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Submitted: July 31, 2016

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Submitted: July 31, 2016



Yiska lies
on the school field
at midday lunch break
staring at the sky
watching cloud formations

I lie beside her

I like cloud formations
she says
they are so peaceful

I turn to look at her
sideways on
she didn't normally
talk about clouds
in fact she's never
mentioned them before
are you all right?
I say

she looks at me
no my mother
found out that
I took you home
yesterday lunchtime
and she was not pleased
Yiska says

how did she
find out?
I say

some nosey neighbour
mouthed it to her
said she'd seen
us go in
Yiska says

what did your
mum say?

she ranted and fumed
and I thought
for an odd moment
she was going
to slap me one
Yiska says
looking past me
at other kids
playing football
over the field

couldn't you have said
the old neighbour
was mistaken?
I say

I tried but she saw
through my pretence
like a witch
Yiska says
she looks at me
wish we had now
wish we'd
done something
to make it
worth while
the row
and moans

we lie quiet
for awhile
to the voices
of other kids
on the field
and watch birds
flying overhead

so what now?
I say

she says I can
bring you to lunch
only if she says so
and on strict orders
ONLY if she says
Yiska says

she gazes at me
I wish to fuck
we had done things
while we had
the chance
she says

I lean forward
and kiss her lips
they are warm and damp

her tongue
touches mine
a buzzing feeling
goes through me
but otherwise
I'm fine.

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