Yes yelled Max, I am fine. Max today is a special day for the countryside farmers, is the feast of Isidore the Labourer, also known as Isidore the Farmer, known for his piety toward the poor and animals. He is the Catholic patron saint of farmers and of Madrid. His feast day is celebrated on today 15 May. Only here in this locality this feast is celebrated? Jack asked. No said Johnson one of the most celebrated holidays in Madrid Chili, Peru, Philippines, Honduras, and United States and in other countries. What I know about this Saint is St. Isidore is a reminder of the dignity of work, and that ordinary life can lead to holiness. Our customers celebrate the day by drinking and share there food in the name in his honour. Well Jack today you can see farmers with their wife and children celebrate this feast and really you are going to enjoy it. Well Jack celebrations begin at 18.00 hours with a Mass, followed by a procession and than our community celebrate this feast and this evening will be a special day for us. Well said Jack it is very interesting I am really happy because I never thought that I am going to be part of this feast. You are great said Johnson with a nice smile on his face; he looked very proud and happy. At that moment Jack felt something inside of him that at that moment he couldn’t explain why Johnson looked so happy and proud. Well I better see that everything is in place before the Alehouse will be packed with our customers.

After the Mass the pup was packed with people, everybody seems they are enjoying these celebrations. I can tell you that the tables was full of food which the farmers brought with them, roasted chickens, cuts of lamb, cheese, roasted nuts, fresh fruits and many more food items you can think.

One of the farmers shouted please silence; we must thank God we are gathered here for this celebration of our patron St. Isidore and after, we eat and drink in the honour of our beloved saint and our friend Sahra. Let say a small prayer said the farmer.  Holy Isidore, we ask your prayerful aid in the cultivation of the fields of our hearts. Help us through God’s grace to grow in holiness and accept the grace-filled opportunities God gives to us in our work, our marriages and our everyday lives Amen. Jack was very surprised when he heard the name of Sarah, these people still remembering her he whispered. Johnson helps Jack serving beer and other drinks and folklore music starts. The atmosphere at the ale house was a big feast, everybody share food which the wife’s farmers had prepared and beer was being drunk so quickly Jack and Johnson was already tired serving beer after one hour the party started, everybody was thrilled to host the feast. The place was so crowed Max could barely walk to serve beer for the customers.


Blanca was there too with her family sharing a table with other farmers. She was enjoying herself and when she saw Max serving beer she was surprised, oh my God he is here. Her mother and father asked promptly who is here. Blanca looked at her mother and without the lips moving she spoke in order to be heard and understood by no-one only by her mother. Max is here the man I met at the country side. Well my child said the mother, if he still remembers you he will come and at least he will say hello. But as soon her mother finished a young handsome man came with more beer for the gathered farmers on the table where Blanca was there. He put the beer mugs on the table and moved near Blanca, Hello I am really glad that you are here; he wished to speak more but he had work to do. Max bend his head and said Blanca I need to talk to you for a while after the feast party finish, enjoy yourself I hope I will see you. Yes we need to talk and she looked at her parents with a smiling look. “Yes, he is very good looking and very nice man said her mother. It was nearly midnight and the crowd started to return back home, every body has something to say, they celebrated this feast with joy and dignity. Now the alehouse was nearly empty and Mr. Johnson was very happy that evening, first he was satisfied with the service he gave to his customers and the way Max handled his clients. But most of all that evening he had a good return from his business. Johnson called Max, come my son I would like to talk to you. Please talk to me later I have something more important this moment and he went to meet Blanca. Max and Blanca moved near the pup’s door and with a smile on her face Blanca said to Max, talk I am waiting. Blanca you stole my heart the first minute I saw you, can we meet and start a true love relation ship? Yes said happily Blanca we meet tomorrow the same place and same time where we met the first time when I was going to fall on the ground and a strong handsome man saved me from getting hurt. OK said Max, you really made me happy, so you too made me happy.


Now only Max and Johnson were left in the alehouse, the tables are empty from customers and the place smells funky, after all that beer was drunk, cheese and different food was eaten during the feast party. Johnson prepared to mugs of beer and called Max, come and sit down and we relax for a while after this heavy evening, we clear the place tomorrow morning said Johnson. Tomorrow morning said Max, no I will clean the place to-night because in the morning I had to meet with someone and it is very important meeting. I see, you are going to meet, promptly Max said I am going to meet with a friend and if things go the right way I will build a family, I hope you understand why I can’t clean this place in the morning. Of course I understand and for sure I am ready to help you in all your needs. Than Johnson continued as you know I have no family consider yourself as my son. After we drink this beer we close the alehouse and we go to sleep. In the morning I will bring someone to clear and clean the place. Max it is not right to go and meet with your friend looking tired or sleepy, you do as I said. Thank you I found another father thank you again for everything said Max. Thank you said Johnson, you worked very hard this evening, and here is your weekly pay. I think you had a mistake or you are half asleep said Max, fourthy pounds is not my wage. I know what I am doing I am not mistaken or half asleep, I told you before that I am going to threat you right, if you respect someone you will be respected, now lets go to our bed and rest, the human body cannot survive without sleep.


Six o’clock in the morning and the countryside it was a bright morning, Max waked up from his bed he walked over to the window, He sees the lakes, valleys and mountains, natural beauties of this country side. The lifestyle in a city and in a countryside are very different because there are infrastructures in towns but there are not in countryside, like transports, high buildings that make the landscape very different. In the countryside, it's an agricultural lifestyle; people in countryside tend to be friendlier. Since its small, everybody knows each other. But in towns since it's sometimes so big that people are very distant from each other, there's no real connection. All of these things came up in his mind. Well I better prepare some breakfast and wash my self, I need to go and buy some flowers for my Blanca said Max. Speaking alone, my Blanca exclaimed already made this fact that she is going to be mine but she seems that is in fond of me, I really like her. Max took a bath and he put his best cloths on. He looks handsome, sexy and attractive. He went out from the barn and only he can’t describe how happy he was. Max bought some twelve white roses to give them to Blanca. Arriving at the place where they met, Max saw Blanca that she was there waiting. Both of them looked in each other eyes with a smile and promptly Max said “I have had a fantastic night. I’m feeling on top of the world“. I brought you some flowers; you are beautiful, please except these flowers coming from my heart. Will you marry me said Max. "When he asked her to marry him she was excited: and happy to hear the good news.” Let me think about it said Blanca, she puts her arms around him and with tears running on her face with joy she replied, yes I will marry you and only death do us part. Let’s go for a walk, today is a nice day there's nothing quite like this countryside life that we can talk and know each other said Blanca. Well said Max I am going to tell you my life story and what brings me here. The death of my sister Sarah brought me here and I am the luckiest man I met with you, I felt in love with you the first moment I we met, you are gorgeous, good-looking, attractive, and charming. For these words Blanca felt she is on top of the world. Max thanks for your compliments but I have nothing special from other women. Yes you are special, and I am ready to work hard and you will be my queen and we build a family together. They spend more than two hours walking and they didn’t wasted one single minute of that time, taking about themselves and their families. On their way back they met with Mr.Johnson. Good morning, said Johnson. Max and Blanca Responded back, "Good Morning, nice to see you". It is our first day that we met and we could talk for our better future said Max. I am really happy for both of you, and from my heart I congratulate you to continue this true love relation ship. Thank you they replied back with a smile. Well see you later Max, you found a treasure and take good care of her said Johnson. Thank you for your compliments said Blanca; he took care of me from the first time we met. Johnson took a good handshake to the couple and went on his way. Well it is time to leave said Max and I don’t want you to arrive home late for lunch. No I am not going to be late; my mother knew that I am going to meet with you. Well we meet tomorrow said Max. Yes said Blanca and she put her arms around Max and kissed him on his checks. They went back home like two happy birds sit in a tree and ruffle their feathers.


That evening Johnson said to Max, I know Blanca family very well, her father and mother are very respected people and for sure are going to treat you as one of their family member, so as you know I have no family and when you get married to Blanca I will transfer this business on you that you can take good care of your future wife and you will have enough money to raise your future family. Max couldn’t believe what he just heard. Thank you said Max you are more than a father, how I am going to repay you back. I told you I am going to treat you right, what I want from you is respect me as I respected you.


Time passes bye and after few months Max was part of Blanca family, he became one of the family, respected and loved. Now the whole family know Max’s story in the past, what happened to Sarah and that he was her brother. While having dinner the whole family was enjoying the food which Blanca’s mother prepared Max looked at Blanca and with a low voice said how I am going to thank you and your family for all this, thank you I found more than a family and in future for sure you Blanca are not going to be sorry. Blanca looked at Max and said this family always was united and full of love and respect and for sure we are going to make a good family too. Promptly her father said I always worked hard for this family, I know you are going to work hard and keep your future family happy and give all the needs, support and love to your future wife. So if you choose to live in the country side I already planed to build a new house for you that you can live happily in love with my daughter Blanca, well if both of you decide to live in the country side I start settle all the things needed to build your home. Max looked at Blanca, is it alright for you living in the country side? Yes I wish to live here this place is beautiful, but, stop said Max no buts I love you and I want to live with you here, as I said before I found a new family and only death will take away of this place. Thank you for your offer, to build up a new house it needs plenty of money, but I am not going to let you get all the money from your pocket, Mr. Johnson is paying me good money and after I marry Blanca he is going to transfer the Alehouse in my name that I can raise my family in a good way. For this news all the family was surprised and couldn’t believe what just heard. Blanca looked at Max and said, was he drunk when he told you all this. No Mr. Johnson don’t drink any alcohol, first of all he been suffering from heart problems for long years, and he stated with me he has no family, and he is lucky that he found me, he is treating me as I was his son. The mother and father of Blanca knew very well Mr.Johnson and said he is a man of honour and when he says something he will mean it. Well said Blanca to Max when we are going to get married, promptly Max answered first we build up our nest and than we fix the date. I tell you there was no happy family as this family in the country side.


