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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Two Sides of a Coin. Part 1

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Submitted: August 01, 2016



"With a beep, the apartment's door unlocked. Through them entered a boy, age 17. Handsome, charming, popular with the ladies. This man is the main character of this story."

"No one in their right mind would pass you for a highscooler." A warm voice came from the kitchen area.

"And yet no one suspected a thing." The boy entered the kitchen area, looked around and found a bowl of fruits on the table.

"Lunch will come shortly." Ema turned back to him from the stove. She was wearing a long white apron. Her long purple hair lied on her shoulders and chest. Deep brown eyes focused on the boy's face. "What happened to your eye?"

The boy smiled as he shook his head so the hair would fall and cover the wound.

"I tripped on the stairs."

"Rey..." Ema said with a serious look.

"If you're that worried, I can think of a couple of ways you could make me feel better." Ray winked.

Ema put away her cooking gloves and walked up to Ray. She moved his hair with her hand and looked him in the eyes. A moment of silence fell, but Ray broke it as he took her hand and moved it away.

"Don't worry. Anyways..." He took the bowl of fruit and walked up to the door to his room. "I need to get ready, it starts in an hour."

"I'll bring the food to your room then." Ema walked back to the stove and put on her cooking gloves.

"K. By the way, what are you making?" Ray said from inside his room.


"Potatoes and what?"

Ema stood silent. Ray took a glimpse out of his room.

"Give me a minute to change, I'll come help you make something." He smiled and disappeared into the darkness of his room.


Ema was cleaning up. After they had lunch, Ray went back to his room and closed the door. Now, with the door shut, there was no way for light to get into the room. He had made sure to seal off any gaps in the windows or around the door. Nothing could be seen. However, nothing needed to be seen, all was irrelevant. Or at least such were Ray's thought. Yet if an outsider came and saw the content of this room, that would not be the case.

Ray slowly laid down on his bed and relaxed. A deep breath, another one. He closed his eyes. 

Light rays shot upwards and swirled around his body. 

"Welcome." He heard a voice greeting him. It was natural and gentle, yet Ray could distinguish the robotic echo deep within it. 

Ray opened his eyes. He was standing on a white floor that went as far as the eye could see. The ceiling was around ten meters high, made out of white glass. Behind it there was nothing but white.

"What bad taste." Ray couldn't help but think to himself. If he had to design it, he would remove the ceiling and open up the sky. A night's sky. Pitch black.

"Hm." He giggled. " I guess my taste is no better." He looked around again. Behind him was a fracture in space that wasn't there a moment ago. He walked up to it. "Id, Raynold Sunlight, 7754128"

"Confirmed. Welcome to PROJECT, you're registration will now begin." The voice coming from the fracture stopped. It expanded and from it came out windows that surrounded Ray. "Please confirm the data."

Ray started reading the windows one by one. PROJECT has been under development for a long time. It was supposed to be a revolutionary event. A virtual reality game that could be accessed from anywhere with no needed extra equipment. 
Ray, just like many others, had filled out all the information and send it to PROJECT's registration office weeks ago. Normally, filling it all out could take up to three hours, maybe more. Considering it was only allowed to be played five hours a day, with some exceptions, like events, or finishing a boss battle, so a user would not need to restart it, this registration would take up more than half of the day. With this in mind, people send their information before hand and could now get an early lead. Even if it was a couple of hours, people like Ray knew it could bring a significant difference. 

"All is correct. Proceed to creation."

"Very well." The windows returned to the fracture. "Please continue to avatar creation."

Ray turned around. Behind him stood a lifeless avatar, that looked identical to himself. Ray stretched out his hand and drew a black pattern of a vine on his left side of the face, swirling around the left eye.

"That's all. We can continue." He turned back to the fracture.

"You will not be able to change some of the avatar's aspects later on. Do you wish to proceed?"

"Yes." A tattoo of a vine appeared on Ray's face, that he just drew.

"Information about the game, including the world, skills, and quests can be acquired only in the game. We believe this way the experience of the game could be fundamentally enhanced. The basic information given in the manual is uploaded to PROJECT's official website. Would you like me to go over it?"

"No need. Proceed by skipping this step." Ray looked calm. However, inside, he was ecstatic. It was finally here. This was to be his world. He will not waste a single minute on this day. If he was to take the world, he could not slack off.

"Understood." The fracture started shrinking until it completely disappeared. 

Ray smiled. A door opened next to him.

"Shall we do this?" He smirked as he went through them and disappeared from the room. 

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