Creepypasta High school + Fnaf

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Chapter 12

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



Vincent's P.O.V

 I walked upstairs and into my room, still contemplating what happened back at the pizzeria. 

Lilly is a strange kid , but so was I at her age.....well.....I still am.

A smirk played on my lips and I shook my head. I jumped in bed and covered myself in blankets.

(Time skip)

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock.


I jumped up ready to make a run for the bathroom when I remembered that we have a day off today. I believe it's killers in service day or something. I walked into my closet and grabbed a fresh purple shirt and pants. I pinned my badge on my shirt pocket and brushed my hair back into a tighter ponytail.

I herd a loud thud and a cry from downstairs. I covered my mouth, trying not to laugh.

"You ok down there?" I laughed

"Shut up!"

I walked downstairs and leaned against the wall admiring Lilly's predicament. She was wrapped up in her blankets and was laying face first on the ground.

"You look.......FABULOUSSSSS!!!!" I said in a gay voice.

"Thank you Becky" she said in a high pitch voice

"Your welcome Linda!"

(Don't ask >~< XD -3-)

"But anyway, do you wanna help me out at work today?" She looked up at me and rolled around on the floor until she was out of the blankets.

"Yesh" she said with a derpy look on her face.


(Time skip again because of orange floofy Alex's dancing on rainbows)

I got out of the car and started walking into the pizzeria, Lilly walking beside me. I walked into my boss, Scott's, office. He eyed me with suspicion when he notice Lilly.

'' Yes Vincent, what can I help you with today?" he asked 

" I was wondering if you could let niece help out with making the new animatronics design. 

He thought for a moment and sighed," I don't care as long as you don't,"  He drug his finger under his neck.  

I nodded and motioned for Lilly to follow me. I looked behind me and saw Lilly looking through an open door.

Lilly's P.O.V 

I started following him but a door caught my eye. I looked inside the room and turned the lights on. I walked in and shut the door behind me. As soon as I turned around a giant bunny was standing behind me. Well I think it was a bunny anyway... it didn't really have a face. Its eyes flickered off for a second and went back to normal. It grabbed my shoulder and I quickly hugged it. Why you ask? Because it looked so... so... so... SAD! 

"I'm B-B-BoN-nie t-the bun-nny."  I noticed when it talked sparks flew out of a speaker like thing in the back of its mouth.

"Bonnie can you hold still for a sec?" it nodded and powered down.

I stuck my hand into its 'mouth' and tugged on a piece of scrap metal lodged in the speaker. It came loose and I took a screw driver and pulled a piece of metal over the hole so that it wasn't as bad.

"You can turn back on now Bonnie." Bonnie's eyes opened and looked at me.

"Hello Again." he spoke perfectly.

I looked around and saw a mask (y  XD) that looked like it would fit on Bonnie's....cavity.I grabbed it and pushed it into place. A click signaled that it was in place so I started screwing the eyes in. I finished so I looked at him. Suddenly his eyebrows fell off so I put them back on, then they fell off again, and again, and again. I growled and threw the pieces of plastic into the spare parts bucket. I took a marker and drew Bonnie's eyebrows on myself using my thumb as my guide line.

"There." I smiled.

" Thank you" Bonnie 'smiled'  

I was about to put his left arm on when  Vincent walked in.

"WOAH it's a elusive Vincent approaching me in his natural habitat!" Vincent decided to play along

He started to do the chicken dance, "Toast! T-Toast! TOOOOOOOOOAAAAAASSSSTTT!!!"

"Whoa it's the elusive Vincent's mating call!" Bonnie stared at us weirded out.

Vincent started frothing at the mouth and started climbing the wall.

Suddenly a bald man looked inside of the room and yelled " EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!"

I fell on my face Bonnie fell next to me and Vincent did a flip and landed on top both of us.

"CURSE YOU MIKE!" Vincent tried to get up but was restrained by the power of MLG PRO 360 no scope #yolo #swag.

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