Time passes bye, Jack regain his health, while he was in the prison laundry a gang leader with a shaved head came on Jack, hey you, do you know who am I? Jack looked in his eyes and said, piss off and let me do my job, I had enough problems in my life. With a rough voice the gang leader said, you will do what I tell you to do or else you will be in big shit. If this gay was tough, Jack was tough too. What is your name? Jack asked. Everybody knows me in this prison, I am the Whitey Bulldog that’s my nickname, and if you want to live in this prison you must be one of my team or else I will kill you, cut you in pieces and burnt in the prison incinerator and nobody will know were you finished, understood. Yes I understood I am ready to be one of your team but with one condition. And what kind of condition is this?  Said the gang leader. You will help me to escape from this prison for few hours to kill someone that I really hate. The gang leader replied to Jack, listen if you think that I am that stupid you are wrong, I will set you free and you never return. No said Jack I will return, outside world is finished for me. With this argument the outside world is finished for you I can not trust you, the gang leader replied with an angry voice and you must do what I tell you to do you miserable inhuman being, I done lot of wrong doings in my life, robbery, living on prostitution, trafficking of drugs and much more but I never killed innocent children and women like you did. For what he just heard Jack his voice was so loud and thunderous that the gang leader didn’t pay attention to what he said, his shining golden eyes had now changed to a dark and gloomy black. His teeth clenched together and his hands rolled up into fists of rage. A fight breaks out between the two inmates; Jack was attacked with a padlock inside a sock as well as with a homemade stabbing tool. The incident was captured on surveillance video. Jack suffered a fractured skull and a punctured lung. Whitey bulldog refused to put his arms behind his back to be handcuffed and attempted to grab the prison officer belt, than the officer tasered the inmate, causing him to fall to the floor, Whitey bulldog was charged of attempted murder and placed in the segregation and Isolation unit after he intentionally disobeyed orders and assault on a prison officer.

Jack is fighting for his life after the fight with Whitey Bulldog Jack underwent surgery and, at last report, was in critical condition where doctors fear for his life. After a week from this incident Jack was pronounced dead by prison medical personnel, he died at 10:10 p.m. That morning on the day of his death, Jack was visited by his friend George. When George heard the news that Jack died he felt sorry for him although in the past he done a statement to Jack that he is no longer his friend. George offered prayers, and he prayed God to forgive his sins, rest in peace Jack, George wiped the tears from his face he pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his noise. The prison officer who was duty at the clinic noticed that George was crying. While George was going out of the ward clinic the officer said to him, you look sad George was Jack Your friend? To be honest with you in the past we were close friends and when I saw him in prison for what he done I shut him out of my life. But today I felt to give him my last visit. Do you forgive a person like Jack after he murdered innocent people asked the officer? By forgiving, you are accepting the reality of what happened and finding a way to live in a state of resolution with it. It doesn't necessarily have to include the person you are forgiving. Forgiveness isn't something you do for the person who killed innocent people; it's something you do for you said George. Private funeral services and burial was held for Jack laid in rest in the prison’s cemetery. Now Whitety Bulldog was being investigated death resulted in a murder charge of Jack. He was expected to be arraigned in court in few days time.


Few people in the country side had heard the news that Jack was murdered in prison by another inmate nick name Whitey Bulldog, but throughout the weekend this story began to spread across the country side. Mr.Johnson and Max was preparing the routine work at the Alehouse, well Max said Mr.Johnson we have everything in place we can take a short break until than we wait for our customers. After a while a small group of farmers entered in the Alehouse, Hello everybody said max, I can tell you had been through a lot to-day. Yes said one of the farmers in this time of the year we will be busy more than normal, but we heard good news about someone everybody knows. Good news said Mr.Johnson is better than bad news. He is death, murdered, promptly Max said who is death and murdered, the other farmers smiled and in one voice they shouted, Jack was murdered in prison by an inmate. Jack is the one who murdered Sarah … said Mr.Johnson and he stopped and looked at Max. He is the one who murdered those innocent people. Well we are going to celebrate his death, brings us the beer and something to nibble said the farmers. Beer was served and Alehouse was packed with the country side farmers and talking about this news of Jack. Laughing and shouting was heard from outside the Alehouse, for long time Max didn’t said a word, he was talking in side himself, rest in peace Jack now God will take care of you, I hope you felt sorry for all you have done in the time you was behind bars. Are you alright said Mr.Johnson to Max, yes I am ok, just remembering that day when I heard that my sister was murdered and today suddenly I heard that the one who killed my sister was murdered in prison. Death is something we all face, young or old, remember to always live your life to the fullest, look forward and think only about your future, in few more time you will get married and the past stay in the past said Mr.Johnson. Suddenly Mariah entered in the alehouse, she looked around and said I came here to say good-bye to you all and give my best regards to your families, as you know my ex husband was found that he brutally killed innocent people in this country side, I thought that I met with the right man and I married him, but I was mistaken, as you know what he done. So I am going to live in the city with a friend her name is Carla and together we are going to make involuntary work with disable children. My farm and all the stuff I had been sold, I am using these money to help these children. So good night to you all and wish you good health, she left the alehouse with tears in her eyes, she is going to miss the country side.


I don't know what else to say said Mr.Johnson I am so surprised that I cannot think of anything to say. She is doing a very good thing, we always thought of our families, work and drinking ale every evening and we never thought about something that we can help others, said one of the farmers. Max raised his voice that all can hear what he is going to say. If you agree once a year we donate some money and give them to Mariah for these children in need. All the farmers agreed with this proposal and they decided that during Christmas Season give there donation the Chaplin of the countryside will handle the donations to Mariah. This is very nice evening said Mr.Johnson, sometimes good comes out of all bad things.

A nice house is being built for Blanca and Max, it is situated in a quiet neighbourhood at the countryside. Sometimes they visit the site, the builder was incredible. He is doing good job that they could have dreamed of. He only built one house at a time and he is on site every day to make sure everything is perfect.  Blanca’s father paid all the money for this new build house ready to live for his daughter and her future husband Max. The house consists of basement, garage with two doors, a living room with fireplace, kitchen, 1 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms one with private bathroom, 2 balconies. Outside a patio area paved sidewalk with gated entry.

The day has come for Max and Blanca, planning an intimate wedding is all about finding elements that are genuine to their relationship and making their closest loved ones feel comfortable. Max and Blanca had these goals in mind. They wanted their day to reflect the culture of their family and their traditional. Mr.Johnson organized everything for this wedding, invitations, church celebrations and the reception. He looked forward for this day, he was really happy, his feelings were emotional, and he loved Max as he was his son.

The big day for Max and Blanca was on the 12th August the day was Saturday. Father’s Blanca was very proud for his daughter entering in the countryside church for the wedding celebration. Max was near the Chaplin with a smile on his face. The church was nicely decorated with white flowers and all the guests wearing their best fittings for this occasion the atmosphere in the church was really beautiful. Mr. Johnson was at the front chairs and tears running on his checks, tears of happiness and joy.

The Chaplin said Words of Gathering God is love, and those who abide in love, abide in God, and God abides in them. This is the day the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in God's presence to witness and to celebrate the marriage of Blanca and Max and to ask God to bless them so that they may be strengthened for their life together. We are called to rejoice in their happiness, and find in their love a reason to renew our own commitments to those whom are near and dear to each of us. God gave us marriage for the full expression of love between a man and a woman so that husband and wife may cherish and delight in one another; comfort and help each other in sickness, trouble and sorrow; provide for each other in temporal things; pray for and encourage each other in the things that pertain to God; and live together faithfully all the length of their days.  

[The Chaplin to the groom]
Max , will you have this Woman to be your wife, and will you promise your life to her in all love and honour, in all duty and service, in all faith and tenderness, to live with her, cherish her, according to the ordinance of God, in the holy bond of marriage? Yes I will Max answered.

[The Chaplin to the bride]

Blanca, will you have this Man to be your husband, and will you promise your life to him, in all love and honour, in all duty and service, in all faith and tenderness, to live with him, and cherish him, according to the ordinance of God, in the holy bond of marriage? Yes I will Blanca answered. 

Here, the groom takes the bride's right hand with his right hand, and says, after me said the priest.
I, Max take you Blanca to be my wedded wife; And I do promise and covenant; before God and these witnesses; to be your loving and faithful husband; in plenty and in want; in joy and in sorrow; in sickness and in health; as long as we both shall live.

I, Blanca take you, Max to be my wedded husband; and I do promise and covenant; before God and these witnesses; to be your loving and faithful wife; in plenty and in want; in joy and in sorrow; in sickness and in health; as long as we both shall live.

Then the ring for bride was given to the Chaplin, he passed it to the groom, then Max put it upon the bride's fourth finger and said after the Chaplin,

This ring I give you; in token and pledge; of our constant faith; and abiding love.

Then the ring for the groom was given to the Chaplin he passed it to the bride, then Blanca put it upon the groom's fourth finger, said after the Chaplin,  

This ring I give you: in token and pledge: of our constant faith: and abiding love.

Then the Chaplin said to all who are present:
By the authority committed unto me as a Minister of the Church of Christ, I declare that Max and Blanca are now Husband and Wife, according to the ordinance of God, and the law of the State; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Then the Chaplin said: You many kiss the bride.

Family’s Blanca, Mr. Johnson, friends and guests was very happy for this marriage, but the most people of all the crowed in church Blanca family and Mr. Johnson was the happiest people.

After the wedding ceremony the entire guest went for the wedding reception, everything was in order with plenty of traditional food and drinks for everyone. And the traditional music and dancing this wedding reception was completed. The farmers were a big day for them, eating and drinking good beer and local wine and they really enjoyed themselves. But the beer and wine started to do its work on these farmers because most of them the alcohol start to speak, laughing and pulling each other legs. While the newly wed couples shaking hands with the entire guests and enjoy them selves, there was someone who was not happy with this marriage. He was with his friends drinking beer. His name was Alex and Blanca was in his mind that one day he will marry her. But Blanca, she never felt good about this person. Alex invited her many times to go for a walk and show her his wishes that he will be her husband. But Blanca always refused him. Hi Alex is you alright said one of his friends, you look terrible, what’s wrong with you. Nothing he replied with a very rough voice. But he was full of hate and jealousy; he came to this country side and he stole Blanca heart. I will finish Max from her, terrible thing came in his mind, and he was in a nervous state of mind and with the beer which he was consuming is damaging more himself. To-night he will sleep in darkness not with Blanca, I will kill him. Hi Alex you better stop drinking your face is pale you are going to get drunk said his friends. I am not drunk, leave me alone and he went away from that area. His friends was worrying about Alex, they didn’t know what was in his mind. Come on let’s go and have something to eat and enjoy the feast of our friends says one of Alex friends.  

