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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Synchronization. Part 7

Submitted: September 20, 2016

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Submitted: September 20, 2016



"Have a nice evening." The two androids standing guard slightly bowed as Matthew walked passed them. The glass door opened and he walked outside. It was a cold evening, but cold of this level had no effect on him

Matthew checked the time. He had done everything he needed way faster than he anticipated. On top of that, he got to see and tease Suzane. Who would have thought that the person Nella always talked about was her? Matthew looked at the sky and smirked. What a lovely coincidence. 

The streets weren't crowded, but there were still quite a lot of people. He walked at the side of the pathway. Its sides were covered in pots filled with green plants, that were shining under the lampposts. Under the sun they would take up many different colors, depending on the plant's type, but now it looked like a singular green essence. 

Matthew walked into an alley, where no one could see him. His outfit started changing. As he walked out the alley, he was already wearing a dark blue hoodie, jeans, and rollerskates. The nanobots from his hair and face formed a headband on his forehead, preventing the black hair from falling onto his eyes.

He made his way further and further down the pathways. He was in no rush. After around half an hour he was already in a completely different district. The main building of the city- the human resource corporation was located in the center of New Venice. It was surrounded by many different meeting places, such as squares, parks, cafes, libraries or just shops in general. Living districts were built all around the center so that people's schedules could be used as effective as possible. 

Beyond the living districts were all kind of places. Factories, distribution centers, airports or other travel exits were all stationed here. Basically, vicinities people wouldn't visit on daily occasion.

Among these was one exception. The relaxation district. 

Ray stopped and looked at the lights that covered the pathway in front of him. He let out a deep breath. This was the part of the city he wanted to visit the least, but it was also the only place where meetings like these could take place. While the relaxation zone was the most highly monitored area in New Venice, it was also the least monitored. It all depended if you knew how to play around the supervision. 

Ray rode in the middle of the pathway to avoid looking at most of the shop windows. Whenever he would, it would make him angry. He understood why they were there and wouldn't have argued that they should be removed, it was simply the question of his principle. And while he didn't believe his principles to be rightful or even correct, they were still something he carried with him. Something almost no one in the world could say about themselves.

He stopped in front of one of the cafes. The red neon lights were flashing at his face. You couldn't see what was inside through the red curtains, but there were two android maids behind the windows on both sides of the door. They were just sitting there back to back, not paying any attention to the people outside. 

Ray touched his headband and moved it down to his eyes. Black hair fell down on his face, covering most of it. He took off his hood and walked into the cafe. 

The barkeeper noticed Ray and started mixing a cocktail.

"The usual." Said Ray as he sat down at the bar. He was the only person sitting there. There were four more men sitting near the tables behind him. Not many, but most customers were in the back relaxing. All the men sitting at the tables had an android maid next to them. Talking to them, feeding and getting fed by them, flirting, those were the most common activities in the main room. 

Useless. The barkeeper put a glass of pink liquid with ice in front of him. Ray took a sip and leaned on the bar.

"There's someone who'd like to meet you." Said the barkeeper, cleaning a glass.

"And when will he be free?" Ray took another sip of the drink. One of the men behind him took the maid at the waist and left to the back. 

"He's in room six. He allowed you to come in anytime." One of the men at the tables waved at the barkeeper and showed two fingers. Ray watched how two more drinks were being made.

"I'll wait till he's done." He said and gulped down his drink. After putting the glass down on the bar, Ray got up and went to sit on the couch behind one of the tables. 

He lied down and rolled up his sleeve. With his hand, he touched the screen on his wrist. A small square window popped up. Ray started working.

He didn't enjoy being here, so doing some work was a great distraction. Ray wasn't supposed to come back to work for two more weeks, but because of the incident today, he had no choice. Considering the government would most likely look for Ashley and Purity, he had to take care they wouldn't find them. It wasn't hard for him to delete their records on the surface levels, but he needed to do a lot more tomorrow, otherwise they would find them in another two or three days. Maybe even sooner, depending on who they would put on the search. 

Ray's unannounced coming back was a warm surprise for Nella. 

