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Submitted: July 31, 2016

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Submitted: July 31, 2016



Elaine undresses for bed

it had been
an awful evening
watching TV

her mother still moaning on
about the boy John
kissing her
(Elaine not
her mother)

her sister sitting
on the sofa
smirking each time
their mother moaned

her father adding
about the boy
actually kissing
his Plump Hen
and smiling
and mother getting
annoyed with him

the TV programme
boring as a fart
in an open field

her sister
is already undressed
and in bed
reading a book

that didn't go down
too well did it
the younger sister says
looking up
from her book

Elaine stands there
in her bra and panties
thanks for nothing
Elaine says
at least a boy
kissed me
I'd like to meet
the boy who is
brave enough
to kiss your
blabbing lips

her sister
glared at her
at least I will be
kissing someone
who isn't
a butterfly freak
and yaks about freaking
birds and nests
and eggs for Christ-sake

no need for you
to open your big mouth
about John kissing me
it was just one
of those special things
Elaine says

special? freaky
more like
why'd he want
to kiss you?
her sister says

at least I get kissed
boys wouldn't even
kiss your backside
Elaine says

she puts on
her faded pink
and buttons up

at least the boy who
will kiss me won't do it
in secret like some freak
the sister says

Elaine bellows

her sisters replies loudly

the door opens
and their mother
stands there
hands on hips
what is going on
in here?
it's bedtime
you ought to be
getting asleep
not ranting like
two bad neighbours

it's her
the sister says
ranting on
about that boy
who kissed her

I want to more
about it
not another word
or I'll slap you
both one
now quiet
not another word
the mother says
standing there
by the door

Elaine gets into bed
and pulls the bed cover
over her shoulder
and turns towards
the wall

the mother switches
off the light
and closes the door

the sister
slams shut
the book
she was reading
and lies down

big mouth
Elaine utters quietly

the sisters replies softly

an owl hoots
sounds from the TV

Elaine stares
towards her sister
and glares.

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