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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Synchronization. Part 3

Submitted: September 07, 2016

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Submitted: September 07, 2016



"You really saved us there! I guess we owe you one." The white hair girl laughed. "I'm Purity, this is Ashley." The three of them were sitting around a fire Ray lit up on the bank of the river. 

"Purity?" Ray couldn't help but find it ridiculous. Of course, you could choose it to be anything you'd like. Still, white did look good on her chocolate color skin.

Did she try to match her name with her looks? Ray thought to himself. White hair, a long white blouse, and long white jeans. There probably wasn't anything in the forest that stood out more than her. She was practically asking the monsters to attack her. Then again, all that clothing did reveal some fine body lines.

"Hey!" Ashley stood up. "Eyes to yourself."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Stated Ray as he diverted his sight to the pot in front of him. 

"You better." She grouched and crossed her hands. 

"Ah." Ray breathed out. All this was taking too much of his attention and time. But he needed some information. "About that ram from before, where did you find him?"

"You saw that? I wonder what happened to it. One moment we were running from it, the next it was gone." Purity looked quite cheerful. 

Next moment? You ran like hell even after I killed it. Ray looked at her with an empty expression.

"I killed it." He said while he poured the potion from the pot into a flask and started working on the next one. 

"You killed it?" Purity was shocked. Ray raised his eyes. It seemed like even Ashley was a bit surprised. 

"Yea. It gave quite a fight." Ray answered. He did use the Red Rose Adamantium Sword, but he could have done it without it too, it would have simply taken a bit more time. Even so, Ray didn't want to reveal them the effect of the rose sword, so he lied about having trouble with the ram. Since it surprised them like that, it meant that they stood no chance against it even with the two of them. With that in mind, they couldn't be above level 10. "What level are you two, though?" There was no reason for them to hide it, so Ray just asked it openly.

"I'm level 6, Ashley here is level 7." Purity said with no delay.

Still, it was lower than Ray predicted. It had been a week and he would think that with all that time, even without items like the rose sword or his knife, that allowed him to collect any plant he found, players should have reached level 8, maybe even 10 if they were traveling in a bigger party. 

PROJECT had party sharing experience system, so it would be distributed to all members in a specific range equally. The maximum party size was eight players, but that didn't mean that a few parties wouldn't join together. Even if the experience from monsters would be less, they could clear areas faster, not to mention if they were to run into a boss, it wouldn't give them any trouble. This looked like a smart way to go, but Ray didn't actually know how many people did this since these two were the first players he met ever since he ran away from the Vine Garden. 

"What about you?" Asked Ashley. She sounded curious and the malice from just a moment ago was gone from her face. 

"14." Ray thought about hiding it, but he wanted the two to trust him. If they knew his level and that he could take out monsters like that ram, maybe they would feel safer with him and lead him near the boss giant he was looking for.

"What!" They both gasped. They knew that they had wasted a lot of time, compared to the other players, but they didn't think they would be that far behind. 

"You're not lying, are you?" Ashley gave him a suspicious look.

"Not at all." Ray was almost done with the next potion. He wanted to make more pills to cure paralysis since he had used almost all of them on the girls. Using the pills wasn't necessary, but he wasn't sure when the paralysis would end. Normally it would take about 5 minutes, but the effect stacked, even if the time period added would be shorted with each income. For all his knowledge, it could have gone on for another half an hour and he couldn't wait that long.

Ray opened his window. He had five minutes left till log out. Before that, he wanted to finish making this potion. 

"Look, a ram like that one was an uncommon monster. They are stronger than the usual ones. Even so, I can take care of it on my own. If you were to show me where you found it, I could join your party. That way, you'll get some experience, since this area is a bit high-leveled for you two." Ray's offer wasn't bad. They would lead him where he wanted and he would provide them with easy experience. Even if he had a bad feeling about it, it might take a while till he found the giant, especially if he took a wrong turn somewhere in the maze. 

"Hmm, deal!" Purity didn't seem to about it too hard as she accepted on the spot.

"Hey, wait!" Ashley didn't seem to fully agree with her. "Shouldn't we, you know, spend more time thinking it through?"

"Why? It seems like we have really fallen behind and he'll help us catch up." Ray wondered if she was always this easy going. "Plus, the more the merrier, right?"

"Then that settles it. I have to log out, so how about we do it tomorrow? Is three pm fine with you?" The time in PROJECT was set to Greenwich. That way everyone knew their own time and could plan with their party accordingly. 

"Can we do it at four?" Asked Purity. "I won't be able to come back from my activities that early. Ashley is the same."

Ray thought if the two knew each other in real life. It would make sense for friends to form a party. He recalled Michael. Ray was asked to join his party and was supposed to give him a reply the day Ray ran away from the city. Well, it's not like he would have joined them anyway, but Ray still felt a bit bad for not showing up at all.

Ray wondered what Michael was doing. Knowing him, he should have everything planned out, probably even more than Ray. With a party of five or six, he shouldn't be far from Ray's level. 