Alex sat down on a wooden bench angry and his mind is only thinking what he is going to do. "I will kill him and make her suffer, just as she has made me suffer," he added. He had a weapon hidden at his waist. Know is the time to finish him off, quickly he ducked behind a tree trunk 15 feet from Max and Blanca, pulled his gun  and aimed it at Max. Alex plan failed because although he pulled the trigger, As we know his friends went to have something to eat, at that time one of Alex friends told the others that Alex is carrying a gun hidden at his waist. How and when you noticed that he is carrying a gun? They asked. Better not to waste time, I hope what I am thinking is a false alarm. Tell us what you are thinking for fuck sack because you are make me nervous says one of the farmers. I think he is going to shoot someone. They made a plan. They hide themselves behind hey rolls that they could see every movement. When they saw Alex is going to point his gun on someone quickly ran on him and one of the farmers hit Alex on his back with one metre tree branch. The gun finished a few metres away from the tree, the farmer who hit Alex pushed the gun with his feet and he placed it beside one of the hey rolls. Listen said he, don’t touch the gun remember there are finger prints on the weapon.

All of a sudden there was panic on site, when everybody hear a gun shot, what is happening said Blanca to Max. I don’t know, I hope it was nothing to worry about. Blanca’s father with his wife went around the guests telling them that nothing happened, it was just a shoot gun fired in the air, and the wedding reception continued as normal. Mr. Johnson was informed by those farmers what happened, telling him that Alex was going to shoot someone and now he is laying on the ground near the tree and the hey rolls. Mr. Johnson said to the farmers’ better report this to the police and I will find someone to take care of Alex. Mr. Johnson went near Alex, and helped him to wake up from the ground. What happened to you said Mr. Johnson, are you grazy do these things at this particular day, do you know that Max and Blanca was looking forward for this day and you was nearly going to spoil this wedding reception. Shame on you, now you had to answer for your misbehave; I had a better impression of you. With anger which was shown on his face he looked at Mr.Johnson pointed his finger in his face and said yes I was going to spoil this wedding reception and over my dead body both of them will be sorry. Mr.Johnson said to Alex, first of all don’t point your finger at me and secondly why all this hate for Blanca and Max, they never heart no one, yes replied Alex, Blanca rejected me from marrying her and now she married Max a servant in your Ale house, stop talking like a fool said Mr.Johnson, you don’t now what you are saying, who do you think you are, you are nothing, remember what you have said to me, over your dead body Max and Blanca will be sorry and I am going to tell everything to the police about this statement.

The wedding reception was at it peak everybody enjoying the evening, the sky was full of bright stars breathtaking views of the beautiful Highland countryside, Blanca  looked stunningly beautiful that night and Max was as good as anything in this world that evening breeze coming from the valley made him more handsome. Where is Mr. Johnson asked Max to Blanca’s father? He is talking with a guest for this beautiful day. “A man's true character comes out when he's drunk. I love Blanca and I love you to Max, you made my daughter the happiest woman in this country, thank you Max. Max replied back, you won’t be sorry I am ready to give my whole life for Blanca and thank you again for all the things you have done for us.

Quietly the police came on site to pick Alex. The two police detectives were near Max to pick him up and take him to the police station for interrogation.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights?" I didn’t do nothing said Alex. Well said the detective we will see this later. Alex friends showed the gun which was beside one of the hey rolls. The detective picks up the firearm with gloves and he placed it in a plastic bag. Alex was handcuffed and taken to the police station.

Mr.Johnson went near Max and Blanca, where have you been? Said Max to Johnson, listen are you ok, you looked worrying about something. No nothing is worrying me, just to see everything is going well and our families and guest are having fun that’s all. Now go on celebrate this day with your lovely wife, this is the day that you must not forget. You are right replied Max, he hugged Mr.Johnson closely in his arms.

Mariah and her friends was sitting around a wooden table drinking chilled white wine and nibbling some food and they seemed that are having fun and enjoying the atmosphere of this wedding reception. Hello said Mariah to Mr.Johnson, you look ok and sharp dressed this evening. Yes it is a very special day for me, as you know I have no family but now I can tell that I found a family, I loved Max as he was my son, today he married Blanca and for sure they are going to threat me as I was their father. Mr.Johnson may I ask you something please said Mariah. Yes tell me. We noticed that something was going to happen this evening. Why the police was here and handcuffed a man, if I am asking to much don’t answer me, but I am afraid that jealousy will play a role in what we saw. Mariah you hit the nail on its head, I thank God that two of the guests saved the life of Max. This man was going to shoot at Max and kill him, please keep this information for you, I know a secret between two people is not a secret but better if we keep this story between us, now this man is arrested and the law will take care of this case. Well keep enjoy the evening and don’t forget what I said, this is the best day of Max and Blanca. Rest your mind replied Mariah, what we heard is already buried in side of us. Mr. Johnson when I heard that shot gun it reminds me in the past, you know in the past what happened in this countryside. Yes I know what you mean, but now excuse me, I see you later, keep enjoy yourselves and be happy.

About one hour before the conclusion of the reception, when the party starts getting a little too rowdy and the bar starts getting a little too empty, the  wait staff started preparing tables for coffee and dessert and the cake cutting generally signals guests that it's okay to leave soon thereafter. Max and Blanca were really happy and once the cake was cut, the band starts right back into swing and music for those wanting to make the last dance.

Now the time has come to say good-bye. Friends and family tossed rose petals -- and cheer to their successful celebration and future together. Mr. Johnson hugged Max and with tears in his eyes said God bless you my son wish you well and long years of happiness with your beautiful wife, than he went on Blanca and hugged her and a kiss on her check than said take care of Max you have a great husband, he burst crying like a baby, promptly Blanca wiped his tears from his face and said, I know you are crying because you a happy for us, thank you for all the things you done for us. Blanca parents couldn’t hold their tears and hardly could speak, they kissed their daughter and hugged Max and Blanca around their arms, and go said father’s Blanca God bless you, I am really proud and happy for you.

Max and Blanca went for their honey moon in a small Hotel outside the country side, on their arrival at the Hotel they were welcomed with Champaign and a dozen of beautiful roses were presented to Blanca with a card by the Hotel manager. Welcome to our Hotel I wish you well and have a good stay said the manager. This was another surprise for the newly wed. The Bellboy took the guest to their room, and with a smile Max thanked the Bellboy and gave him some tips.

It was a night that they will never forget. They talked about everything, at the church, about the reception; they were living a moment of satisfaction and happiness. You can imagine they became one body, body to body making love it was their first experience, Blanca for the first time she felt she is a woman offering her husband the beautiful warn and tender body and touching, kissing Max body she was in heaven of love. While Max touching her tender body kissing her he whispered in her ears, you are so beautiful you decorated my live, I am really proud of you too said Blanca.

Another day for all the country side families, gathered in church for the Sunday Mass. After the mass Mr. Johnson met with Blanca family outside the church. After a short conversation Blanca’s father invited Mr. Johnson for lunch at his home, oh please no you had enough work preparing for yesterday wedding said Johnson. Please come, first of all I would like to thank you for all the things you done for the wedding of Blanca and Max, and there are some more things to talk about. Well, I will be there at noon if it is alright for you said Johnson. Good, my wife prepared roasted leg of pork with a good gravy and apple sauce like her mother use to cook. Well see you and thank you for the invitation

At noon Mr, Johnson kept his appointment, he knocked the door of Blanca family and after a while the door opened. Hello right on time said Blanca’s father, come in feel yourself at home and from now on consider your self part of our family. Thank you I am really happy, I can tell I have a family now, all of you, Blanca and Max I have a big family. Johnson hugged all the family around his arms and cried like a child, with his emotions he couldn’t speak clearly, thank you all. Please sit down all of you I bring you something to drink until than I prepare the food on the table where we are having our lunch as one family said Blanca `s mother. Before you go to bring some drinks and prepare the table I have a small present for you, Johnson handled a nicely wrapped box to Blanca’s mother. For me she exclaimed, yes for you, open it up I hope you like it, she opened the box and with a big surprise she took out of the box an eighteen karat gold a neck bracelet and a small card saying, Thank you for the invitation Gloria. This is too much she says. Gloria looked at her husband and said how we are going to thank him? Thank me no, said Johnson it was my pleasure.

