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Okay, this is a day late, but I finally caught up with my schedule! That means that the other updates this week will be on time ^^ and that I'll have time to work on them, as this and the previous chapters are pretty unpolished. (well all of them are, that's why I'm trying to improve xD) anyway, glad to be entering the first main arc of the story. Hope we can have some fun exploring the world ^^

Chapter 12 (v.1) - Synchronization. Part 5

Submitted: September 14, 2016

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Submitted: September 14, 2016



"So much for a fair fight." Robert watched as the pillar of flames devoured Ray.

"I would be all for a fair fight, but you hired us to get the job done as quickly as possible. With that in mind, I don't want to take chances." The scroll in Agnis' hand burned up after being used. "That should have done it, you're going to capture him, correct?" He turned to Robert and Suzane. 

"That's correct. Miss Suzane, shall we?" Robert glanced at Suzane, but she didn't answer a thing. She knew it was not the time yet.

"So it won't be over as quickly as we thought, huh?" Lover gave a broad smile as he stared into the fire.

Vines of roses expanded out on the ground all around Ray, canceling the skill. He had taken no damage, though parts of his clothes were a little burnt. The moment he felt the heat rushing from the ground, he stabbed his rose sword into the ground, activating its effect. Ray wasn't sure if that would work at the time, but by then he couldn't dodge. It ended up completely negating the skill, however, with this Ray had only one vine left in his sword. Its use was critical for this fight.

Ray clenched his fist. Twice now in almost no time at all he had lowered his guard. There would not be a third time. He stepped forward. With a quick swing, he tossed some healing pills to Ashley. He didn't look at her, but he knew she was hit by the flame pillar. It wasn't the full impact, but the side of it reached her, as she neither dodged nor blocked it. Ray felt like he should go look how she was, but he knew that the moment he would avert his eyes from his opponents, they would take the chance.

"How noble of you, chatting me up while your friend casts his spell." Ray smiled as he made his way toward Lover. 

The ram had his wool burnt a little, but it protected him from any further damage. Up until a moment ago, it wanted to stay near Ashley, but suddenly a cold breeze froze him solid.

"Go." Ray said under his nose as if he knew. The ram turned around and dashed towards its herd. 

Ashley watched it leave. Did it run away because of the pillar of fire? It had burned her arm pretty harsh, but the body regeneration got her back to normal in a few seconds. She looked at the pills Ray threw her and gulped them down. She didn't know what the pills were, but she suddenly started to feel better. She glanced at her window. Her hp was quickly recovering. 

Lover started walking towards Ray as well. He felt a surge of battle from the beginning, but now, for some reason, he couldn't stop shaking from excitement as he dashed at Ray and untied his overcoat. He drew two daggers from under his robe as it fluttered behind him, revealing Lover's naked body. Not a single piece of clothing was being worn under the coat. 

"He, he." He slashed his dagger at Ray. With a cold expression on his face, Ray disappeared. "Huh?" Lover got confused.

"Behind you!" Bel shouted out as he released a swing at Ray with his arming sword, but was surprised himself. Ray leaped over the blade and cut towards Lover. Usually one would attack the person who just took his attention, in this case, that being Bel. Yet Ray was continuing his attack on Lover with no delay.

Ray grabbed Lover's shoulder and shifted his body, dodging a swift arrow. A dagger was blocked by the rose sword. The blade slid down towards the man and hit his neck. A moment before the rose sword could connect, fire erupted from Lover's body, knocking Ray back, however he stood up instantly and started walking around his opponents.

"Who the hell are you, man?" Bel got into an attacking stance, though he didn't know if he would really be the one attacking. Right now, it was them who were being pushed back. They did damage him with Agnis' spell just now, but it was beyond surprising how Ray held his own against four people.

Ray swung his hand and tossed a couple of pills into his mouth. The attack just now dealt some damage. More than he expected. Ray knew what that meant. At first, he thought he could just overpower them and take them out one after another, but the back support was too much for him to handle, especially the wizard. Ray wasn't familiar with the wizard class, so he didn't know what kind and how many different spells he possessed. The pillar of fire seemed to be linked to the scroll that he no longer had, but even without it, Agnis was the main problem in winning this battle. 

Ray deflected an arrow with his sword. Bel was in the middle of an attack, Lover was waiting for Ray to dodge or counter it. Their teamwork was really top class. Flames burst out from the attacker's bodies, burning everything around them.

"Bel!" Agnis shouted. Bel immediately looked back and started running. Ray dashed at the two in the back as quickly as he could. Purity and the moderator stood around twenty meters away, but it didn't look like they were preparing to fight Ray. The four was his priority now.

Fire rose up from the ground as Ray stepped on it. 

