Why Didn't You Call Me?

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An introspective walk to a lake.

Submitted: July 31, 2016

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Submitted: July 31, 2016



“Why didn’t you call me?”



The bag weighed heavily on her shoulders as she trudged up the trail. The hot sun poured over her olive toned skin. Too much longer out here and she might actually burn. It was slow goings. It sucked.

Her muscles burned with every step. “Screw going to the gym” she thought, “I should just carry bags full of bricks up hiking trails.” She was already out of breath. It was kinda like those old kung-fu movies she used to watch with…well, it doesn’t matter much now. Hopefully the trail would end sooner rather than later.

It was pretty boring here. She chose a day where the trail was actually pretty empty. She probably saw one other person, on their way back up from the top. Part of her hoped that there wouldn’t be anyone up there. The quiet was always better. To look over the edge and see the vastness of the world. By yourself, it was aweing, creating perspective in the universe. Like seeing the millions of galaxies from our tiny blue marble. With another person, you could talk about how amazing it looked in comparison to everything else. You could discuss on what could possibly to happen to make it the way that it did. Was it all random, or was it the choice of some divine being. It makes you wonder. However, three’s a crowd after all, and when there’s huge hiking groups, it’s hard to get a grasp of conversations when everyone’s trying to make their contributions. Nobody wants to be the asshole who hogs the limelight.

Maybe another thirty minutes?

Adjusting her shoulder, the bag lifted forward again. It was heavy, and was probably doing terrible things to her back and posture. This was probably the worst way to do this, but who’s to judge. It was what she had at hand.

She thought about how much nicer this trip would have been if someone else was here with her. Maybe they could be carrying a heavy bag too. Suffering the trip alone is just unfortunate. Plus, she could joke with them about it. A few people came to mind.

He did. She sighed.

As she crossed over another hill, towards her destination, she thought about him. The only reason she hadn’t done this so far. “It’s dangerous” he’d say, “It’s stupid, you’re stupid” he’d berate, “I’d hate you forever”. Those were always his words. Or a variation of those. She would laugh at him. She spent so much time with him, it was funny whenever he got legitimately angry. She would tease him about it, and the day would go on. They would just continue on as if it never happened. Though she wondered sometimes how many times he would get back in better moods. She wondered. She wondered on.

Only a couple more. She stopped. She was out of breath. Out of shape is more like it. The burning feeling in her shoulders of the backpack giving slack was nice until she stood up and it threatened to pull her down onto her ass.

She tottered forward and continued on her path. After a few more minutes, she reached her destination. It was a hiking trail out a bit from her town. One that overlooked a beautiful pool of water. Again the thoughts came to her head. The beauty of this natural wonder. Carved seemingly with hands of an expert craftsman. Who could wonder? She sat down to catch her breath. She let her feet dangle off the edge. Staring into the void of the pool, before looking up and taking in the beauty. She thought of how small she was right now. Compared to how great this was. How immense the world she stood upon. Her eyes gazed further up at the blue sky. Were it night time, she would see the billions of trillions of stars that held fast in the sky above. An uncountable number of burning space.

Her mind wandered. Her mind wondered. She wondered about her friends. The ones she held so dearly and how kindly they treated her. How amazing each one was. Especially him. He had always been there. Her family too. They had always done their best. Maybe their best wasn’t the best, but it was their best. She had appreciated it nonetheless.

It hit her though. Why she was there in the first place. She sighed. There now, it felt like no turning back. If she did, what would she do with the backpack? Abandon it? It was a nice pack. She’d kick herself for months. He’d kick her for years.

She stood up. All of the feelings hit her, but she held back any tears, or any obvious signs of pain. Imagining what her face looked like, she probably looked ugly, sweaty, and tired. Beautiful. How she always wanted to look. Her hand brushed the hair away, over her ear, and she threw the backpack off her shoulder. She pulled it around so it lay in front of her. Fighting to tighten the straps to as much as she could get them the current state. It would suck to slip out in the end. She would just look foolish. “That would be a cool magic trick though” she pondered.

Her last chuckle was bittersweet. She threw herself at the water, and pack pulled her in like an anvil. The impact knocked the wind out of her, and everything began to go black…it wouldn’t hurt as bad that way…


“Why didn’t you call me?” he said through gritted teeth.

He stared at his cell phone, at the last message he sent her.

His was “Just call me, damn it”. Hers was “I’m just gonna go for a walk”.

That was the last thing she sent him. He was angry. But like always, it was at himself. Not her.

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