They enjoyed the lunch together as a family; the roasted leg of pork was tenderly cooked and with the chilled home made wine made the meal dynamite. I really enjoyed the meal, never in my whole life had I eaten good roasted pork like this said Johnson, thank you Gloria you are a good cook. She cooks well but the pork which I breed is one of the finest you can fined in this country says Andrew.  I give you some credit the pork meat you produce is of high quality said Gloria to her husband Andrew. And all burst in a laugh. Well know is the time to talk about yesterday at the wedding reception said Andrew. After a short pause he looked at Johnson eyes, what happened yesterday at the wedding reception? Although I was enjoying myself drinking with the guests, there was time that I noticed that something wrong was going on and when I asked Max if everything is ok he replied, as far as I know every body is enjoying our wedding reception. Than I didn’t bothered, I continued enjoy the evening, but after the reception we arrived home and sat down and I had a cup of coffee which Gloria had prepared I start thinking and asked myself who was that two gentleman coming for the wedding reception? I know who I invited for the wedding, I know all the guests one by one. Believe me I couldn’t remember who was those two gentlemen. After I had my coffee I went to sleep, but there was no sleep, by trying to remember those two persons I couldn’t close my eyes. All of a sudden I had a clear memory, I know who they are, police detectives, yes I saw them at the scene of crime when Sarah was murdered. Now Mr.Johnson I had the feeling that you know what happened yesterday please tell me what happened. After he had a sib of wine, Johnson set the glass on the table and said, what I am going to tell you is going to shock you. Oh my God exclaimed Gloria, sure Blanca and Max are ok. Yes they are ok, yesterday Max was saved by being hurt or maybe he was going to get killed. Andrew was shaking with this news. Please clam yourself everything is under control. With a nervous voice looked at Johnson and said can you tell us what exactly happened? Johnson told the whole story with tears running on his face, it was going to be a tragedy; jealousy is the worst thing and can bring a human being to a beast. Andrew couldn’t speak for a while he stood silent, than he speak in a brittle voice, he sounds as if he was about to cry, Oh my Lord I couldn’t believe what I heard. I am sorry I delivered this news but that what happened last night, said Johnson. Than he continued, please now leave this matter in the right hands of justice and look forward for Blanca and Max for their future. But I am afraid that one day Blanca or Max will be hurt from this cruel person said Gloria. Rest your mind no one is going to get hurt especially Max or Blanca, when court is going to hear all the evidence on this case, this person his name is Alex is going to be charged on several accusations, such as attempted murder, firearm without police permission, disturbing public peace and hetaerism. It’s been said that haters aren’t born, they’re made. Hetaerism and jealousy is a bad seed. I am not a judge said Johnson but I think this guy Alex is going to spend some long years in prison and if he thinks that if he goes to prison am a big a joke he is going to fined him self in hell.

I know his family; his father he is a gentleman, never heard any wrongdoings, he always worked hard for his family. I know that one day his son Alex told Blanca to marry her but she rejected his proposal said Andrew. This is mental illness said Gloria. May be you are right but as I said before let the court judge this case and if I were you Andrew fined a good lawyer to guide you what to do said Johnson. Well it is time to go and it is already four o’clock and for these next two weeks I had to open the alehouse until Max return from his honey moon. Well thank you for everything and please keep clam and enjoy the evening, everything will settle in its place, said Johnson. 

The door of our home is always open for you and we hope it is not the last time we have lunch together, thank you take care, said Gloria.

Time passes by; Max and Blanca honey moon is over returning back to their home and starts family life. Mr Johnson kept his word and transferred his business to Max. When the documents of the transferred business was handed to Max by Johnson his emotions didn’t let him to speak, how I am going to repay you back? I don’t want any return, take care of your wife and when you have children give them all your support and love. Max you will find good people and less good people in this world, you know what happened at your wedding reception, people fell jealous because of their nature of being taken as unique. Some people even think jealousy is a healthy thing. Max what I want from you is to keep this between me, you and your family that the alehouse know is your property, please take my advice. I hope you understood my point said Johnson. Yes I understood your point and you are right, jealousy is one of those demons that just seem to take everything over, thank you said Max.

There was enough evidence that Alex is being accused of his wrongdoings. The judge decides there is enough evidence the case will continue. Alex fair trail took two months and the judge found him guilty and sentenced him for five years in prison with hard labour. Alex didn’t show that he was sorry for what he done. Before he was taken to prison his father went on him and said, listen my son being jealous of a beautiful woman is not going to make you more beautiful. Jealousy itself can take on a sort of wicked presence in your live. Alex looked at his father and with an angry voice said, shut the hell up and leave me alone. I will leave you alone but one day you will be sorry more already than you are. The police officers pushed Alex out of the court room and he was taken to prison. 

Max was doing well at the alehouse, he done some changes and the ale pub looked more attractive for the farmers after a hard day of work in their fields and farms. Even he starts providing tradition beef and kidney pies prepared by his wife Blanca that she had learnt how to make steak and kidney pie from her mother. Steak and kidney pie is a savoury pie that is filled principally with a mixture of diced beef, diced kidney of ox, lamb, fried onion, and brown gravy. The farmers liked the changes of the pup and one can tell that Max increased the profits substantially, and more beer was being consumed. The atmosphere at the ale house was as always, farmers talking loudly, drinking beer and sometimes they pull each other legs. I really love the atmosphere of this place but the important thing is good beer, something to nibble I really enjoy it after a day of work in the field said one of the farmers. Nice place? Said Alex father, for you is a nice place but for me remind me of my son he is in prison for what he had done during Max and Blanca wedding reception. My son brought shame on my family, he ruined a family reputation, trauma and very hurtful to those who loved him. I think this is going to be my last day seeing me here, I don’t feel comfortable at this place anymore. He drunk his beer and left the alehouse without say anther word. Max and Johnson noticed that something happened to Alex father, Max went near those farmers were Alex father was seated and asked what happened. Can someone tell me what happened to Alex father, you know how he left the alehouse? He is not feeling comfortable here, he said his son brought shame on him and his family and than he left, that’s all said the farmers. Ok said Max.

Max felt sorry or what he heard and he informed Johnson what happened. Max, tomorrow I will go to Alex father and talk to him at his farm, he need help, said Johnson. Yes you are right he is depressed, it seems to me that his family feels very guilty and ashamed, a foolish son brings grief to his family said Max.


If it is not one thing, it is another murder in the country side; it is hard to believe that behind the rolling hills, quiet country lanes and pretty village, there lays a history of murders and unexplained happenings. Ted is a dangerous man, a man who has lost everything and has nothing to lose. Fuelled by the death of his beloved wife Madeline and desperate to seek revenge on those who took her from him. He found out that the person who raped and murdered his wife while he was serving a military mission; Ted finished his years in prison and for these last few months is living at the country side in a small cottage which he bought from estate agent. He obtained information about the man who killed his wife from prison inmate. But how Ted can tell that the information he brought from a prison inmate is true. For long years Ted ask the same question to the inmate who gave information about the death of his wife, the answer was always maintained that the person who murdered his wife was living in the country side working in a farm, his name is Richard "The Iceman" was his nickname . One day that inmate confessed everything he knew about this murder. Listen to me Ted, this person was mad about your wife, one day he came on me and said that he is going to Madeline house and tell her that he have loving feelings, as far as I know he went at your house to speak with Madeline and than she finished a murder victim. After this tragedy, the police have found no witnesses and no evidence about this case and I never reported all this to the police. Ted was very angry with that inmate and he nearly killed him with his bared hands. At that time Ted was sentenced for ten years in prison found guilty of dangerous driving causing deaths a young girl and a newborn after his car smashed into a food store. Ted had pleaded not guilty to two counts of criminal negligence causing death and two counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm in the case. Ted’s car abruptly reversed into the store’s front doors, hitting a pregnant mother and her two young children, Petra who was eight months pregnant and underwent an emergency caesarean section — was seriously injured in the crash along with her three-year-old daughter. Rebecca six-year-old daughter died after being hit and her newborn baby girl died in hospital a week later.

Now Blanca gave a birth to a son and Max named him Reuben, all the family was proud of this born child, he looks like an angel. You can imagine how proud Mr. Johnsons wish came true seeing Max a father. Max now has more responsible for his family, he knew that Children are a heritage of the Lord” Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, and to teach them to love and serve one another.  

A feast was being celebrated at the ale house for the newborn baby of Max and Blanca; Max organized a party for his friends and clients, free beer and food was served. At about eight o’clock Ted entered at the pup, he looked around the place, and his eyes met with Mr.Johnson, promptly said to Ted my I help you sir? I bought a small cottage at the countryside and while I was passing bye I noticed this pup or alehouse and decided to stop and have couple of beer. Well you can enjoy yourself with us; we are celebrating a feast for a new born baby said Johnson. No said Ted, I will visit this pup in the coming days, I will feel more comfortable when I get to know you all better in a quite atmosphere. Normal days farmers gather here after a hard day of work in their fields and farms, they drink couple of beers and nibble some roasted nuts or eat a savoury pie prepared in house, it goes well with a couple of chilled beer, said Johnson. Well by the way; are you the owner of this place? Asked Ted. Yes I am Johnson answered short and positive. Ted looked around the pup and walked out.

Few days later on a Sunday evening at the alehouse the farmers was enjoying roasted chickens served on a wooden board to the centre of the tables. The chickens were served with roasted potatoes from their own farms, selection of roasted vegetables and homemade gravy.  While Max was serving his clients Ted entered in the alehouse and walked near the bar counter where Johnson was sitting on a high wooden stool. Hello said Ted you are quite busy this evening. Yes from time to time the farmers gather here and bring ready cooked food and everybody share food with each other and enjoy the evening as one family said Johnson.  Max noticed that someone new is near the bar, he went on him, my I help you sir said Max. Sir my foot Ted replied, yes one pint beer, promptly Johnson looked at Max and said, Ted is his name, and he bought a small cottage at the countryside. Welcome said Max, the countryside is a nice place to live. Max served the beer to Ted, words can be tricky, especially when it comes describing the first impression that someone may have of a person. Ted was definitely mindful how he delivered his statement but he did not extend his hand to shake; Ted made a mistake he did not get a chance to build credibility Max didn’t have a good impression of Ted.

The farmers noticed there is a new customer at the bar and asked each other if someone knows this person. No one of them have an idea who is he but one of the farmers who have lot of things to hide from all those people who was asking himself, is he the husband of Madeline? After all these years I am in big trouble if he knew that I murdered his wife. But from where he got the information about what I did? Many more questions came to his mind and he was not paying attention to others and seemed to be in a permanent day dream. Hi Billy is you ok said the farmers? Yes I am fine I think I had too much beer said the brutal murderer who changed his name from Richard to Billy Bob to cover him self. But he was wrong because Ted have all the information about this person. The inmate who lived with Ted for long years in the prison cell he told Ted that Richard the Iceman has a snake tattoo on his shoulder.

Max was behind the bar counter washing the beer mugs, it was another good evening for Max, good profit in his cash and everybody enjoyed the food and the mouth feel rich creamy beer. Ted was still sitting on a high wooden stool drinking beer, Billy passed behind Ted’s back, and he was scared to death. Hi Billy how comes you are leaving so soon, normally you will leave the alehouse with your friends? Said Johnson. Yes answered Billy I am not feeling well I had too much beer and I am feeling unsteady on my feet. Ted after he heard that normally all the farmers leave the place in one block light lit on his mind. He is the one, He killed my wife, and he is never going to get away from me, if what I am thinking is right he will suffer a lot before I kill him. But for now I don’t want to go for any conclusion that he is the one, I had to wait a little bit more to assure my self that he is the killer of my wife.