Ray sighed as he scrolled through the documents he had to organize and put into archives. Did she even do anything while I wasn't there? Tens of thousands of files piled up before his eyes. Oh well. Ray started working on categorizing them all.

"Hello, nyan~!" A maid put one knee on the couch and leaned down toward Ray. She had big round golden eyes, her long black hair fell on her shoulders and busty chest. Two cat's ears were bent down and a long black tail went from one side to the next.

"Get off of me, Marie." Ray tried to push her away, but his hand dug deep into her chest. He tried to quickly pull it back, but Marie came falling down on him along with it. 

"No, nyan~!" She wrapped her hands around him, as he tried to free himself.

"Damn you..." Ray gasped for air as he was being squeed by her grip. He reached out for her tail and squeezed it. 

"Ah!" Marie rose up with a shriek of pain. Ray used the opportunity and pushed her off completely, as he got up from the couch. "Not fair, nyan~." She pretended to be hurt while laying down, revealing more and more of what Ray didn't want to see. 

"Where's Marcus?" Ray asked, but didn't want to face her.

"So cold, nyan~. He's in the back, I'm here to take you to him, nyan~." She sat down, raising one leg on the couch. Ray tried to have eye contact with her, but he instantly turned away again. 

Annoying. He waved at the barkeeper.

"Is he done?" He asked while walking to the bar.

"Yes, nyan~." She tried jumping and hugging him from the back, but he dodged. 

"I told you to stop saying that at the end of every sentence when you're around me. It's annoying." The barkeeper finished making Ray's drink and put it on the bar. Ray picked it up and walked towards the back. "Let's go."

"Sure, nyan~!" Marie followed him into the back corridor.

"Marcus, tell her to get off of me." Ray said as he walked into the room. The lamps were dimmed out, barely leaving any light, thought Ray could see everything clearly. The room was around five meters in diameter and most of it was occupied by a round bed in the floor. 

Ray walked over a couple of maid skirts and tops. 

"Sorry, man, can't do. You know she's a wild one." Laughed the large man on the bed, Two maids were laying on his sides sleeping, or at least pretending to be sleeping, since androids had no need for such things. "But I think I know how you could use that energy of her's." Marcus patted one of the maids next to him.

"Nyan~." Marie smiled while clinging on Ray's neck.

"I dare you to continue that thought out loud." Ray said with a cold expression.

"Come on man, you need to relax. Come here, lay down, have some fun." He slightly pushed the maids next to him and they sat down. The cloth that covered their bodies fell down, revealing naked skin. "After that, we'll talk business. Or maybe you came by to say hello to an old buddy?" The man let out a warm and loud laugh. "Oh, how delighted the heart of this old man would be." 

Ray glanced over the man's body. Ray was happy that at least the lower part was covered by cloth. What he saw before him was already more than enough.

"I need to relocate two people here. One from Berlin, the other from London." Ray stated with no delay. He liked Marcus, but this wasn't the place he preferred to have a long conversation in.

"I see, I see." Marcus scratched his belly. "And here I thought you missed me." He showed a sad expression, though obviously a fake one.

"You know you can just call me whenever you'd want to meet in the city." Ray sighed. He wasn't a fan of small talk. Mostly because you could always tell what the other person is going to say.

"I feel like it would be a lot nicer if we could just relax together here." Marcus smiled. "Separately of course." He waved his hands quickly.

Ray sighed and looked Marcus in the eyes. The two smiled. Even if it was primitive, Ray liked this humor of Marcus. To him, the simplest humor was the most valuable. 

"I'll owe you a favor, okay? But I need it done within a week." Ray pushed back Marie that had been slowly getting closer to his face.

"An unusual request coming from you. Who might be these two?" Marcus moved a little and leaned back on the pile of pillows. "Accomplices in your adventures in PROJECT?" 

"So you saw that." Ray drank the last of his drink and put it on the table near the wall. 

"I'm pretty sure everyone has seen it by now. Weren't you supposed to be under the radar?" Marcus laughed.

"Things... didn't go as planned." Ray dodged eye contact with him.

"Didn't go as planned? How softly said." Ray thought Marcus was going to die from laughter. Honestly, maybe he wouldn't be that much against that happening. It was true Ray had completely messed up, time after time. He didn't need Marcus to rub it in. "Fine." Marcus calmed down. "I'll do it, but you have to do something for me first."

