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Story of my journey into the horror land of the world, the different unique, grotesque, gruesome creepy field of the horror movie industry.

Submitted: July 30, 2016

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Submitted: July 30, 2016



I will be telling the story of my adventure through the horror world. As you read further into my scary tale, you will be entering my house of horror; where it all began. It’s a wicked topic because it introduced me to the crazy unique world of gore, fright, darkness and just plain out horror that I love & enjoy. My life is created out of horror and soon you will look through my eyes to see my journey of this life style. Now adventure on if you dare…

Spirits, ghouls, demons, witches, gruesome monsters, killer clowns, blood & guts splattered all over the walls OH the gore! The grotesque gore! and all things from your nightmare that come to life, all to night for the rides of fright. Now you might be wondering about what lead me to this adventure? Why I like this kind of stuff? Maybe even if I get scared during them? What’s the best part? What’s so creative about it? Well you’ll learn all in good time my pretty, you’re about to open the door to horror land so get ready for the adrenaline rush and the paranoia of people watching you, seeing things within the dark, and hearing creepy voices within the night. Get ready for the chills up your spine!!!

What lead me to this adventure you ask, well at the age of two years old I opened my eyes to the creepy crawlies, the bloody gory massacre, fright, darkness and plain out gruesome dread that was inflicted in the horror movies. Oh No! No! No! Not once did I get scared; No! Much different, I got the adrenaline rush of a life time, the sensation of the images running through your veins. The creation that is horror movies is magnificent, the realistic torment and abilities. Oh the monsters that come from within the dream world opened up and brought to life, thee unthinkable, the recreation of that, that can send shivers up your body and the paranoia that is injected in your brain.

 Now imagine being in my head and enjoy the story of the dead. When watching a horror movie, it’s like opening up Pandora’s Box. The shows become real, you’re all alone; lights out, the air is as thick as skin, the night dead silent. You’re crawled up on the couch with your skin crawling, watching the shadows dance beside you. You think you hear noises coming from inside your house then your skin jumps in fright. You might go investigate to realize it’s only in your head then you see amongst the shadows a bloody foot print. You mustn’t scream or you will be the bloody foot print in this dream. Oh don’t be scared what lies under your bed is only in your head, the spirits you see are just the dead, so let’s just get ready to creep to bed.

What you read before you is the horror land through my closed eyes, thee adventure on the roller coaster of life into the world of insanity and brutal things that lie ahead. Ha! Ha! Ha! If you haven’t guessed by now my favorite holiday is Halloween, the time of year that all spooky things come to life, the magic within the world of darkness of all things scares. The gruesome make up art and costumes you should beware! The pumpkin guts spilling out your hair, the cold windy nights that howl “be scared”. I Hope you enjoy my wicked end!!! The boogey man and ghosts will start to descend back to the Hell Gate’s to feed on the flesh of the new life that began.

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