"Four it is. Any time is fine with me." Ray said and only then realized what he said. He looked as Purity and Ashley. That one sentence gave them a puzzled look. "I try to leave one or two days completely free for myself every week." He smiled.

"Oh." That seemed to be the answer they were waiting for. "I have a friend like that, though it would be just too exhausting for me." Purity waved her hand. Ray couldn't imagine her as a hard-working type.

"Yea, it's pretty harsh, but I started to like it once I got used to it." Ray laughed it off. It would be bad if they found out the truth. "Anyway, I'll be going then. Be ready for tomorrow. If you have time and don't have a change, dry your clothes too." Ray had changed to a spare of clothes he found in one of the smaller ruins. They were not suited for combat but did the job while his main equipment was soggy. There should be items that would prevent clothes from getting wet or would instantly dry them up. Ray thought about trying to get those whenever he would get the chance, this was just too bothersome now.

"Good call." Said Purity, as she took off her vest. Her clothes have already started to dry up, but Ray could still clearly see everything under the blouse.

"H..h..hey! What do you think you're doing?!" Ashley jumped up, trying to stand between Ray and Purity, so he wouldn't see anything, but she was too short to hide what was to hide.

"Changing." She got a clear answer. 

"Don't do it in front of him!" Ashley's face was solid red as she continued to shout on her companion. 

"Come on, we're all adults here." She laughed it off and started taking off her blouse. 

"Wait!" Ashley tried her best to stop Purity.

Ray was just sitting there watching the two girls. Or at least one for sure. Purity was about to turn to his side as she took off the blouse. Suddenly, a window appeared in front of Ray's eyes, blocking his view. He was forcefully logged out.

Ray opened his eyes. He was laying on his bed. 

"Damn it, just one more second." He couldn't help but feel disappointed. Why did Ashley have to stall?

"Mmm, what is it?" Ema raised her head. She was laying next to him, using his chest as a pillow. 

She did that almost every time Ray would fall asleep. He had completely forgotten it.

"Nothing, go back to sleep." He said as he diverted his eyes to the side, leaving Ema with a puzzled expression.

*** ***

"Are you sure this is the way?" Ray asked. He was following Purity and Ashley. 

It's been around an hour since they logged in and have been walking ever since. Even so, they had not met a single ram. They encountered a few wasps, around half a meter big, but they were all level 4. It gave no trouble to Ray and Purity. 

The area was covered in thick light blue mist. That was the effect of the blue mist mushrooms. The moment they would interact with moisture, they would produce a blue pigment around them, dyeing the water, or in this case the mist in a pleasant blue color.

"I think so." Purity was blending out with the in with her white clothing so it was hard to see where she was exactly, but Ray could clearly stay behind Ashley.

"You think so?" Ray didn't like that answer in the slightest. Maybe all this was a mistake after all.

"Well, it's hard to see in this mist. Don't worry, we'll be fine." She laughed.

Yea you will, cause I'm here. Ray couldn't help himself but think. These two were expecting him to level boost them. He wasn't against it as long as it would benefit him as well, but now it was simply a waste of his time.

"What, feeling bad cause you can't see Purity that well? She treated you plenty yesterday." Ray had a feeling Ashley won't let that go for a while.

Cheeky brat. Not like it was my choice. Even if he thought that, he still felt bad that the system logged him out like that. He would usually avoid things like that, but he was still a man.

Ray heard a buzzing sound nearby. The wasps from before made the same one. Ashley and Purity heard it too. They got ready for battle, however, it wasn't needed. Ray walked into the mist. The girls could hear the sound of a blade cutting through the air.

"Let's go." He said as he sheathed his blade. Something was off. The wasps were too low leveled. Even if they went the wrong side and ended up at a lower level area, the monsters should still be around level 10. They didn't go that far, why were the monsters level 4? Not just that, there were no other monsters around. Ray didn't lower his guard for an instant.

The three kept walking. A bit more time passed, but nothing happened, nor did they find any ruins of any sort.

"That's strange, I don't think it was that far away." Ashley stopped and said with a puzzled look. She looked around, but couldn't see anything through the mist.

"I knew it, so we really did go the wrong way." Ray walked up to her.

"I did not say that." She seemed to be angered by that remark. "Purity, what do you think?" She turned to her companions side but got no answer. "Purity?"

"Shit." Ray grabbed Ashley's hand and quickly walked ahead. "Purity!" 

"H.. hey! What are you doing?!" Ashley tried to free her hand from Ray.

"Shut up, when is the last time you saw Purity?" Ray stopped and turned to Ashley.

"I don't know." She realized Ray was serious. "I think she was just in front of me." She said quietly.

"You think or you know?" Ray asked with no delay.

"I... think." Ashley had her face down. For some reason, she couldn't raise her head to face Ray.

"Damn it, Purity! Purity!" Ray quickened his steps. He was still holding the girl's hand, but she kept quiet.

They heard a buzzing sound from the side. It was stronger than before. There were more than just a few of them. Ten? No, more. Around twenty. At that time, they hear a buzzing from the opposite side.