"What?" He couldn't help but cry out as he rolled to the side. It was nowhere near the fire pillar from before, but Ray didn't expect there to be traps. When did he set it up? Was it before casting the pillar of fire? If so, how man more could there be, or was this the only one? Ray had his mind full when another arrow came flying at him. This time, however, the arrow separated into a cloud of needles. 

Ray swung the rose sword, avoiding a handful of them, but many more dug deep into his flesh. Uh. Ray clenched his teeth. It wasn't very painful, but the body regeneration system could not take place. These needles weren't meant to do damage, but rather to stop the opponent. He could no longer move freely. The needles in his legs and abdomen caused uneasy pain if he tried to move. 

Bel swung his sword, knocking down the rose sword from Ray's hand and Lover leaped to deal the finishing strike. With this, Ray had nowhere to go.

"Catch!" Ray heard a voice call out to him. A chilling smile appeared on his face.

A slash came crashing down on Lover. He slowed down, however, he knew that this won't stop him. Fire burst out from his body. Agnis had the whole situation under his control. He had to admit Ray exceeded all his expectations by a milestone, but this wasn't enough to beat their party. Not when he was in charge of their defense.

Silent words left Ashley's mouth. "Look down on me."

Fire burst out of the back of the greatsword, launching it deep into Lover's flesh. 

Everyone had their eyes wide open. One thing was to expect the greatsword flying down for Ray at such a perfect moment, a whole other thing was to see the greatsword turn into a twister of fire as Ray started spinning it around, knocking back both Bel and wounded Lover. 

Melissa shot an arrow at the twister. As it connected with the flames, the arrow disappeared, extinguishin all the flames with it. Ray had already removed the needles from his body. Even so, his opponents gave him no time to breathe. Bel and Lover both attacked at the same time. With the greatsword in one hand and the rose sword in the other, Ray blocked both their attacks. He turned his body and shifting the blades, swung both of them towards the two. Flames burst out of their bodies again. Agnis didn't know how the greatsword functioned, but he had to do his best. 

"Your tricks are getting old." Ray mumbled. The swords avoided the two and he felt no repelling energy. Even so, the blast hit him, throwing him away from the two towards Bel and Melissa.

"Damn it!" Bel swung his hand. Another three traps activated around Ray, causing small explosions. Melissa had prepared to attack, but the explosion made her lose her target.

"Sorry, but this has gotten way too predictable." Ray stated as he disappeared from Bel's sight. The knight's sword cut into Bel's chest and vines of roses pierced the body in two, killing him in one blow. It wasn't the smartest decision not to wear any defensive items, though, against the Red Rose Adamantium Sword, it would have hardly provided any help.

Ray turned and slashed Melissa. Her eyes widened as the blade approached. As an archer, she didn't have a lot of close combat fighting experience. This attack was impossible for her to avoid. But if she didn't, this fight was as good as over. Bel and Lover were strong, but this man was on a whole different level.

"Enough," Suzane yelled. The blade stopped at Melissa's neck, drawing a frail line of red blood on it. Ray could not move his body. "Got you." She couldn't help herself.

Ray knew that moderators had no power over the system outside the cities. There was no way about going around this. No, maybe there was one, but only one. And that itself was impossible. That meant that she had used some spell. Another trap must have been set up here.

"Who's predictable now?" She leaned down to him. Their faces were almost touching. Ray saw her big eyes shining with excitement.

She was right. Ray had felt that he had taken the initiative of the fight as he killed Agnis. He kept on repeating himself not to get careless, but he simply knew too little of what to expect in PROJECT. His ignorance got the better of him. Not just that, she played him around her finger. Ray thought that she didn't take part in the fight because she wasn't fit for battle, but that wasn't how it was. She knew that either way she would win. Ray could not run from this fight since they occupied the exit, which left him with two outcomes. He would either lose and be taken by the mod or fight. And going for the back lane first was the basics of the basics.

"Now, you had your fun. It will be my turn." She smiled. Hatred ran deep through her wide smile. "Just so you know, we'll have some time alone before I'll give you to the investigation department."

Ashley was watching everything from the same stop. She was afraid. At first, she didn't know what she should do. No, she did know. She was supposed to oppose Ray, who was wanted by moderators. Yet she chose to help him. She gave him her sword and used it's ability. That meant she was his ally, didn't it? 

Ashley stood frozen. Did this mean she was also a criminal? She went against the government's official. Of course, this wasn't the real world, but that didn't chance anything to her. It seemed like the people were ignoring her, being concentrated on Ray. She saw Purity among them. Their eyes met and she smiled to Ashley. 

