The Birthday Girl

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Story about a Boy and a Girl

Submitted: July 31, 2016

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Submitted: July 31, 2016



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Chapter 1: The Boy Meets the Girl

Once upon time, on a faraway wide big ocean, there was a small island. The name of the island is called The Concrete Jungle. And on that island lived a Boy.

The Boy Just turned to a teenager and meets a Girls. The Boy still remembers that exact magical moment, like a clear carved picture on his mid.

The Girl was wearing blue top and a brown jeans, where the sleeves of the jeans were pulled up to an unusual way.

The moment when, The Boy had an eye contact with The Girl, The Boy saw the reflection of himself on her glassy eyes. The Boy gave a smile and The Girl smiled back with her rosy lips and diamond glittered on her white teeth.

The Girl lifted one eyebrow and said “Hi”. (Huh…. Can humans do that? Must be an angel) and music started dancing on her sweet voice. The Boy replied with a “Hi”.

The high knotted style of hair with flat tail made him sure that The Girl had a very long hair. At least to should be coming to the bottom of her bum. And most strange thing was, she had a pencil in hair holding the Knotted.

Chapter 2: The Coconut Island

Days passed, The Boy and girl became friends, and friends of friends became friends, shared little personal details of likes and dislikes.

And one day all the friends decided to go on a picnic. Had fun, enjoyed a lot and had a little incident with a coconut but nothing serious. On the way back something changed. You want to know the details? OK let me tell you.

Chapter 3: Love or Crush

The Boy and girl were on a small boat on the wide specific ocean. Traveling back from the coconut island to the concrete jungle. The Girl was sitting just across The Boy.

The Girl was staring at the blue waves crumbling down to fogy mist. While the wind was disturbing her hair, The Girls face was glowing gold from the dusking sun rays. And The Boy heard a loud sound.

The Boy panicked, and looked at left and right, back and forth looking for what it was. But no one else on the boat heard it. The Boy closed his eyes and realized that it was the sound of his own heart beating.

Now what do u call it? Love? Definitely not love at first sight. Maybe that’s what called first crush of teenage life.

Chapter 4: I Like You

So here’s what happen after. After the trip The Boy wanted to tell her but couldn’t. Few days passed The Boy was having difficulty in concentrating for his studies, couldn’t eat or sleep.

So The Boy decided to tell her. Tried few time, but couldn’t. So finally he decided to tell her by phone. He picked up his phone (not a mobile, those days mobiles weren’t so popular) called her home, asked for her and said it.

“I like you”. And The Girl replied “but I don’t” The Boys heart broke in to pieces. May be the reply was too straight because The Girl was on shock as well. The conversation ended by agreeing to be friends forever.

Chapter 5: Wind Chime

The Boy promised to himself that he will never bring up the topic again and years passed but The Boy kept his promise. Then came The Girls B day. The Boy decided to do something special for her.

The Boy had no money, so he went to a black smith and learned how to make a Wind Chime. He made a one with her name on it, and after that year, The Boy started to save some from his pocket money to buy a birthday’s gift for her every year.

The Girl knew she had a secret admirer, but never knew who he was. On some years The Girl gets Wind Chimes with a flower bouquet and sometimes with a card wishing her a happy B’ day. And on one year, there was a Red Rose made from glass.

Chapter 6: The Accident & Incident

The Boy had a little accident and broke his arm. Stayed at home for 2 months and all his friends visited him. Except The Girl. The Boys was angry with her and never contacted her again.

Later on the Boy found out The Girl never knew about it, and The Girl herself was caught up with a little trouble. Even got arrested. The Boy was ashamed of himself for not being there for her and blaming on her.

Chapter 7: The Soldier

The Boy tried lots of things to win her heart over by not bringing up the topic. The Boy knew that The Girl were in to cadets, marching and drills. So The Boy thought why not he himself become a Soldier.

The Boy joined the forces and the 4 months military training was little hard on him. But the thought of winning her kept him going. After the recruit training, The Boy returned home and found out that The Girl also got a job. And a Boyfriend. The Boys broken heart shattered into more pieces.

Chapter 8: The Wrong Turn

The B’ Day gifts kept on going. The Boy started to follow The Girl to her home, from office at late nights. The Girl never knew about that. Now some people calls that stalking. But The Boy was just making sure that The Girl returned her home safely.

Days and months passed and The Boy heard that The Girl was going to get married. The Boy couldn’t bare the pain. But kept his promise. The Boy took a wrong turn in life. Started to hang out with friends at late night, and ended up doing the one thing that The Girl ask him NOT to do. Smoking.

Chapter 9: The Wise Man

The Boy’s old wise man was worried about The Boy’s behavior. Months passed and one day the wise man set with The Boy and told him that he knew that this is about a girl. The wise man asked him to answer the questions honestly.

Romeo kills himself because he couldn’t be with Juliet. Almost same goes with the story with Shirin and Farhad, Dhon-Hiyala and Ali-Fulhu. Now is that true love?  Asked the wise man. “Yes” replied The Boy. Now what would be your answer? (Answer to your self-honesty)

Chapter 10: Truly Madly Deeply

The wise man said, “NO. Those are cowardly decisions taken by heartbroken MAD people. If you TRULY love someone, u will let her go. And if you’re DEEPLY in love with her, you will live, to see her live a happy life.

Maybe there is a difference between people in love madly, truly and deeply. (By the way; truly madly and deeply by Savage Garden is one of her favorite song)

Chapter 11: Good bye from secret admirer

Anyway, The Boy decided to let her go, however not to get married before her. The Boy sends one last card with the usual gifts (wind chime), on her birthday, saying that this might be the last from him. The Girl never knew why the B’ Day presents stopped coming, but that was the last gift from her secret admirer.

Chapter 12: not THE END

Days turned in to months, and Months turned in to years, and Years turned in to decades. The wheel of life never stopped turning and they grew old, but just NOT together. Both The Boy and The Girl got married, got kids. And one day The Boy fells in to a deep sleep.

When the boys waked up, He found The Girl standing right beside him holding The Boys hand. The Boy was confused and asked how? Why? The Girl replied, I am a promised gift to you from all mighty God.

It is said that on Jannah You will be with those whom you loved most. And that was NOT THE END, but the begging of an eternal life.


“If Allah lets you into Paradise,

There will be everything you wish to have

And you feel like seeing.”

~Hadith compiled by Imam Abu `Isa Muhammad (rahimahullah) at-Tirmidhi, XIV/431~




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