"What?" Ray looked both ways. Something was going on. A buzzing sound followed from the front. "Let's go back."

"But Purity." Ashley pulled his hand. "We can't leave her." She had a point, Ray didn't want to leave her, but this might be worse than it seemed.

A buzzing sound came from their back. It was completely surrounding them. Ray clenched his teeth- they had walked into some sort of trap. He let go of Ashley's hand and drew his sword. It took a second for her till she retracted it and started taking out her greatsword. Ray glanced over. Ashley had to be around 1.3 meters tall, while that greatsword was longer than 2 meters. He couldn't imagine an effective use of it, especially for someone that small.

"Get ready," Ray said. Ashley nodded her head. They turned back to back and started waiting. "Rush to the side where they'll come from first. Maybe we can break through." Ashley looked concerned. It must have been for Purity, however, Ray couldn't afford to think about that now. There must have been at least 50 wasps surrounding them. Even if they were weak like the others, the numbers were troublesome.

Four wasps came flying from their right. Ray wanted to go at them, but he noticed Ashley taking a stance. She swung her sword, cutting two wasps at a time. The other two came flying at her back. She couldn't control such a huge sword and it threw her of balance.

"Ah." She closed her eyes. She knew she couldn't dodge it. A blade sliced them in half. 

"Don't lose your focus, let's go." Ray waited for her to get up with that sword and they ran further into the mist.

Wasps came from all sides. Ray could finish them in a single swing, but Ashley wasn't as quick. She would kill them in one hit, but her speed with that giant sword was no more than sluggish. 

"Don't look down on me!" She shouted out as she swung the greatsword. "I'll show you the power of an arcane knight!" Ashley started spinning with the blade. "Whirlwind of flames!" She screamed as her blade set of fire.

Ashley was spinning faster and faster. The flames coming from her sword turned into a twister of burning fire. Wasps around her got sucked in and cut to pieces. Others, who managed to avoid the blade, were burned to crisp.

Ray couldn't help but look at that skill with awe. He would never have guessed Ashley could use her sword that way. It was a dangerous skill even for him, who was twice her level. He didn't understand how those two could have been in the state he found them with strength like that. 

Ashley killed at least 20 wasps in just a few seconds. The blade hit the ground and the flames disappeared. It was over. Still, it got rid of most of the wasps attacking them. Ray took care of plenty himself, though he couldn't compare with that destructive skill. Ashley really raised in his eyes. Maybe it was a good thing he teamed up with them.

"How is th... blah." Ashley dropped on the ground and released her lunch on the ground. 

"Seriously?" Ray couldn't believe his eyes. How could her own skill leave her in that condition? She was too dizzy to even stand straight on all four. She was swaying to the sides nonstop, waiting for the next wave of her stomach's content.

More wasps came out from the mist at them. Ray cut four around him. One of them rushed at Ashley. She was completely defenseless. The wasp was pierced by the rose sword, thrown by Ray. The last wasp tried to sting Ray in the back, but he dodged and pinned the wasp to the ground with his hands. He raised his palm and with a flash, stuck it into the monster's chest, finishing it in one blow. 

He glanced at Ashley. She seemed nowhere near recovery. 

Useless. Everything he thought about her a minute ago was gone. It was nothing but trouble after all. Not to mention Purity was lost somewhere in the mist, if she was even alive. 

Ray opened his window. The party section showed three people, him, Ashley, and Purity. Next to all three it showed their levels. He noticed before that the mist prevented him from seeing their location on the map but he wasnted to check it again.

Buzzing sound came closer as more wasps came out from the mist.

"Shit, there's just no end to them," Ray muttered and leaped to Ashley to defend her. "That's it!" He glanced at his experience.

With a quick series of slashes, he cut through the wasps. He couldn't keep on avoiding all of them while protecting Ashley. It seemed like she understood her situation and tried to get up and get a hold of her sword, but she fell on the ground again and grasped her mouth with her hand, trying to hold it in.

Ray looked at his window and the experience bar. I was right. He thought and grabbed Ashley under his arm. He avoided two wasps and rushed to the side where most of them came from. 

"Hey, let me g... blah." Running seemed to make Ashley's condition worsen.

His experience had not gone up from any of the kills. Even if the penalty for killing lower leveled monsters was harsh, it still gave at least some experience. These wasps not increasing it at all had to mean one out of two things. They were either an illusion or not the real monster. 

Ray saw a body of a monster in front of him. Mist Swarm Lvl 18. It was a green plant with a mouth as it's full head and two vines coming out from under it. Two bloated balls started making their way from the plant through the vines. At the end of them came out two level 4 wasps. 

So that's how it is. Ray thought to himself. He released Ashley, letting her fall to the ground. With the free hand, he grabbed her greatsword and rushed at the monster.
The two wasps came at him, but he easily dodged them. Ray threw the rose sword up. With both hands, he slashed the plant with the greatsword, cutting it in two. Ray shifted his body, grabbed the rose sword and swung it down. Vines of roses came out as it connected with the plant, cutting it into two more pieces.

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