Little Big Brother

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A little story about what it's like having a little big brother, based on my experiences. Gives specific details about having an older brother that most people with an older sibling can relate too.

Submitted: July 30, 2016

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Submitted: July 30, 2016



This is a story about my experience with having a big brother. Having a big brother may seem like a lot of fun he’ll teach you stuff he’ll be your role model, well keep dreaming.

I have a nineteen year old brother who acts like he’s four, he is not mentally challenged per say his brain works normal only thing wrong is he has mental issues like depression, bi-polar etc. He just chooses to act like a little kid most of the time. He’s very smart and talented but he doesn’t bother to put it to good use. He gets in more trouble than me and I’m the little sister, if you were to spend a day with each of us you would think I’m the oldest. My brother is nineteen can’t drive, dropped out of school, can’t cook, can’t clean or just doesn’t he’s pretty lazy all he does is play video games. It’s as if I’m the big sister and he’s the little bro. He depends on me to cook and do chores he’s too lazy to do. When I was five and he was seven I had to babysit him not the other way around, I still babysit him and make sure he doesn’t burn down the house literally. He attends to do things without thinking.

Having a big brother isn’t always bad though like for instance if someone is bothering you or you’re getting bullied you got your big brother to back you up and stuff. He can make you smile when sad, he does silly stuff, he keeps you company when alone etc. Yeah we fight a lot, like you have no idea, our fights are real forget fist fights we got bats in our hands. It’s like being at medieval times, or ww3 has started. My brother has like the little sibling urges of annoying the big sibling. He loves to just sit or stand there and annoy you until you do what he wants, or just chooses to hit you because they want or just start a fight because they are bored that’s basically what he does. It’s quite funny too because he starts stuff but can’t handle it when I shoot back, so he has to spit of throw water on you. I’m not saying I’m perfect or better than him, hell I failed 9th grade like I can be lazy too.

Man my brother acts more like a girl then I do and I act more like a guy than he does. Like he wines and complains about every little thing like most females do. No offense and me well I can grow more armpit hair than my own brother and he’s a hairy dude. I also like to be active and do a lot of boy like stuff but also girly stuff too. We aren’t twins or anything but some people say we look alike so when he says I’m ugly or something I’m like shit you look like so you ugly too. We can joke back an fourth like that but the fights are brutal, like I don’t know if I’d rather fight my brother an get bruised up or have a sister and have her pulling my hair out like man would it be a competition if I had a sister. Let me just tell you if you’re the little sibling and you have a big sibling that acts like the littlest man are they going to get you into trouble. Like my brother will tell me he’s hungry and ask me to make him food I do it and I get in trouble because he didn’t specify that he just ate, or he’ll want me to sneak him snacks because he got the munchies. They are snitches if they have some dirt on you that would get you into a lot of trouble if you make them mad they will use it if not when they find out. We got some funny times though, hell when I was little an my brother made me cry he’d throw a ball at the wall and make it hit himself in the face to make me laugh.

Like growing up we hated each other and now and again we don’t like each other. My older brother I think looks up to me as a role model in a way because to my mom I’m the big sister, I look after my brother, and I try to stair him in the right direction even though he’s old enough to make his own. We have this bond where if he gets hurt by me laughing at him it makes him laugh too. Like growing up even though we didn’t get along I always had his back, if he fought I’d fight there was no jumping with us, if he needed me in a fight I’d be in it, I basically looked after him. With having siblings there is always sibling rivalry because one gets favored more whether you see it or not. So there will be tension, I know because it’s the same with my brother and me; he’s older by age but not maturity and I am by maturity so I do a lot more when asked. Which causes our mom to like me better and it shows but my grandma likes him better than me so I guess we are even.

Having siblings or even having an older sibling is not how you picture it but it’s better to have someone than be an only child. You learn from each other and you try not to make the same mistake the other made and growing up together you both teach other something or get the other interested in something new. It’s always a big bumpy journey and family is family so don’t mess it up.

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