What should she do now, Ashley was lost. A thought came into her head. A wish that a hand would gently push her on the back. She knew who's hand it was. She understood that it was on her to save Ray. There were too many thought to have in such little time. She knew this was probably the most stupid choice she could have chosen, but even so, she would not back out on it. Ashley started walking towards the people. At first slowly, then quickening her pace more and more. 

A figure of an animal was watching it all from the hill further in the plain. He was here from the very beginning, even before any of them even entered this room. 

"Hey, Acmonis, don't you plan on getting up?" He asked, but no one answered. "Fine, I guess I'll go myself. Got to repay my debt anyway."

Ashley  got close to the group. She wasn't slowing down. On the contrary, she was nearly running at this point. Her first objective was to get her greatsword back. She didn't have a plan, but that didn't bother her. 

"Hmm?" Lover noticed her coming. "Oh, you're the one who threw him the sword, right? Coming back for your boyfriend? Too bad, he's mine now." Lover gave her a warm smile as he prepared to get out his daggers for a fight. The overcoat separated, revealing his naked front. Ashley stopped. Her face had turned deep red.

Melissa knocked Lover down to the ground and put her foot on his head.

"Control yourself around children, scum." She didn't seem to take the girl as a threat. 

Ashley lifted her eyes. Maybe she could use this as an oportunity. She glanced at her greatsword next to Ray's feet, but Bel walked in front of her, putting his sword next to her throat.

"Don't even think about it." He put his sword next to her throat.

Ray was trying to think of a way to get out of the binding spell. The paralysis was too strong. If he could use his pills, they might save him, but even that was questionable. Ray felt that this was an extremely high-level spell. Of course, Suzane herself couldn't be of that level, but she probably used her moderator powers to get items for capturing Ray. 

Suddenly Ray felt a familiar presence and a black rain poured down from the sky. It only hit in a diameter of two to three meters, but it still devoured everyone except Ashley, Purity, and Ray.

Ashley stood there silent. In a moment, Bel's body, full of holes, fell to the ground. Next to it laid what was left of Lover's body.

"What was that?!" Robert yelled starting to look around, but met a blade, slashing his head in two. 

Ray observed everything calmly. He wasn't hurt in the slightest, even if he was in the center of the black rain. It lasted only a second, but it killed everyone it hit, with the exeption of Ray. Not just that, but the paralysis spell seemed to be gone and he could move freely. 

He wiped the black feathers from the swords and picked them up. The feathers had dyed the ground in a void black color, making it look like they were floating above a bottomless pit.

Ashley didn't know what was going on, but Ray looked fine and the enemy was dead. Not to mention Purity just cut off one of their heads. There were only three of them left. Somehow, she felt like it was supposed to be this way. 

"Oh, that was quite gruesome." Ray looked at Purity. "You do realize what you just did, right?" For him, it wouldn't have meant much, but for ordinary people going against the government was a life costing decision, literally. If they were to start looking for them, and they most likely will, Purity and Ashley would disappear from the world without a trace, so to say.

"Yea, what was I supposed to do after Ashley helped you? And we'll talk about that later, now we need to run! I don't know what that was, but if it hits us we're done for!" If they were to die here, they would be brought back to the city, where the moderators were waiting for them. Purity grabbed Ray's and Ashley's hands and started pulling them, yet Ray stood there completely calm.

"No need for that. This just got way more complicated than it should. I need to go now. You two." Ray looked at the two girls with a serious face. They were confused. Did Ray just see what just happened? How could he be so sure that it wouldn't attack them either? Unless, he already knew what it was. "Don't leave your houses. Meet me here tomorrow, same time as today." He quickly opened his window. "I repeat, do not leave. Forget all the activities." The girls couldn't fully comprehend what he was saying. How could they just ignore their activities? "And Tanatos, I trust you won't hurt them."

With that Ray logged out, not letting any of them say a word. The girls saw his body disappear into fragments and exchanged looks. 

They heard a strange sound behind them. They felt chills run down their spines, but still ended up slowly turning around.

On Bel's body sat a small blue cat-like creature, licking its paw.

*** ***

Ray opened his eyes. He was laying on his bed in a dark room. He touched the bed around to see if Ema was here, but there was no one but him. 

He opened the closet behind his bed and changed his clothes.

Emily was dusting the shelves when he came out of his room. His appearance surprised her a bit.

"Didn't you have another two weeks off?" She asked. Ray walked across the room to the door.

"I did, but something came up. I'm in a bit of a hurry though. He put on his shoes and walked out. "See ya."

Emily  was left standing in the living room. Ray would go out more and more often these days. It concerned Ema, mostly for Ray's safety.

The door opened and Ray showed his head. "Oh, and don't wait for me for dinner." He smiled and closed the door.

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