Awareness & Understanding

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I wrote this, in 2016. It's part of my 5th poem set, Emptiness Condensed.

Submitted: August 01, 2016

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Submitted: July 31, 2016



I, dream, of, a land, with, awareness, and understanding, through, friendship, and love.

Don't let, misguided, feelings, drag, you, under, let's, try, our, best, to lift, each other, up.

Some, try, to make, life, a constant, competition, they're, missing, the development, in, meaningful, connections.

Communication is, an immaculate, ally, it helps, convey, messages, and, spread, wisdom.

The fact, that, you're, even, reading this, it's, a miraculous, innovation, an outstanding, conception.

Language, becomes, more intricate, the more, you, think, about, how it, all, originated.

Translations, that, traveled, through, time, as, sounds, were, spoken, and, dialects, awoken.

We, must, not, allow, history, to be, forgotten, it needs, to be, openly, acknowledged.

Sentimentality is, not a weakness, and, neither is, acceptance, they're, forms, of, respect.

Something, extraordinary, happens, when, love, and compassion, become, direct, focuses.

No matter, where, we, travel, or turn, there's, always, something, new, to discover, or learn.

Philosophy, shouldn't be, programmed, or limited, there are, diverse, spectrums, of, ambitions, and opportunities.

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