"You got something now?" Ray was surprised. Usually, Marcus would plan things ahead and inform Ray at least a week before the job. Also, Ray thought that he knew most of Marcus plans, yet he had no knowledge of something that could be done at the very moment. "What is it?"

"A delivery." Marcus touched his wrist and opened a window.

"I don't suppose it's a normal delivery, is it?" Ray looked at Marcus with suspicion. Ray was asking a big favor, so this couldn't be just any standard delivery. 

"It is and it is not." Marcus quickly went over the files on his computer. "We were supposed to make the delivery five days ago, but someone leaked the information. Everyone I can trust with the task can't even move a muscle without the government knowing about it."

"And the content?" The package seemed important. It was extremely rare for anyone to gather that much attention to themselves, and here the entire group was under increased surveillance.

"Sorry, but that I can't tell you." Marcus smiled. It seemed like he would have liked to answer, but he knew Ray wouldn't have liked it.

"The place?" Ray thought about it. He needed Marcus help and the task didn't sound very hard. The government could not track Ray, so the request made sense. Ray was still curious about the content of the package but realized he should put his curiosity to the side for the night.

"The old western airport, fourth gate. A man named Keltas will meet you there." Marcus finished putting together the files on his computer. "Here, I'm sending you the info." He swung his hand and a cube came flying out of his window.

Ray opened his window and looked over the files. It contained information about Keltas and the location, such as a detailed map of the airport or power line maps.

"When should I meet him?" Ray closed the window. He was planning on reading it all thoughtfully after he had left.

"I can notify him anytime, but it will take three to four hours. Can you do it tonight?" Marcus got serious, this package seemed important. Ray had already decided.

"Yea." Marie had stopped getting onto Ray and was silently listening and waiting till they would finish.

"Good." Marcus smiled. The seriousness disappeared from his face. "I'll inform him that you're coming. I'll have to leave in a couple of minutes due to curfew, but you are free to stay." Marcus patted the two maids laying next to him. "You know, relax."

Ray slightly shook his head. Marcus will probably never stop trying to get Ray to actually use this cafe for its purpose, but that didn't matter. 

"I will be in one of the open rooms. I need to get some rest." Ray stated and opened the door. With passion in her eyes, Marie followed him while holding his hand.

"Sebastian will bring you package." Marcus started getting up. Ray had turned away so he couldn't see anything and was happy about it. He made the mistake of not turning away once. The nightmares of that time sometimes still haunted him to this day.

"Got it." Ray left the room. "Good night." He said as he closed the doors. Marcus saw him off with a smile. The moment the doors closed Marcus' face turned serious. He had a bad feeling. He got lucky Ray came by and ended up taking the task. Marcus had faith in Ray. He knew no other man who could do things Ray could do. But even if it was Ray, the feeling left him uneasy. He started looking for someone in his window. He pressed a button saying "send" and turned off the window. Marcus looked at the door one more time.

"Be careful." He muttered. "Now, where did I put my pants? Did either of you see them?" He looked around. The two maids curled together as they silently laid on the bed.

Ray walked into the next room. The lights were out. He looked around to make sure there was no one there. All the rooms in the cafe were identical, five meters in diameter with a round bed in the floor taking most of the space and a couple of tables near the wall.

Marie followed him in and closed the door behind her. She wanted to turn on the lights out of a habit but remembered she was with Ray. She knew he preferred to stay in the dark. 

Ray fell on the bed. The day had exhausted him more than he thought. On top of that, he had to leave in two hours. They were in the northern part of the city. To get to the airport it would take him around an hour, maybe a bit more than a half if he hurried. Ray wanted to look around the place before meeting Keltas. 

"Nyan~." Marie slowly made herself comfortable on Ray's chest. She threw her maid uniform on the floor.

"Hands off." Ray said slowly. Just a moment ago he felt full of energy, but now, after falling down on this bed, he was completely drained. This indeed was a place for relaxing. Ray didn't do what all the other visitors did, he found his own meaning of rest. 

Marie ceased to stir and fell to complete silence.

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