i am who i am

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short story of what might go through a soldier's mind.

Submitted: July 31, 2016

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Submitted: July 31, 2016



Call me a soldier, a machine, or a man. I am all in one. Train to defeat, strategize, and imprecise. Don’t push my buttons, I don’t know which “me” you will get.

Bought up with love and respect, I am humbled by the wrinkles on my grandparents face. The hard working hands that disciplined me growing up.

Their voices still so clear in my head “This is right and this is wrong”.

No time for laziness or complaints. Get up and show up. Jump over the wall and climb the hill. Fire the gun. Fight, fight, fight. This country needs me and my family is pleased by me.

“Dear soldier you are ready to go over, pack your bags because this is what you were trained for.”

Foreign land, foreign food and a foreign tongue, I tell myself I can do this. Don’t think, just do. Dear family forgive me, I need to be a machine. Duck, crawl, or run whatever it takes to get there. I’m not cold, I’m not hungry, and I’m not scared. I am a machine that was trained for this.

I can’t say it was fun and I can’t say it was easy but I can say what is done is done. I missed you mom, I missed you Love, I missed you son, and I missed you dog. Times goes on and life moves on.

I’m glad to be home.

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