Billy before he left the place paid his share and left like a frightened mouse. On his way back home he was thinking to leave the countryside in the coming days, he was thinking the time comes to pay for the murder of Madeline if he stays living at that place. All of a sudden Billy heard someone following him, he looked around but he couldn’t see anyone, he walked faster but Ted came out behind an oak tree and with an angry voice stop Mr. Iceman the time has come for you to pay for the death of my wife. I know that your true name is Richard, and I know everything about you said Ted. As an ex solider he knew well how to handle his prey. Leave me alone said Iceman, I didn’t murdered anyone, you are mistaken. When I make you feel suffer for the death of my wife I let you go in hell, six feet under the ground, replied Ted. A fight breaks up between the two; the fighting lasts about 28 seconds with some punches being thrown, as already said Ted was well trained in the army, he handcuffed him than he put a bag over Billy’s head and took his prey in one of the underground inhabited valley caves chained with a chain around his neck and left him in the dark cave of wilderness. Have a good stay and enjoy the night said Ted. Richard the Iceman shouted set me free and let me go you are mistaken, I didn’t killed your wife. Before I leave I will show you that I am right, promptly Ted ordered Richard to take of his pullover. Richard refused to do so but Ted pulled apart his pullover into pieces by force and a snake tattoo appeared on his shoulder. My informer was right you are the killer of my wife and Ted kicked Richard with his feet several times hitting the man in between the groin, than he left the cave and went to his cottage satisfied that he found his wife killer. Ted exclaimed this is the first step; the second step is to torture him and make him suffer for what he done to me.

Next morning it was a normal day for everyone in the country side but questions start to be asked when Billy as we know his real name is Richard didn’t report for his duty working in one of the farms. What happened to Billy, can someone tell me way he is not here? said the boss with a nervous voice, and continued nearly shouting while touching his shaved head with one hand, from all days today he is not here, make sure that the vegetable products will be on time at the market, understood while he rubs and scratches his nose. It’s alright we will be their on time, rest your mind we do the best we could says the farmers. Alright said the boss I hope so and until you are back from the market I go and to see Billy what happened to him.

He did so he knocked several times on the door were Billy lives but no one was there. What the hell happened to Billy, he was speaking alone, as far as I know I always treated my employees good and adequate wages, maybe sometimes I be nervous but I better chill out and wait.

That evening all the farmers were at the alehouse but Billy wasn’t there, his absence made his friends talking and asking questions to each other what could happen to him. Ted just entered at the alehouse and sat down on a wooden stool beside the bar counter. He seemed cool and calm, good evening says he to all, good evening Ted, replied Johnson and Max. A pint of good beer makes me feel good to finish the day says Ted. Here is your beer enjoy said Max. What do you do for living asked with curiosity Mr.Johnson? Well, I work on an oil rig my job title is driller, [Ted was lying] most oil rigs have either 2 or 3 crews made up of several people doing different types of jobs. Generally, the driller supervises each of the crews while he under the supervision of rig manager. The Driller’s responsibilities are in some ways comparable to that of a rig manager: get the work done safely. Work for 14 days straight and 3 weeks off. Interesting job replied Johnson. Ted was telling lies to mislead. Well for now the alehouse is my property but in future someone else is going to run this place. Johnson said all this to Ted to say something but Johnson was noticing that Ted’s body language doesn’t followed what Ted was saying; liars will tend to move their heads slightly backwards when they lie. Johnson said to himself, my feelings about this man are “white lies,”... [The act of physically escaping from something] Well I wish you more success on your job but now I better go and give a hand to Max, if I were you I will go and meet with the farmers and enjoy yourself said Johnson. Yes good idea replied Ted. Ted ordered another pint of beer and passed a comment to Max, nice place and good beer. Beer have always been an important part of our culture, said Max, I tell you this continued Max “A man who lies about beer makes enemies”. You are right replied Ted and he moved near the farmers, hello says he, may I join? Yes why not answered the farmers pick up a stool and sit. We was talking about one of our friend, we saw him last on Sunday here at this place, he was enjoying the evening with us and at a certain time he left us because he was not feeling well and from than we don’t know what happened to him. ‘Have you talked to anyone else about this?’ said Ted. No we are waiting may be he will show himself, we heard our boss saying that if he don’t show up tomorrow he is going to make a report at the police station. The conversation continued on various subjects, about their work and other topics. It was time that everybody leaves the alehouse it was nearly midnight. Well good night and thanks for the pleasant evening said Ted to all and everybody went on their way home. On his way back Ted was thinking about the phrase Max had said “A man who lies about beer makes enemies”. Ted went to the cave were Billy Bob was, he entered the cave and looked at Billy and asked, how are you feeling you miserable one? Please let me go. Yes I let you go in hell but before you must pay for what you did to my wife. Ted beat Billy until he was close to death, than he pours gasoline over Billy’s body and sets on fire.  The poor soul was thrown into the raging inferno. He screamed desperately for mercy, but the intense flames swallowed his voice and engulfed his body. He was in too much pain to think properly. The smoke from the fire entered into his mind, and the man knew it was hopeless and after few minutes Billy died. Now Ted was thinking how he is going take rid of the burnt body, the first thing in his mind was to bury him in the valley but his second thought was it was risky maybe someone will see him, than he decided to leave him in the cave. After he left the cave and returned at his cottage. It was nearly four o’clock in the morning; he washed himself and the cloths and shoes which he was wearing he placed them in a bag to dispose them. Ted travelled miles away from his cottage, and disposed the bag in a land field. Than he went in the city to an oil jobs recruitment agency that he can work on an oil rig as soon as possible, as you know when he was asked what he do for living he answered that he works on an oil rig he was lucky the agency needed workers urgently and the oil rig recruiter gave him the job. His mission was accomplished, I know this is the law of a jungle for what I did but if I didn’t do what I did Richard stay living free says Ted to himself.

Max arrived home nearly same time as usual in that night, Blanca was waiting for her husband near her child reading a book. How was the evening? Blanca asked. Very good says Max everybody enjoyed himself, but and he stopped. Why you stopped says Blanca, tell me what happened. Everybody who was at the alehouse was worried about one of the farmers who is employed with Bailey, you know him he produce most of the fresh vegetables products from his fields. Yes of course everybody knows Bailey but please tell me what happened. One of Bailey’s employees didn’t come at the alehouse this evening, it is not normal and everybody was worried about him. Come on said Blanca maybe he had to go somewhere else, or he felt to stay home, come on I prepared a small snack and I make some tea for both of us. You worry too much Blanca says and she kissed him on his check with a look of love in her eyes. Max went close to his child Reuben; he was in deep sleep looks like an angel. Sleep my son and God be with you in all times.

Next morning when Mr. Bailey saw that Billy Bob [Richard] didn’t report  for work he decided to go at the police station and report that one of his employee been missing for these last 48hours. He entered at the police station, at the reception on an old desk a policeman sipping a juice drink, good morning Sir said the policeman, and may I help you. Yes Sir replied Bailey; I came to report a missing person. Well have a seat, well give me all the information about this person and if you have a photo of his it is useful for the police, than I will pass the report to my superiors. But first give me your particulars and after I can proceed. It took some time for the policeman he was a slow writer simply can't mix out 50 words per minute like some people do. He stops at every period, re-read, write one sentence, re-write, and re-write it again. Alright Sir said the policeman; the police will investigate this case. Bailey left the police station, that policeman exhausted him, how much it will take him if he writes a book he said.

Bailey arrived at the country side; he met with Mr.Johnson, good day, said Johnson. It is not so good day Bailey replied, I just came from the police station. Police station you said and what for? One of my employees has been missing for these two days nobody knows what happened to him. Yes I heard so, do you have any idea what could happened to him exclaimed Johnson. No I have no idea what could happened to him, what I know is I am feeling confused like a student sitting in a classroom and don’t understand nothing at all. Well we wait maybe we get some news, from my side I can’t do much, Billy left without any reason, but inside me I am feeling something that I can not explain happened to Bully said Bailey. Johnson looks worrying and thinking and with a tired sad expression on his face. Well see you this evening said Johnson, until than we must to be strong, good bye.


That evening same bunch of farmers was at the alehouse, Billy left without warning, we spend a lot of time wondering, and I still find it hard to believe he left his work without any warning; there is good reason why he left said one of the farmers. Maybe he won the grand lottery and he doesn’t want to tell anyone, the others smile but does not show happiness. Two gentlemen entered the alehouse, they reach the beer counter were Johnson and Max doing same routine of work, good evening to you gentlemen may I help you said Max. With strong voice in a pleasant way; we are police inspectors and we would like to ask you some questions about Mr Billy Bob, we have a report of this person who's gone missing. Yes Sir said Max I am here ready to answer. The police asked him a number of questions that it would be helpful. Max answered the police inspector to his questions. Than the police investigator turned on Johnson and said as far as I am informed you know this person as one of your clients that every evening come at this place and have couple of beers with his friends so I am going to ask few more questions that will help us in our investigations. Does the person smoke? What brand of cigarettes? Does the person drink alcohol? What type? What type of personality does the person have? Is the person outgoing or quiet? Is the person friendly or depressed? What are the values and philosophy of the person? Did he have any tattoo? Johnson while he was answering the inspector questions, Ted entered at the alehouse. Good evening to you all says Ted. The police inspector looks at Ted. Good evening answered and he continued to ask questions to Johnson with a louder voice that Ted can hear him. A pint good beer of yours pointed out Ted to Max, the beer was served while Ted puts his hand on the beer mug the police investigator looks at his eyes and said, and after I finish from Mr.Johnson I would like to have a word with you. Yes, who are you may I ask? I will tell you later when I finish with Mr.Johnson. Ok replied take your required time and Ted moves near the farmers. Although inside of him smells fishy situation he kept calm and pretending behaving towards the farmers in an honest, fair, and nice way. The skilled police investigators asked Johnson who is this person, he doesn’t look a farmer. His name is Ted, and for these last few weeks he is living in the countryside, he bought a small cottage and he works on an oil rig. And from where you know all this information asked again the investigator. He said so on the first days he comes here to have couples of beer. The inspector wrote all the information gathered from Max and Johnson on his note book.

