How the Phoenix died

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In the beginning there were only six Zodiac. This is a legend involving the original sixth house and how it became as we know today.

Submitted: July 30, 2016

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Submitted: July 30, 2016



Legend of King Phoenix and how he dies

In the beginning there were only six:

  1. Aries

  2. Taurus

  3. Gemini

  4. Cancer

  5. Leo

  6. Phoenix These six are later called the “Elders” but are by no means superior to the later additions of the Zodiac as you will soon hear.

    These 6 signs had once lived in complete harmony with each other until a mischievous god had asked “Which of you is the ruler?” Each sign did not know of what a ruler was because at the time they had no need for one. Each sign depended on each other for different things so all were treated as equal so no ruler was ever required.

    However, after the god left, some signs had begun to question which of them was to be the best out of all of them.

    “I’m the strongest!” Aries argued.

    “I’m the smartest!” Gemini protested.

    “I’m the most charming!” Leo boasted.

    This contest over which sign was the better had destroyed their daily functions of life because each sign was necessary to accomplish all the tasks they were given. Worst of all, because the Zodiac are the guardian forces of Earth and their realm reflected all of Earth’s seasons, the humans and animals were suffering and starving because of the feud. The remaining three signs had hoped and prayed that their warring siblings would see reason on their own but as time passed, and both the Sky Garden and Earth grew more and more barren all hope seemed lost. Finally, the youngest sign (at the time) had, had enough of all the chaos and decided to put an end to it, but when he spoke no one listened and they even laughed at his attempt. They told him that if he wished for them to go back to work then he would need to beat all of them in their respective strengths, and then they would acknowledge him the leader and proceed with their duties.

    At his wits end, Phoenix agreed to their terms and had plotted how he would win each challenge. He first challenges Aries who was the oldest of all and beat him at a wrestling match. A day later he had challenged Gemini to a battle of the brains and had won by analysis. The next day he challenged Leo to a competition over who would be voted most likable by humans and they carried out their battle on earth. For Phoenix this fight was the toughest as he never cared much what others thought of him, and only cared what he thought of himself. He narrowly won against Leo by choosing to help others with chores, work, and personal advice, rather than entertaining them as Leo had.

    True to their promise, they acknowledged him as leader and carried on with their work albeit a bit sorely. A long reign of peace ensued after that and Phoenix became respected and admired by all signs.

    The peaceful days took a turn for the worse when one day a human-being so grateful and enamored by Phoenix-had asked “Why are any of the other signs even necessary at all considering your greatness?” Phoenix had fervently tried to explain to her just why the others are just as important. He defended each sign’s honor as best as he could but it was all in vain. The other signs had heard of the human’s remark and grew jealous and even fearful of Phoenix’s growing power and so they decided to “make things fair” by making Phoenix weaker. They sent Cancer to steal the sacred water (eventually the water that Aquarius would be in charge of) and when the time was right, they would throw it on Phoenix, extinguishing his ever-present flaming wings. Little did they know that orders were being made to create four more, newer, signs that are to help grow and protect the world along with their older brethren.

    Leo lured the Phoenix by pretending to be in need of some help and when Phoenix showed up, Aries and Taurus held him down while cancer and Gemini poured the sacred water on him. As Phoenix howled and screamed in pain from his flames being put out, a bright, blinding light appeared seemingly out of nowhere and sent the other signs scattering in fear. As the other signs left, Phoenix being weak, in pain, and temporarily blinded by the mysterious light had no time to run before Libra crashed from the heavens and accidentally landed on Phoenix-splitting him in two.


    Due to Libra’s special ability to separate opposing sides and weight them against each other, Phoenix was torn into two separate signs-Virgo and Scorpio- and the legendary spirit of Phoenix had died.

    Upon waking up, Scorpio felt so betrayed and violated that he quickly grew to be paranoid and distrustful of everyone. Weak, barely able to walk, and temporarily blinded by Libra’s light Scorpio scampered off into the dark, damp, underground tunnels where he knew no one dared to go already plotting his revenge- not knowing who he was leaving behind.

    Virgo was the second to wake and like Scorpio she was equally weak, blinded and had also felt betrayed and violated but unlike Scorpio she had blamed herself for the entire incident. As she curled up into a fetal position, shaking from the cold and exposure from her naked body she grew more and more self-conscious of her failures at being a true leader, at being deceived, and finally, her inability to defend herself properly. When her sight finally returned to her she glanced down at the reflection the puddle of used-to-be sacred-water- had cast and she cried and screamed at what she saw there. In her eyes she was ugly and had begun to see every flaw she could ever have. It felt as if all her armor had got up and scampered off, leaving her profanely exposed.

