The Rooftop Boy

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Grace Alden was born to be an orphan as soon as she turned to be an adult. Even though she still has her mother with her, it felt just the same - the horrible feelings she always felt when she was alone in the room. She couldn't stand it anymore as her mom brought back a man who is obviously no one to be compared to her dad. Hence, Grace ran away to Alabama, a beautiful city that is inhabited by beautiful people.

But it isn't all about it. Grace's life isn't just 'that horrible', it's worse than she could even imagine her life could be.

Day by day, the secrets are revealed and new people come into her life including the rooftop boy who's no other than the mysterious boy named Nash Hill. With him, Grace seemed to go through her crappy life easily but he, as well, isn't all about who he is.

"Nash is someone I will never understand. He is full of mystery that I feel like it's almost impossible to be with him" - Grace Alden

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Submitted: July 31, 2016

  People constantly grumbled of how unfair life was. Some people were rich and they basically got everything while some wer... Read Chapter

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The Rooftop Boy

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