While the farmers where talking the police investigators moved near Ted. Please come with us outside the alehouse that we can talk in a quite place, yes I am coming said Ted. I am going to ask you few questions about a missing person, his name is Billy Bob according to the report we have, and so do you know this man?  No replied Ted, I have been living at the countryside for these last few weeks. What is your occupation? I am going to start a new job on an oil rig. And what was your last job? For this question Ted tried to keep calm but as they say a sin never sleeps, he answered; I served ten years in prison for what I did in the past. Are you married? Yes Ted replied in a shallow voice. The way you answered this question I nearly heard you may I ask, are you happy with wife? Ted looked at the inspector eyes and with a sad voice replied and although out side was chilly sweat trickled down his face, my wife was raped and murdered while I was serving a military mission. Ok said the inspector and I am sorry if I upset you with my question, if we need you in future we contact you. The investigators left the site and Ted returns in the ale house.

Make beer for every one said Ted, tomorrow I had to leave on the oil rig to do my duty so for that moment every body forgot Billy and when beer reaches the brain it affects behaviour; it can make some people lively and chatty. Ted as a smart and brainy man he offered beer for everyone to divert the atmosphere from a bad mood into a good one. Johnson said to Max, I am feeling something which simply feels like something's off, but can't picture what's wrong. ... Max replied I don’t have good impression of Ted from the first day I saw him, for sure he have something in his mind. Well we wait and see said Johnson I hope that the countryside will keep its good traditions. What is passing through your mind? Max said. If more people from town will come to live here, our children will forget the old traditions. The countryside will become a place that is very noisy, busy, and full of confused activity, exclaimed Johnson.


Time was up for everyone to go back to their homes, Ted went back in his cottage not to rest himself from the day but to prepare all his things and leave the country side and fly away from this country before he get caught by the police. In the morning Ted was at the airport to fly to Scotland to meet with the new recruiters to work on the oil rig, but when Ted arrived at Glasgow Airport he bought a ticket to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, he travelled as a tourist were he met with a friend who was in the army with him. His friend was married a Brazilian woman and he knows well how to guide him. In a short period of time Ted have a Brazilian passport and even changed his name and surname. As they say “Money is a guarantee that we may have what we want in the future. So Ted used his money to be free and escape from police and the law. Now I am satisfied and happy for what I done, revenge exclaimed Ted, my wife died because of jealousy and mentally sick person, I loved my wife as myself, while he was sitting near sea in Rio thinking about his wife. Madeline is still in his thought. 


It's been nearly a month since anyone last saw Billy Bob. Police say they don't have any leads right now, but that doesn't mean the investigation stops.  "But at this point in time as time goes on we have to be realistic — it may be that the investigation turns from a missing person into a homicide investigation said the investigators when asked by the media. Almost three months passed Billy was still missing and his friends and all those who know Billy nearly forget him.


It was Sunday a beautiful day a group of boy scouts hiking found human remains in a cave in a remote area in the valley of the nearby countryside. First, they had spotted large bone, probably from a leg, and soon found another. Then they spotted the skull.


"They had been talking about what it might have been.” When they came upon the skull, the one of the boys Paul said, 'Guys, this isn't an animal. That's a human skull. We've come across a dead body, and this is probably a crime scene.'" The boy scouts reported the police that they found a human body in the valley near the countryside in a cave. Less than half an hour the police was on the spot. It was difficult on that point in time the police identify the victim. Officials from the coroner's office were at the scene, and were expected to identify the deceased person after removing the body and conducting an investigation. Autopsy reveals the horrific burns and multiple broken bones; the police have not released a name or even the gender. 


Sunday mid day news on the radio came up with this episode and the farmers who were enjoying nice chilled beer at the ale house came up with a conclusion that this victim is their friend Bob. Max and Johnson meet the eye, I am positive what I am thinking said Johnson, if you make pluses, Bob left the ale house before his normal time; he left the pub in a hurry like a frightened mouse when Ted came on that day. After few minutes Ted left the pub and the day after we heard from Billy’s friends that Billy didn’t report for work in the morning and today we heard on the news that a body was found in a cave in the valley at the countryside a burnt human body. But although I don’t have a good impression of Ted why are you convinced that Ted is involved in this matter said Max. Convinced, more than convinced replied Johnson, Ted lied to us when he said he works on an oil rig, he spend ten years in prison found guilty of dangerous driving causing deaths a young girl and a newborn. And the other thing is Ted’s wife was murdered while he was serving a military mission, this is a revenge murder and time will tell us that what I am thinking is right. For now keep all what I said to you said Johnson. “I'm speechless right now,” said Max, he continued the country side is so beautiful to live but torment breaking news comes from time to time is going to make this place a death ground. May I ask from were you brought this information about Ted? Said Max to Johnson. I went to visit Alex at the prison, he is very sorry for what he did at your wedding reception. I promised his parents that from time to time I will give him a visit. But you didn’t answer my question said Max. I will answer you but before more beer needed to be served, look some of the farmers are showing you that the beer mugs are empty answered Johnson with a smile.

At about three o’clock after the good beer and food was consumed those who were at the alehouse went to their homes relaxing with their family in a quite atmosphere. Max cleared the pub from the mess the customers left behind and as normal day on Sunday Blanca and her parents come to the alehouse with her child and bring some small cakes to be taken with tea. Having tea with the entire family Max feel very relaxed and happy seeing his family firmly united. As we know Johnson nowadays is considered as a family member. This evening stay with Blanca and your child I will open the pub said Johnson to Max. Well if you insist John we will go down town for some shopping, it is a special Sunday open shops with good reduced prices said Blanca to Max. Yes we will enjoy the evening, looked at his wife and whispered and buy something for all.


Blanca and max with their child enjoyed the evening at the town centre; it is a fantastic, exciting place said Blanca. Yes it is nice it's different to our tastes. Yes said Blanca I love the country side although things are happening in mysterious way. You heard the news asked Max. Yes, but anyway we came here to have fun and enjoy the evening, the important things for us is to grow up more in love with our child and stay away from negative thoughts it only steals your peace of mind and happiness said Blanca.


Next morning while Max was clearing and cleaning the alehouse Mr.Johnson entered in the pub, good morning Max, did you enjoyed the evening yesterday? Yes, down town is converted in new modern shops, restaurants and high building, but I prefer the country side, it is nice to go at the town centre for a while but not to live there. By the way Blanca bought something for you I hope you will like it. Thank you, whatever it is I will like it. Well Mr.Johnson I am going to prepare some tea and Blanca prepared some cups cakes to take with tea, than we will sit down and answer me from where to got all information about Ted said Max. I will but before we have tea and taste Blanca’s cupcakes.


While having tea police investigators came in, Good morning, we are sorry to disturb you gentlemen but it is our duty to go on with our work. It’s ok said Max, have a seat and in the mean time I prepare some tea for you. Thank you we need a cup of tea we have been at the crime scene for more than three hours. Tea was served to the police investigators, well I think you are waiting why we are here said the police inspector. We just passed bye it was a bit of a relief when we as police team concluded the investigations. So we went further on with our investigations and we found out that an inmate serving a prison sentence made a statement at prison director office that when Ted is free from prison he will make revenge from the man who murdered his wife. When the prison director reports the police about this statement, we interrogated this inmate. We found out that he was close friend with the victim, his real name is Richard nicknamed the Iceman and change his name to Billy Bob to cover himself by changing his identity, than he came at the country side working in a the farm of Mr.Bialey. What the inmate had said. Johnson and Max was astonished what they heard. What I said to you is going to be broadcasted on radio mid-day news. And what about Ted asked Johnson to the inspector, hoping we don’t see him here, the residents of the countryside are worried from now and than hear something which will shock them. Ted left the country and from last information we have he is in Brazil, he is an ex army and he knows what to do not to be caught by the police the inspector replied.


This case is already reported to the Interpol. Interpol job are to help police in different countries work together to solve crimes that cross borders. Every member country has their own Interpol office, called a National Bureau or Secret Service which connects the country’s police force with the other members. They share information with each other and have access to a variety of high tools and resources Interpol is already informed about this person that this criminal flees the country and he is living in Brazil. After long conversation the police thank with appreciation and sense of obligation and start walking out of the alehouse. Good-bye and wish you more success on your work says Johnson.


Time passes bye and for these last ten years the country side it’s famous for its natural beauty, and it’s most special features, as the name implies, are its huge lakes. These are quite unusual because they are long and relatively narrow.  The rolling hills around the lakes are also incredibly beautiful, especially the way they catch the light as it is breaks through the clouds. The landscape of the lake was formed over millions of years, first by volcanoes and then in the Ice Age, by glaciers that moved slowly through the mountains carving deep valleys. Max and his family are doing well; Blanca gave another birth sweet adorable cute beautiful baby girl and named her Sarah. Max was really happy for Blanca that she named their daughter for his sister.

Normal same time Max went to the Alehouse handle the day-to-day tasks, making sure all things are completed and prep work gets done, that when time come the farmers will find the chilled beer and some hot traditional snacks ready to be served. But that evening Mr.Johnson was not at the Alehouse he was sick in bed, every person asked how he is doing, and Max replied sadly, we pray God that he will be well but he is very sick. This morning my wife Blanca went at his house, prepared some chicken noodle soup for him but he refused to eat. At this time we are not let him alone, my wife and her mother are taking good care of him. 


Blanca was feeling that Johnson is going to pass away, he looks so weak and his body started slowing down. She decided to call for a doctor. The doctor will be here in short time said Blanca to Johnson, with a low voice he replied, we come to this world with nothing and we leave with nothing and all of us are in line. Some in the front others in the back thus all human beings know that they must die. For these words she just heard Blanca felt very sorry and tears covered her face, women tend to cry more often than men, she was shaken up, disturbed, and hurt by the situation that made her cry. Please Mr. Johnson don’t give up the doctor will come and with some cure you will be strong and healthy again. She extends her hand and touched his arm, you will be well soon.