    While hearing an unfamiliar scream, Cancer went to check it out and upon seeing Virgo -lying curled up in a ball and shaking from the cold a part of her went out to Virgo.

    “Dear woman, I can see you have phoenix’s wings although they are no longer on fire. Are you him?” Cancer dared ask.

    Virgo let out a choked sob and could only nod her head in affirmation. “I-I was split in half and now I am hideous and exposed,” she whispered.

    Now Cancer is known to have one of the biggest hearts of the Zodiac and it was true even back then and as she watched Virgo shake she couldn’t help the crushing guilt at what she had helped the others to do. “Dear woman, you are truly more beautiful then you realize, true, you may look different then when you started but I wouldn’t dare call it ‘hideous’ because you are still living and that in itself is beauty. If you wish to cover yourself up, I will not stop you, only- recommend a shell for it hides and protects fragility well. How about a conch? You seem to look the conch part.”

    “Kind Cancer, your heart is truly great but I doubt my wings could fit in a shell.”

    As Cancer’s heart grew heavy with guilt a plan surged within her head. “I am partially to blame for your pain and to ask for forgiveness would be too much without compensation. Allow me to make it up to you. I will go and find Taurus as he is strong and dependable and he will bring cloths for you.”

    Cancer left and had went to Taurus imploring him to remedy the situation by clothing the girl and offering her armor. Taurus reluctantly agreed and had left with clothes and food.

    While Virgo sat curled up and shaking she heard a deep, sensuous voice say “We shall team together and destroy all of them.”

    Virgo turned and had found a half-blind Scorpio next to her. His skin was a darker grey color and his back was covered in large scales a spiked tail jutted out from his back like a scythe aimed and ready to strike. His eyes burned like red embers and his smile was both dangerous and magnetic at the same time. Strangely Virgo had not even flinched upon seeing him, only becoming more self-conscious of her lack of armor, so she curled into a tighter ball-embarrassed.

    “They left to get me clothes.” Virgo replied absently.

    “You wouldn’t need clothes if they hadn’t betrayed us!” was his response.

    “True but I don’t think I could ever destroy them. At least Cancer is trying to make amends. I also doubt they could have managed a blinding light complete with a random object falling from the heavens....” Virgo trailed off, trying not to make eye contact with what she could perceive as the better, stronger half.

    “It doesn’t matter what they did or did not plan! They deserved to be punished for their mutiny! If we had been a firmer ruler this would have never happened! You were too soft on them-treating them as equals instead of our rightful subordinates! We didn’t need them! We could have done all the work by ourselves and still had time to spare- we were strongest, smartest and more beloved by the people we looked after! You just had to keep them around didn’t you? Now look at you! You’re weak without me! Perhaps its best I got rid of you seeing as how this was all your fault to begin with! I knew something was wrong but did you listen!? No- you just had to help Leo! Go help Leo for the rest of your days-clean up after him! I was the real ruler and I’m taking my throne back!” Scorpio raved.

    Virgo resisted the urge to cry and after a short moment she squared her shoulders looked directly into his eyes and said “You’re just hurt. That’s why you’re saying these things. You’re hurting, just like me.” She stood up and touched his face. For some inexplicable reason he let her. “You’re eye hasn’t healed yet?” she turned his head to examine his blind eye better. Then, she moved her hand across it and warm, subtle light shone and suddenly it was blazing even more brightly then his other eye. “Stay with me?” She asked a bit sheepishly.

    “No. Not unless you plan to join me? We could do it together! I know we’re strong enough!” His voice softened in comparison to just moments before, finally remembering just who he was addressing.

    Virgo slid her hand away from his cheek and sat back down by the sacred water’s puddle. She curled back up into a ball and whispered “I’m sorry. I love them and I know you do too.” She rubbed her hands together and shivered more.

    “If you won’t help me then I have no need of you.” Scorpio walked a few paces and then, turning back to her stopped and said, “Please don’t be an easy target. I would hate for you to disappear.” And finally he left.

    Ever since then Virgo has always strove to be independently strong and consequently has always had emotional walls. She never wants to be the reason why anyone fails ever again.

    Scorpio had continued to be distrustful of others but has also learned to care for a select few. He still wishes for Phoenix to return to him and Virgo, not knowing that the spirit of Phoenix will be reborn into someone least expected.

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