Menace To Society Part 2

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This short story is basically my vision of what happened after the events of the first Menace To Society movie. I decided to really use my imagination on this. Menace To Society Part 2 is written as a movie synopsis.

Submitted: July 30, 2016

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Submitted: July 30, 2016



In 1993, Caine got killed in a drive-by that Ilena’s cousin did in front of his friends and his girlfriend. O-Dog tried to lay low, but Chauncey snitched to the police about the Koreans he murdered at the corner store. He wasn’t 18 yet, but since the charges were very serious, he ended up getting 25 to life. Stacy and Sharif were down about what happened to Caine, but they didn’t go down the wrong path. Stacy went to play college football and eventually started playing professional football. He played for the Kansas City Chiefs and was one of the best players for years before retiring and becoming a coach. Sharif officially joined the Nation of Islam and is known for trying to stop gang violence in California’s inner cities. Sharif also got married and has three kids (two girls and one boy). Lew Loc and A-Wax got killed by some Bloods that they robbed a month before in July 4, 1995. Due to having good behavior, Pernell ended up getting released from prison. He is not doing crime anymore, but Ronnie doesn’t want him around anyway. Pernell just stayed in Watts.

Caine getting murdered really made Ronnie move to Atlanta. Her and Anthony moved to Atlanta three days after the murder. They ended up living in the Zone 6 section of Atlanta. The neighborhood of Zone 6 they live in is called Bouldercrest.

Ronnie didn’t think anything of the neighborhood at first. She thought that because they were in the South, there wouldn’t be any violence. She started to see that it can get rough just as much as Watts when Anthony was in middle school. It took Anthony some time to adjust to living in Atlanta. He thought it was boring and country. After a while, he started gaining friends at school and started to like their style of hip hop. He liked trap music. Anthony was used to the g-funk sound back in Watts. He thought trap music was better than g-funk. Anthony’s favorite artist was Gucci Mane. It made him even happier that Gucci Mane lived in his same zone, so he would probably see him sometimes.

Anthony didn’t get into any serious trouble besides fighting or doing petty theft. Once he got into high school though, there was a change in the young man. He was doing well during the first half of the 9th grade, but he got more into the street life after Christmas break. He started selling marijuana with some of his friends and a girl he was messing with at the time. Her name was Briana. Everybody called her Bree though. They weren’t dating. They just had sex a lot. Anthony started to get really good at selling weed. He was even going to other zones in Atlanta in order to sell it. His mother noticed the large amounts of money he was making, but he just lied and said that he had a job at a shoe store.

While he was getting deep into the street life, he still had to pick his grades up. If he didn’t raise his grades in Math and Science, he would have failed the 9th grade. During that summer, he was either hanging out with Bree, going to Gucci Mane concerts, or selling drugs. In July 2007, things got extremely serious. The Bloods in his area wanted him to put in work for them. Anthony did the initiation and he was in just like that. Now, he was selling harder drugs like crack and ecstasy. He actually tried ecstasy one time, but he started acting really crazy and decided to not do it again. He was making even more money selling those drugs instead of weed.

With joining the Bloods, he had to do extreme things. When the OG said to rob someone, he did it. He didn’t even use a gun. All Anthony needed was a ski mask and brass knuckles. Besides him getting respect, he also started to become very feared in his neighborhood. Bree didn’t want to mess with him anymore. He didn’t mind though because he could have any girl he wanted. Worried about her son, Ronnie called Pernell to come to Atlanta and talk to his son. In the afternoon, Pernell arrived at the house and immediately started asking him questions. Anthony didn’t want to hear anything he had to say. He told him to shut up and that you can’t try to lecture me when you’ve been in jail for most of your life. Pernell tried not to get frustrated, but Anthony told him “Fuck you”. He was ready to fight his son, but Ronnie got in the way and pushed him out of the house.

Ronnie tried to ignore the signs, but she couldn’t do that any longer when one day, one of his Blood homies was showing him how to use a gun and Ronnie walked in on them. Once she saw that, she put the pieces together and she was very disturbed because it reminded her of 1993 when Caine did the same thing. She made him pack his bags and kicked him out of the house. She spent day and night crying in pain that her son is living the life that they were trying to get away from and most importantly, a life that got her boyfriend killed.

He dropped out of the 10th grade after that. He felt he was more successful in the streets trapping and robbing. Since he was by himself now, he decided to start murdering people since his friend taught him how to use a gun. His OG wanted him to kill this plug in Kirkwood and to not kill anyone else. Just kill the main target. His friend that he went to school with drove him and a few other Bloods to the plug’s house in Kirkwood. He broke in his house silently. The man was sitting on the couch watching TV. Anthony shot him in the head and took his drugs. On the way out, a naked girl pulled a shotgun out and he shot her too. Anthony ran out really fast and when he got back in the car, he saw that she was still alive. He killed the plug and got the drugs, so he didn’t think too much about it. The next morning, the murder was all over the news. The OG was mad about that, but he didn’t harm Anthony because he did do the objective.

Anthony has to lay low now. He started to stay at a hotel in the Zone 3 area. During that time, he got drunk, smoked weed, and got with a whole bunch of sex workers. He didn’t do any drug dealing or robbing because that would bring attention to him. This lasted for two weeks until he decided to go back to Bouldercrest. As he’s going to hang out with his Blood homies, he sees that the front door to his mom’s house is open. He runs real fast in there and gets hit with a desert eagle. When he wakes up, he sees that he is tied up, his mom is tied up, and that the person doing this was the woman at the plug’s house in Kirkwood. The woman just keeps yelling and asking where is the drugs. His mom tells him to tell where they are, but Anthony won’t tell. This goes on for a little while until the woman shoots both of them. Ronnie died instantly and Anthony dies a little bit slower. She figured that the OG would have the drugs, so she drives around the shopping center and waits until he’s at a spot where people aren’t there. She stabs him, grabs his keys, sees the drugs in the car, and then drives off back to Kirkwood.

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