Not more than half an hour the doctor came; at first sight looking at the patient his facial expressions was grim and hopeless. The doctor straps a blood pressure monitor onto the patient, Blood pressure is one of the vital signs that doctors measure to assess general health. The doctor sat on a chair beside Johnson bed. I am going to send you for few days in hospital, you will be treated well and in few weeks you will be well. The doctor turned on Blanca and told her that he is going to call for an ambulance and take him hospital for treatment. Thank you doctor and she went with the doctor to open the door, with a low voice Blanca asked, how bad is he? The doctor looked at her and the doctor answered quietly, with a disappointed tone in his voice. In my opinion he is very weak he had little time left, my be days may be months, as long he is with us try to keep him calm and if possible happy, the doctor waved his hands with helplessness. Good day and he left. For this news Blanca felt fearful and tensed.


She went near Johnson, he looked at her and with a low voice he thanked her for all the help. There is no need to thank me, just think you will be well soon and she smiles at him, I am going to bring you some white tea, drink it and you will feel better. She moved into the kitchen with a broken heart, while she was preparing tea someone knocked the door, she opened and her mother came to see how Johnson health is doing. I am waiting for the ambulance to take Johnson in hospital replied Blanca. He is that so bad she said to Blanca. Mum please low your voice, her eyes filled with tears and answered quietly, he is not in good health, we hope that he regain his health but the doctor always in his opinion only God can help him to gain his health back. Listen Mum go home and take care of my children, I will handle this situation and by the way who is taking care of my children? Don’t tell me you left them alone. Rest your mind they are in good care of Max at the alehouse, I just see Johnson for a while and I be back home and take care of your self her mother replied. Blanca mum entered the room where Johnson was lying on bed; he looks pale and very sick. Oh my God she exclaimed in a very low voice, she moved near Johnson besides his head. “I don’t know what to say, but we care about you.” You will be fine, said Blanca mum. Johnson looks at her and with a low voice said, thank you I really appreciate you are helping me as I was one of your family. She promptly replied you are one of our family, we own you much. Now the important thing is to be strong and believe in your self, few days at the hospital and you will be fine. Visiting a sick person is not as simple as it may seem. Sick people are often not themselves. They may be feeling very ill. It is natural to hesitate in seeing someone you love or care about, who is seriously ill. As soon they finished this short conversation, Blanca called her mother, mum the ambulance is here. In very short time Johnson was in hospital.


Max after he finished from his work at the Ale house about mid day, he went home, his son and daughter was in the hands of Blanca mother and promptly asked for Blanca, his mother in law replied, Blanca is at the hospital with Johnson, he was rushed to hospital, he is very weak. Please take care of my children I am going at the hospital to see how he is doing, quickly he changed his cloths, in less than half an hour was at the hospital. Arriving at the hospital reception he asked for Johnson, the receptionist showed him the way to the waiting room where he found Blanca sitting on a wooden chair with her head bending down. Max sits near Blanca, he grabs her hands and in a very low voice Max asked if she had any news about Johnson. She looked at Max with sorrowful eyes, he is very weak, and he is in the hands of the doctors, now we wait until we get some news. Max holds his breath he couldn’t say a word, tears went running his face, he love Johnson as he was his father. Blanca said, come on be strong and pray God he will be fine. For Max each minute passes was long as an hour waiting for Johnson news about his health.

Informing the family members about the sudden death of their loved one is a highly stressful experience for the treating doctors. Breaking the bad news to the bereaved family needs special skill on the part of the clinicians. A doctor wearing green medical cloths entered in the waiting room, with a polite voice asked for the relatives of Mr.Johnson. We are his relatives replied Max. Well please come with me, and we can talk in my office.


They entered in the office, have a seat, offering you some coffee said the doctor. Thank you replied Max, he was very anxious to her the bad or good news of Johnson. Please tell me exactly your relation ship with Mr.Johnson, said the doctor. Max looked at the doctor, he don’t have family, we became his family, Max told the whole story to the doctor of all the past years with tears running his face. Well said the doctor I can believe you, both of you I can see you are saying the truth. So I am very sorry giving you bad news, Mr.Johnson passes away during surgery, the whole team of doctors done their very best but that was the end. Blanca and Max burst in crying, he was a good gentleman and faithful:  he says what he means, and means what he says. He follows through with his word even with people who don’t follow through with theirs with a shallow voice Max exclaimed. Well said the doctor I give you my condolences, Mr.Johnson went to a better place, where he is happy. The doctor took a good hand shake and said take your time when you feel good and clam you can leave, take care of your family and be strong and keep Mr.Johnson memories in your hearts said the doctor. 


Max and Blanca went home and as you can imagine the whole family was in the mourning. All the residents of the country side showed grief for the death of Mr.Johnson.

As everybody was expecting the church at the countryside was more than full with Johnson friends. Gathered in Mr.Johnson to say a final goodbye  Max, Blanca and her family was at the front seat, Max couldn’t stop crying for losing more than a close friend, and Johnson was another father.


Providing the crowd in the church the Chaplin starts with words of comfort during this difficult time.  The Lord is righteous in all His ways and kind in all His deeds.  The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.  He will fulfil the desires of those who fear Him; He will also hear their cry and will save them.  The Lord keeps all who love Him, but all the wicked He will destroy.  My mouth will speak the praise of the Lord and all flesh will bless His holy name forever and ever.


Ceremony by the graveside


God the Father of mercies through the death and resurrection of your son, You have reconciled the world to yourself and sent the Holy Spirit among us for the forgiveness of sins. Through the ministry of the church, may God grant you pardon and peace. And I absolve you of your sins, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

After the absolution [The word "absolution" comes from the Latin word "absolvere," which means to "set loose.” The Catholic Church uses the word to mean the granting of forgiveness for sin.]  The body was carried to the grave and laid in peace.


Going through grief is sometimes described as a journey. Like a journey, it is a process and so involves changes over time. But, unlike most journeys, it doesn’t really have a clear end point. And even its starting point can sometimes be vague.

Each grief journey is unique, affected by many things, including: The circumstances of the death, the relationships of the people involved and the personality and past experiences of the person who has been bereaved. Max felt in limbo’ during the time between the death and the funeral, he was comforted by his wife Blanca, "You don't know how much I hate that this happened" I hate seeing you going through this pain, it hurts, but remember Mr.Johnson that he was proud of you, he treated us as we was his family and for sure he want to see you smiling and continue work at the Alehouse for our children and ourselves said Blanca to Max with tears running on her face and her eyes full of love for her husband.


Time passes bye and Max was doing well at the Alehouse, although he refurnished the place he kept it in the traditional way with two nice portraits one of his sister Sarah and the other one of Johnson hanged on wall that it could been seen whoever enter the Alehouse. These portraits was painted by a famous painter that Max paid good money for these paintings but each time he looks at these portraits he feel the presence of his sister and his respectful friend of Johnson. 


Alex walked out of prison know he is free; he had been working as a semi-skilled labourer making paper bags in factory nearby the country side. Alex whole life he had never been 100% happy. There were times where everything was going great, but there was that feeling of insecurity that something would soon go wrong, and he become depressed once again. He wished that in the evening go to the Alehouse have pint of beer but what he have done in the past kept him away from this place. What Should I Do? Alex asked himself.  He decided to go downtown trying to make new friends. When the weekend came he put his best cloths on. Mum I going downtown may I be late returning home. His mother and father weren’t happy what they just heard. Be careful my son take care, me and your father had enough suffering in the past said his mother. With a loud voice Alex replied, listen I spend enough time in prison and I am not going to stay prisoner in this house, understand, he became angry as; a raging bull. His father was sitting on a wooden chair with his head looking at the floor he calmly answered; Alex there is no need to get angry with us we care for you, go but remember make the best of your life avoid trouble because downtown you are going to met with different people of all kind. Alex walked towards the door, opened it slowly, and closed it. The room was filled with an fear silence. His mother shivered in fear, rubbing her hands up and down her arms. She went praying in front of a small statue of Our Lady of Fatima, Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. ..... O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer you my prayers, works, joys, and..... Help my son to grow in all the virtues he needs. 


It’s just 30 minutes drive to downtown it took Alex one way ticket from the countryside.  He starts walking that he can discover the town but his first impression was the city is always busy and noisy. There are a lot of vehicles and people in the road. Noises come from everywhere: traffic noises, industrial noises, construction building noises, and noises from living area. However, in the countryside you never need to worry about these noises. You could get deep sleep at night and enjoy a quiet stroll at daytime.  He went in a coffee shop and a nice character waitress approached Alex and politely said good morning sir, may I take your order please? Good morning yes I would like to have American coffee and two Chocolate croissants please. In short time Alex was served and enjoyed his coffee and croissants. Than Alex went on the cash counter, paid the bill and he look at the waitress and said “Thank you for the great service!” have a good day sir replied the waitress. He was thinking how to make friends and get a social life. After few hours going around the town he went in a beer pub, he really liked the atmosphere, but the customer service was lacking. He had to track down someone to take his order. The beer was good, he ordered another pint and while he was enjoying his beer someone pat on his shoulder, Hi Alex, Alex looks at this person and asked do I know you? Of course we know each other at the collage. What collage replied Alex, I think you picked the wrong person. No I am right we know each other at the, and he spoke between his lips very slowly, in prison, we used to share the same table when we have our breakfast, lunch and dinner. Listen replied Alex in a gruff voice, I know you in prison but I don’t want to be in more trouble, I have done a mistake and paid for what I had done, and now please leave me alone in peace, go away. The ex inmate wasn’t pleased the way Alex done his statement, Ok I am going to leave you in peace, no problem I just noticed you are the person that we spent some years behind bars and came on you to say hello, He replied with a loud voice that everybody in the pub could hear him, good day. All the customers looked at these two people and for few minutes’ total silence was at the pub. Alex paid for the beer and left.

After exploring the town the evening comes and he noticed a beautiful garden, he entered, “There was a bench in the back of the garden shaded by Virginia creeper, climbing roses, and a white pine where he sits watching, light blue bells of a dwarf campanula. “Love without happiness is like a garden without flowers. Alex said to himself. He remembered a quote his father used to tell him “Sometimes we have to soak ourselves in the tears and fears of the past to water our future gardens.”  After an hour or so two young ladies passes bye where he was relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature. Good morning they said, very nice garden and with a smile Alex replied, gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together. You are right it is nice to meet with people you never knew, answered one of the girls. Well if you like share this bench and we can know each other. Alex made enough space that these ladies can sit on the bench.  Well asked Alex you live here in town? No we live at the outskirts of this town. Both of us we live in a beautiful house surrounded with trees and lakes and in summer we enjoy going on a small boat going around the lake, and our joy feeding ducks. And tell us, what about you? Well my name is Alex I live in the country side about 30 minutes drive, this weekend I decided to come town my be I will meet with new friends. My father is a farmer and I work in a paper factory. I live with my family in an old house but it is well kept. The country side is beautiful especially in spring and the people of that local kept all the traditions; it is fantastic seeing people helping each other that in downtown everybody thinks of their family and themselves. You are right replied the ladies. By the way we didn’t introduce ourselves with our names. My name is Nora and mine is Ella says the ladies with a smile. They were talking with each other about everything. Well it is time to leave said Nora and Ella it was nice that we met, may be when you are in town we meet again. Yes of course I try to meet you next weekend, I will be in town. It was pleasure that I met you, good evening and take care said Alex.

On their way Ella said to Nora he looks a good guy. I think you liked him said Nora. Yes I think so but you can’t judge a person in a short period of time, I just liked the way he presented himself and the way he talk said Ella. But you are feeling something special for this guy, be honest with yourself said Nora. Come on let’s goand have a snack before we go to make some shopping said Ella.


These two ladies are coming from rich families. Ella’s father had a creative mind he made his money by hard work education and smart investing and Nora’s father is an owner of two hotels in the town centre.


Alex returned home at 23.00, he opened the door entered and his mother was sitting on old sofa waiting for her son returning home safe. Thanks God she exclaimed you came back safely. Would you like something to eat she said. No mum I am fine, it was a nice day at the town. Is my father still at the Alehouse said Alex. No he went to sleep; he had a hard day working in the field today. Well it is time to go to sleep and in few hours more the sun will raise again said Alex mother.

Alex lay on his bed looking at the wooden beams supporting the roof of his room thinking on the day in town. It was a mixture of experiences, discover the town and its people, meeting with someone he didn’t wish to meet, but he met with two ladies that he shared with them some good time. He likes most Ella, out spoken and she knows how to respect others, when Alex told them he works in a paper factory Ella just said well but Nora exclaimed in a factory, made him feeling uncomfortable. All the things spending some time in town passed on his mind. Well next weekend if the weather be fine I will spend another day in town.


Now all the people of the countryside knew that Alex is a free man. His father although he still used to go at the alehouse for some beer after a hard day working in the field he always felt himself like a fish out of water, Max always respected him and never mentioned anything to him what his son had done.

One of the farmers said in a loud, Alex is free I hope the time he passed in prison serves him a good lesson. Max went on the farmer and said, what was in the past we must keep it in the past and we look to a better future, everybody someday done a mistake, don’t forget nearly all of us have children and how can well tell that our children are not going to make a mistake in their life. So please show some respect to Alex father said Max, he offered beer to everyone on the house.

Alex father went near the counter, while Max was washing the beer mugs. Max you are grateful for that you have said thanks you. Max replied when you forgive you will be forgiven, enjoy life and look forward for better future. I am still worried about my son, now on weekends he goes in town in the morning and return back in late night. Listen he is not a child, for sure today he grown up and indicates that he evolves into a new stage in his life where he take his career, life and future more seriously said Max. Thank you Max for giving me your opinion about my son, it is time to leave, my bed is waiting for me, good night said Alex father.


Max looks thinking and worrying, nice having a family but sometimes children will grow up and make you hurt, anyway that is part of the game, I do my best for my wife and kids than I had to dance with the music. Why I am so fool thinking about these things said Max to himself. 


Another weekend came and Alex prepared himself to spend some good time after a whole week working days. Before he left home his mother told him to take care. Yes mum don’t worry and in a low voice said, always the same music record. His mother heard what he said although Alex speaks in low voice. Before you leave I must tell you something, if and when you have kids and they grow up you will play the same music record. Mum you worry to much, God bless replied Alex


Alex arrived but he chooses another part of the town. The peaceful seem to belong in a different, less crowded than the rest of town where children can play in the street without fear of traffic. He loved this part of town and the beauty of two old towers; many old restaurants, along with music clubs, museums, antiques shops, and drinking establishments. An unexpected person called his name, Alex stopped to see who is calling his name. He couldn’t believe his eyes, Ella, not in hundred years he thought he is going to see Ella again. Hi Alex how come you are here? At first I thought I was wrong seeing you said Ella. Yes each weekend I like to spend sometime in town, at the countryside there is not much to do, but here I can admire the beauty of this town. By the way let me ask, how come you are here? Alex said. My father owns a nice terraced house at this part of town and from time to time we come here to spend few days away from the hassle and noise of the town centre. Well may I ask if we can go for a walk? How I can say no, spend some time with a beautiful lady, Alex replied with a smile on his face. Ella asked plenty of questions, about his family, the way the countryside habitants lives, about his friends and what type of work he do at the paper factory. Ella it is not the honour you will walk with me, you are coming from a rich family, highly educated and I, Alex stopped for a while and for a moment he couldn’t speak. What’s wrong with you Alex exclaimed Ella, come let’s go and sit on a bench. Ella was very worried and confused about Alex; she couldn’t understand what happened to him. Ella when you know who I am you never looks at me again. For these words which she heard she was nearly shaking. Ella, I am coming from farmers family, we never suffered any hunger, we live in an old farmhouse, and sometime ago I was in prison on attempting murder. It was a special day for Blanca and Max and because of my jealousy I was going to kill Max. I thought Blanca was going to be my future wife but she rejected me. Ella please go I am trash, I hate myself each day, Alex put his hands on his face and start crying like a baby, a cry of pain and sorrow. Please Alex you are frightening me, Ella removed his hands from his face and wiped tears running on his checks. Listen to me Alex, you are not trash, you are a good human being, and you already paid for your misbehave. Live your life, pull yourself together and forget the past, look for better future and for sure you will feel better. This Blanca and Max are fine today? Ella asked. With a low voice Alex replied, yes they are doing well, they have two kids, and Max today is the owner of a beer pub at the countryside. Well when you feel good we go and have something to eat and drink said Ella.

After long conversation, in a small bistro Ella and Alex felt more relaxed. It was time Ella to return home she looked at Alex picked his hands and said, be strong and happy maybe we see each other again in town, if you think I can help you in something you need call me on this telephone number, she handled him her personal card. They took a hard shake hand and Ella went on her way back home. When Ella arrived home her mother noticed her that something went wrong. Oh what a day mum, and than Ella told the whole story how she knew Alex

Alex went out of the bistro, and decided to back home. His parents were surprised that Alex returned home so early. How come you came earlier today? Asked his mother, would you like something to eat? In a short answer he replied, no I had enough today, he went in his room and sat on an armchair looking confused with walking dream. He was feeling that he done a mistake that he told the whole true story of his life to Ella. Now I am a prisoner in the countryside, what I have done in the past is going to stay with me until death, these things was passing through his mind. His friends in the countryside rejected him, and most of the habitants look at him like he is crazy.


Monday morning is a starting week working in the paper factory for Alex. He picked his bicycle from the barn and went on his way for another day of work. While he was passing through a narrow road leads him to the place, two armed thieves, who covered their faces stopped Alex pointing the guns in his direction hoping to get some cash. Give us your wallet, or we finish you off says one of the thieves. Alex starts shaken and lost the ability to speak for a moment by cutting words. With a big effort to speak Alex took out his wallet from his jacket pocket and handled it to one of the thieves. Only five pound note and some coins you’ve got and promptly they were battering him to death with their feet, jumping on him, kicking him on the side. The thieves left the scene, and Alex faced down on the ground in a pool of blood.

After few hours the manager of the paper factory was reported that Alex is absent from work. Behind the desk the manager he was alone in the office holding a pencil in his hand; he looks through the widow and said, although his records are not clean, I gave him the job, but I better not go to any conclusion wait and see, maybe he is sick.


The murder of Alex is one of the many murders in Countryside.  This murder was reported by farmers just before 10 pm. According to the police he was killed for a small amount of money including one gold ring.  Police continued to look for a motive for the murder.

Alex parents loved him so much has been murdered, by someone who hates life. It is an understatement to say that their life has been changed. Their anger and pain are deep, and it will take a great deal of hard work and time to recover. The funeral was held and set for noon. Friends and family gathered at the countryside community church.


That evening at the alehouse everybody was talking about Alex. Asking questions why he was killed, but no one can give an answer for the motive of this murder. 

Most of the habitants of the countryside were not feeling safe and most of them moved in town it was much safer. Although crimes levels are generally lower in rural areas compared with towns, statistics show that medium to high percentage of residents living in rural areas were victims of burglary, rape and murders.

 Living in the country can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience but the bad experiences the habitants had for these years, Max suggested that all the family must leave the countryside. At first non of his family members agreed with him but everyday farmers come  at the alehouse and say good bye for the last time, giving him news that are moving to town or a safer rural areas.

Finally Max thought and decided to stay living at the countryside no matter how many advantages or disadvantages the country side has. Max like to live in contact with the nature, enjoy the fresh air and a quiet place with his wife and children. He was absolutely sure that the city life is not for him. But Max, his family and some of the farmers finally decided not to leave the country side, things at the countryside changed for better, many people from town used to spend a day and find easily a quiet a peaceful place to spend, enjoying the nature and fresh air without the stress, noise and pollution that the city has. Living in the country side is also a great experience to raise a healthy family because the food, the fresh air and the people. Country people are friendlier than the city people that make a better and safe place to spend, especially for children. 




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